17+ Fake Doctors Note Template Download [Word, PDF]

Every human falls sick but when the person is a student or an employee, it is essential to inform the higher authority with a doctor’s certificate for record purpose. But wait, there are times when we miss the doctor’s note or fake the reason claiming sickness simply to take a day’s off from work or school.

Does that seem to be your story too? The immediate solution to go for is a fake doctor’s note. You get the chance to present the doctor’s note even without visiting the doctor. Before you explore the templates, ensure that you use this fake note only when it is emergency and in a legit manner.

Fake doctors note templates

A doctors note is of high demand as people have varied health needs and wanted a mode of communication to inform managers. If you are urgently in need of a note that can meet your need, here are a few templates to kickstart the work. Also, before you go ahead, do check out these santa letterhead templates to be used this Christmas season!

1. Simple doctors note

This doctors note template is simple to use and something that we have been seeing since our childhood. With a letterhead in the header area, it includes date and provision for the patient’s name and a range of medical restrictions. The template becomes valid with the doctor’s signature at the footer area. When you use it for your need, you should update the header and footer area with the details of the healthcare provider.

fake doctor’s note

2. Doctors note with placeholders

The doctors note template here has multiple placeholders to present a complete document to the higher authority. Major sections here are excuses for and cause. You can also include a separate placeholder for findings or diagnoses that can inform the authority on the steps to be taken into consideration within the workplace.

fake doctor’s note

3. Doctors note for work

This is a simple template meant for employees looking to provide a doctors note to managers to highlight the reason for sick leave. It includes placeholders for patient’s records, illness and prescription, number of days suggested under sickness leave, and clinic detail. You can update the header with the clinic logo and replace the name of the medical clinic with the name of the physician. This approach can add value to its purpose.

fake doctor’s note

4. Doctor excuse note for school

The doctor excuse note is meant for school students as well as employees at work. It is easy and to the point. With a constant header containing healthcare service provider information, the form includes the exact comment of the doctor in a couple of lines. If you are unsure of the tablets prescribed or appropriate for the health condition mentioned, you can skip that part and include findings or advice to follow.

fake doctor’s note template for school

5. Doctors note and consent form

If you are a sports player, this template is highly appropriate. Along with the doctor’s note, the consent form is essential to acknowledge the present fitness condition of the patient. This is also useful for flight travel or VISA purposes as your fitness condition plays a critical role in the decision-making process. The template mentioned below can be customized based on your need. Emergency medical information is a critical section as the reader can quickly inform concerned parties in case of emergencies.

6. Absence excuse note

A common incident that you face, as a parent, is to fill the excuse note for the absence of your child in a class. It may be a function or a health issue of the child or death of a family member when it is unavoidable. The best part about this template is that you can specify the exact reason and choose the assignment missed – quiz or laboratory or workshop or any other event organized by the school. The footer has space for official decisions towards the excuse.

school excuse note template

7. School absence form with a return time 

This is a single-page school absence form where you mention about the appointment with the doctor and then highlight the expected time to return to school. While doctors issue notes on their behalf, parents are expected to fill school absence forms given by the school. Based on the information in the doctors note, you can fill this information and then request a signature from the doctor, if need be.

8. Medical excuse statement

In the aforementioned templates, we have seen documents with placeholders for you to fill information quickly. This template stands unique in entering complete statement from a fake doctor’s perspective. If the patient’s condition is temporary, the second section will have to be chosen to be exempted from work or routine for a short duration. However, if it is permanent, you may have to choose the first section and provide as much detail as possible so the decision-maker can fix an alternative.

9. Handy doctor’s note

In an A4 paper, you can print up to 4 doctors notes as per the following template. It is crisp and handy so you do not have to worry about missing it somewhere. A parent can enter necessary information applicable for the child and enclose a fake doctor’s prescription. If the school does not follow a dedicated absence note, you can blindly use this template.

10. Doctors note for air travel

Pregnancy is one specific instance when air travel is unsafe and demands proper eligibility for safety purposes. Every airline follows a format to be filled by the doctor that has performed the health checkup. If you couldn’t find one for the airline you have chosen, you can use this fake doctor’s template. It includes passenger and travel information, birth history, current pregnancy, and specific comments for the airline management to take into consideration.

