13+ Free Divorce Papers Sample Template Download [Word, PDF]

As marriage systems are changing across the world, divorce rates have been increasing.

In several cases, the announcement of divorce creates a sense of fear and triggers emotions to take things forward positively.

However, relationships demand a lot of commitment.

This article contains a lot of templates that are not only professional but also readily usable for all your relationship situations.

Sample divorce papers

Deciding on divorce is not easy as it needs guts and proper planning in life. If at all you are preparing for a divorce in your life, you may need to use a professional-looking divorce paper.

Here are interesting templates that follow state laws and also include placeholders for you to fill out personal information.

The best part is that majority of the templates in this section contain notes and instructions so you know what to do and how to take the paper for further processing.

This is one of the important templates that give you direction on how to apply for divorce and details that you should prepare.

You may have to reach out to a family court in your state. In general, family attorneys tend to have such papers but if you are just starting to gather some information, this form is the starting point.

What happens if you have kids that need joint custody until a specific age? You need to know how a joint legal custody system works in your state.

Legal attorneys ask for different pieces of evidence to plan for the case. If this is your case too, then you should go through the form.

What and what not should you do before, during, and after the legal separation? Perhaps, life is not the same as you take a serious decision that can have a huge impact.

But, you can plan prior and ensure positive changes. One instance is that you may not have 24/7 access to your child but you can plan your weekend time as allotted by the Court.

Likewise, there are do’s and dont’s when couples decide on separation. Both should cancel any joint policy or systems in place.

Both should avoid communicating with each other and recalling the decision back anytime in the future.

From these templates, you would have observed that a valid reason is needed for a couple to put an end to the marriage. If the couple already has children, there are more complications as custody and financial commitments need to be decided between the couple. Before you prepare papers to put an end to your marriage relationship, you may have to go through the trustworthy templates.

Forms of divorce

Divorce is not a plain concept like you think. There are technicalities in it if you are using divorce papers to plan something in your life. The divorce takes different forms based on the background of the couple.

  • Collaborative divorce

This is probably the most common form where spouses reach out to respective lawyers and request for negotiation. At the attorney level, the problem gets discussed and both families come to an agreement. They do not reach out to the Court directly for a solution since it can incur additional costs, time, and effort.

  • Uncontested divorce

When you are running short of money and do not want to complicate the process by reaching out to an attorney or a Court, this divorce form is highly appropriate. All that you need to do is to sit with your spouse and settle potential issues such as joint custody, financial needs, and marital properties. As things settle in the form of writing, the couple also part ways smoothly.

  • Mediated divorce

When spouses cannot sort the problem between each other, they involve a mediator that hears both sides and provide a solution with unbiased information. The mediator also uses one of the divorce templates listed above to list down mutually agreed terms and conditions. The divorce between the spouses is finalized accordingly. During this process, the couple does not reach a court but sorts the issue with a divorce lawyer.

How to use divorce papers template?

As there are several divorce paper templates given above, you may have confusion as to which one to choose and how to use the same.

  • The first step is to decide the form of divorce you have decided. If you have decided on an uncontested divorce, there is a supporting template.
  • Download the corresponding template from this article.
  • Go through terms and conditions. Fill out personal information and adjust terms and conditions based on the discussion with your spouse.
  • If needed, you may have to take the help of a legal attorney. Though this can incur costs, it can add proper structure to the process. The attorney shall utilize notary papers to legalize the process.
  • Wait for the judgment if you are reaching the Court.

hese papers keep you informed about the requirements to get a mutually consented divorce. Further, you should also abide by the Court rules. If you decide to Google on your own to find relevant information, you may land up missing certain rules and legal procedures. This is the sole reason to choose a template where necessary information pertaining to the local state is added. Give it a read and become aware of supporting laws.


Peace is one thing that each one of us has been aspiring to in life. As it is a life-changing decision, you need to be careful in every step. The idea behind these divorce papers is to ensure a hassle-free process that might not throw a problem at a later stage. Irrespective of the type of divorce that you have chosen, begin with templates and then get things to action.

Use this pathway to a peaceful divorce!

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