9+ Christmas Gift Certificate Template Free Download [Word, PDF]

Our lives are getting busier day by day and it is natural to plan at the eleventh hour for an event or an occasion. But we bet Christmas can never slip your mind. If it does, we have a solution.

Whether you are an individual or a business looking at giving gifts to guests but are not sure of their preferences, we have a fail-proof idea. Guess what, here we go with Christmas gift certificates.

These certificates are ideally documents with overloaded values! Sounds interesting, right?

Let’s dive right in and explore how Christmas gift certificate templates can be taken advantage of similar to a christmas menu template.

Professional Christmas gift certificate templates

Before you get to know tips and tricks to use gift certificates for Christmas effectively, you may have to get your hands at professional templates such as these secret santa questionnaire printable
that can ease your job.

Gift certificate from Santa

This night-themed, Santa-based gift certificate template allows you to input the receiver information followed by the event invite. The best part about this certificate is that you can use this to invite someone to the event and also show this certificate to collect the gift.

Doesn’t that solve the dual purpose? When you use this template, ensure that you have detailed information about the event and provided directions for use similar to a secret santa word clip art.

Attractive Christmas gift certificate template

If you prefer a bright and attractive gift certificate, you may have to go ahead with the following template. This is especially useful if you are running a business and you are issuing gift vouchers to all your customers on account of Christmas.

Simply append your business logo on the header area and then alter contents in the center part. Use attractive phrases like Santa’s special gift is ready for you! Include contact details so guests can collect the gift. Ensure that you have also included the expiry date if you are providing a discount.

Snow-themed gift certificate template

Taking a first look at this template can get anyone awestruck just like a certificate pdf template! It looks pretty, professional, and whatnot. If you are gifting your colleagues or employees in an organization, use this gift certificate.

Two quick tips to use this effectively are right here –

  • Appreciate for the hard work of your employee throughout the year.
  • Share the Christmas event plan along with the gift certificate to collect it at the venue. If it is available online, provide the link for the same.

Simple gift certificate template

It just takes a few minutes to turn someone’s Christmas eve a memorable one with this gift certificate. Gifts are everyone’s favorite! With the onset of the COVID-19, not many prefer exchanging gifts in person.

As a result, you may have to accept the trend and share gift certificates so your loved ones can collect them virtually. This cute certificate is meant to share crisp information with the recipient.

Personalized Christmas gift certificate template

If you ask for one quick hack to make the eve special for someone, we would blindly suggest a personalized gift. All of us still treasure our kindergarten certificates and this gift certificate is structured in a similar way with a lot of pretty icons that can quickly drive you to the festive mood.

Along with the letter from Santa, you can affix this certificate and include a quick secret Santa tag or a puzzle so the person discovers the gift and gets it on time.

Christmas gift voucher 

Vouchers are undoubtedly the best way to market a product. If you are releasing a new product to the market, a discount voucher can multiply sales. Another idea to make the voucher work is to provide a Christmas dinner voucher and encourage people to gift it.

As already mentioned, meeting and getting together this Christmas could be difficult but you can always relive those memories by gifting a special voucher from your favorite restaurant or a store where your loved one can purchase necessary items.

Traditional Christmas gift voucher template

Wanted to keep the gift certificate simple? Use the following template! Download the template, write down the information, and present it to your loved one. This is useful if you are having a party and gifting each other at the end of the secret Santa game.

Modern Christmas gift certificate

With a mild color combination, this template is a must-use if you prefer writing down details at the last minute.

The most important aspect of this template is that it has a place holder for drafting special note so you can keep this certificate personalized and interesting as well.

Dos and don’ts in Christmas gift certificates

It is always good to know what to do and what not to, isn’t it?

  • Present the gift certificate within an envelope to make it look extravagant.
  • Mention the gift value and add the condition that cash cannot replace the same.
  • Never miss entering the expiry date for the certificate.
  • Address the recipient in his/her official name.
  • A unique certificate/voucher number can help you in tracking records if you are using it for business reasons.
  • Use colorful themes and add clipart in the template so that it can create a festive vibe.
  • Never get too personal in a gift certificate as it is intended to be exchanged for a specific product.
  • Append terms and conditions/directions of use so that your loved one does not feel messed up after receiving the certificate.
  • Club this gifting ceremony along with other events if you are personally gifting someone. If it is for business purpose, run the campaign at least 15 days prior so you can make enough sales till the end of the month.


Gift certificates are already trending after the world has got stuck with the COVID-19 wave. Nevertheless, personalization has never got compromised. With the range of handy templates available to you, all that you need to do is to choose one, edit, and print the same at least one week before the event.

Of course, you can try out virtual gift certificates too but never miss informing your loved one about the surprise and your love for him/her!

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