7+ EDITABLE Fake DNA Test Results Letter Free [Word, PDF]

A serious prank in a family involves a DNA test report simply to let the couple feel the thrill.

The DNA test is a serious subject involving the couple that has been engaging in a physical relationship and awaiting statistical certainty to confirm the origin of offspring.

If your partner’s special day is arriving, you can use fake DNA test reports to surprise your partner.

Alternatively, you can also acquire the skill of knowing genetics further by learning DNA reports and decoding the information in them.

Doesn’t that sound interesting? Scroll down and we have exciting, proven, and accurate fake DNA test results letter in this post.

Fake DNA test results letter templates

1. One-page DNA test results template

When you reach out to a diagnostics center for a DNA test, a sample is collected and a report breaking down lipid values along with matching levels is listed.

A proper comparison of tests relating the child to mother and father is included to ensure that there is some relativity.

In the end, all you need to do is adjust the paternity index. As there is a watermark in the footer, this template looks real and adds value to whatever you are trying to accomplish.

2. Family fake DNA results template

If the idea is to conduct a DNA test for the entire family including siblings, then the following template is more appropriate.

This sheet includes accurate levels of matches so it is easier to determine which offspring matches with the actual father or mother. Indices of the half to no relation are important in making the final decision about relativity.

When you use this template, ensure that you customize the statement of results in addition to the figures to match with your purpose.

3. Paternity test template

To check the paternity of a child, a DNA test is conducted and the diagnostic center generally provides a letter along with the findings in the form of a table so that the family can use it later.

When you use the following template to confirm paternity, you may have to alter contact information and values based on the gender of the recipient.

4. Simple DNA test results template

Here is a genuine DNA test report with the company name in the header and the sign of the medical director at the footer. Not everyone can understand the statistical results.

A letter is sufficient in most cases. For example, the following letter gives a summary of the analysis along with people that are linked to it. This gives further clarity to the concerned team members.

5. Genetic test report template

The genetic test report gives accurate information detailing spectrum collection ID, specimen background, and DNA variables along with paternity index linking to mother, alleged father, and child.

The best part about this template is that it looks so real and directly authorized by the medical professional so that you never have to worry about the doubt of authenticity.

7. Ethno DNA result template 

This template is in the format of a DNA testing certificate that lists marker results matching the DNA of offspring and the parent.

The sample indicates the percentage of specific ethnic backgrounds making it more appropriate.

If you are a couple from different racial backgrounds, this template can do the magic in informing whose resemblance the offspring has according to the DNA test result.

Things to know about the DNA test result

Whether you are pranking someone or learning the subject, you need to know certain things to use it right.

  • A DNA test report necessarily contains a column for locus followed by alleles to indicate DNA segments.
  • Not every DNA test result contains a match with the mother since there are labs that assess the match between the child and the father to confirm the paternity index.
  • When you play a prank, remember that DNA tests are performed during prenatal times or to achieve a biological relationship or determine the infidelity of a person. Hence, you may have to include the information appropriately.
  • DNA test kits are available to perform at home but you may have to use one of the templates listed above. When you use terms like collection, alleles, and patterns, ensure that you have proper knowledge about them.
  • There are 20 unique loci denoting genetic markers. Give it a read before you fill in the test result.


DNA test results need proper knowledge to decode and convey information to the recipient. As these are also treated as legal pieces of evidence, one has to be extremely careful in using and disposing of the result document appropriately. Use one of the templates listed above just for the situation and then get rid of it as these are not meant to be used permanently for any suspicious reasons.

Happy gene building! Also, before you go, make sure to check out these reading log template!

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