11. Sicknote to employer

If your employer prefers a letter format, you can use this fake doctor’s template and ask your physician to sign at the end. This will add ease to your process of obtaining a paid sick leave.

12. Absence authorization

If you are visiting a doctor to get a note done, use this fake doctor’s template. It can hardly take a minute for the doctor to fill and can also convey necessary information to the management.

13. Medical consultation certificate

Similar to fake doctor’s templates given above, this consultation certificate acknowledges that you have visited the doctor and the patient has been advised on desirable steps. Fill the comments if you think your doctor cannot write!

14. Release to return to work

Before returning to work, managements ask for physician’s report on the health condition. This is to organize missing work accordingly. Fill it on the go and get it signed!

note for work

15. Letter note Templates

This is a sample letter format on how a doctors note templates is created. You can simply amend patient details and medical restrictions and you can submit it to the management.

note for work

16. Discharge summary

Unlike previous note templates, this is a discharge summary that can even be filled by you based on the fake doctor’s statement provided. It is appropriate if you have a long-term health condition and needs a valid piece of evidence.

doctor’s excuse note template note for work

doctor’s excuse note template

17. Letter from doctor

This is a legally binding letter that can be used for consideration by the management. There are also placeholders where you can fill your information. Customize the template with logo and institution details. You are good to go!

doctor’s excuse note template

What is a doctor’s note?

When you visit a doctor, you are provided with a prescription containing tablets and syrups to take for the identified health condition. During a serious ailment, the patient gets admitted and then discharged. This is when a discharge summary is provided. Thanks to new healthcare technologies in the market, systemized reports are provided with the fake doctor’s signature to acknowledge the assessment of health.

What happens when you don’t visit a doctor? What happens when you miss the original doctors note but need the record urgently? These are the ideal times when you can fake it in an ethical manner. This post contains a pile of customizable and professional doctors note templates to use for your situations.

What does a doctor’s note contain?

All of us have seen a doctor note in life. But, we do not know what it contains in its entirety. Here is a list of elements that one can find in a doctor’s note.

  • Letterhead contains clinic/hospital/care provider details along with address, contact number, website, and logo of the firm.
  • Patient’s name along with condition background.
  • Findings of the consultation.
  • Advice to follow going forward.

There is a limitation on who can issue you a fake doctor’s note. Not every healthcare worker can issue a valid doctor’s note. Pick one from the list to get your doctor note template valid – midwives, physicians, dentists, chiropractors, clinical psychologists, podiatrists, and physician assistants.

When you are faking a doctor note, you should make note of the valid service provider from the list above and then fill the respective details in the template. This will make your fake doctor note valid as well.

When to use a fake doctor’s note?

Based on the health needs of a patient, a doctor note is created. This does not mean you can use it at all times or randomly. There are a few scenarios when you need one.

  • When you have applied for sick leave from the school/college/office.
  • When you need to get over a penalty or a punishment enforced by the organization with a legit solution.
  • When you need to break from work or class regularly due to a specific health condition.
  • When you need to claim a paid sick leave and include a fake doctor’s note template to mention the severity of the situation.
  • When there are problems in your health and need to communicate the same to your manager to control the workload.

Before you apply for your organization, you should also take a look at regulation listed under the Office of Personnel Management in the United States. Sick leave policies will give sufficient information like alternative work schedules, family and medical leave, compensation time, and teleworking. Alternatively, you can use a doctor’s note if you have a major disability and this is listed under Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

On a lighter note, you can also use a fake doctor’s note to prank your friends. An interesting use is to shock someone with a funny health condition that you or your colleague has. When the recipient comes to know the truth, it can be a thrilling experience. However, you need to do it at your own discretion as it can turn risky at times.


As much as you use a fake doctor’s note for a legit purpose, our professional doctor note templates can enable freedom to you. With no guilt and no scope for suspicion, these templates can save you from getting caught or dismissed for your absence.

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