17+ Secret Santa Questionnaire Template Free Download [Word, PDF]

Do you have a personal wish that you aspire to get fulfilled this year? Do you think a friend can do it for you? Remember jingle bells are all set to ring in a few days! Your Santa is on the way to fulfill your wishes and enable you to fulfill your friend’s or family’s wishes as well.

There is nothing in life better than exchanging gifts and Christmas is that perfect situation to relive that awesome moment.

Are you ready? Do you need some pointer to ask the right question to your kith and kin? This article is exclusively for you.

Secret Santa questionnaire templates

A Santa questionnaire tells you what to ask and what not to similar to a secret santa clues template. You need some direction to ask it right and here we are with our range of handpicked questionnaire templates.

These are printable just like these letter from santa template, accurate, and customizable. Let’s peep into the questionnaire templates that guarantee your life’s best moments!

Brief secret Santa questionnaire 

You do not need to ask every random question in a secret santa questionnaire to fulfill a wish. In other words, a wish can be as simple as tasting spaghetti to shopping a perfume. This template lets you ask simple questions that can be fulfilled easily. Some respondents can be lethargic to the extent that they would directly skip to the last part where they can circle gifts of their interest. This makes your job easier just like a secret santa gift clip art.

Secret Santa Questionnaire


Secret Santa gift exchange 

Christmas and gift exchange go hand in hand. If you are looking at organizing a gift exchange session, here is a template that lists basic instructions to organize this session followed by a participation consent form.

This secret santa questionnaire works great if you have a team of members looking to surprise each other with various gifts and 3d snowman hat templates. The exchange consent form pdf is extremely important as you can play the session effectively and none can back out at the last moment.

Secret Santa gift exchange 

Holiday Fun Secret Santa questionnaire

Here is an attractive template comprising questions related to snacks, dress, hobbies, and color. Even if you are tight on budget, you have an option in place. You are free to explore all answers and arrange respective gifts or choose one of them.

The advantage of this pdf template is that it can be customized just like an elf on the shelf letter template download and sets the festive mood with the range of colors being used.

Holiday Santa questionnaire

One-page questionnaire 

Want to gift as many as possible? You need to choose the following secret santa template to collect an exhaustive list relating to items of interest by the recipient. What is so special about this template is that it is easy to understand and follow up.

As it collects birth dates, wants, and interests in collecting fits, you can plan the special event better with these free secret santa forms.

One-page secret santa questionnaire 

Secret Santa FAQs

Can I ask a personal question in the questionnaire? Can I become a sponsor? Did these questions tick your mind too?

This FAQ secret santa template pdf is meant to answer commonly asked questions relating to the secret Santa gift exchange event. It tells the etiquette that needs to be followed within the environment. If at all you prefer organizing an event, this template can be absolutely useful to you.

Secret Santa FAQs

Rapid gift exchange questionnaire

Running out of time? As the festive needs a lot of background work to arrange a perfect party, you may run out of time.

Worry not! This pdf template of secret santa is meant to collect quick questions about values and attitudes towards gifts. Simply rush to the store mentioned, place the order based on attributes circled, and wrap it! You are all set to surprise your loved one even in the eleventh hour.

Secret Santa questionnaire for kids 

When you are collecting the interests of kids, you can never expect them to be fixed. What they want today can change tomorrow. To engage them in this secret Santa game, you can use the idea of storytelling. The detailed template includes discussion questions and stories so you can ask the kid and assess the interests. This is also an activity just like a fake dna test results letter meant to kindle the interest of the child towards Christmas and its rituals.

Secret Santa Form For Gift Exchange 

As an organizer, you are responsible to invite team members and sort giver and receiver of gifts so that there are no mishaps at the last moment. This needs proper planning or the purpose of the event will be compromised. The editable template mentioned below is meant to fill from and to columns with relevant names and all that you need to do on the event date is to call names and enable gift exchanges.

Secret Santa Questionnaire

Secret questionnaire of favourites

What’s your favourite ___? How many can you fill in the blank space next to favourite? This template lets you ask a few questions relating to favourites of the receivers. It follows a professional design that you can use to circulate even within your workplace or apartment so you can plan at fulfilling at least one of the favourites.

Fillable secret Santa questionnaire

Here is a fillable form that needs to be downloaded and then typed with relevant secret santa questions and answers! So you know what to ask but the respondents are hesitating to write the information in a handwritten format, what is the solution? This secret santa questions template is the perfect answer to your questions. With questions space holders left next to each field, the respondent can directly fill and then submit. This saves time and effort in managing data.

Free Simple secret Santa questions

No big plans in mind? Wish to make the event simple? This fun template of secret santa questions follows a simple format collecting information related to colors, fun hobbies, snacks, music, collectibles, book, and wants related questions. Perhaps, you can gift one of them and make the day special.

This template undoubtedly saves time and helps you at a later time when you are gifting for the receiver’s birthday party as well.

Detailed Santa questionnaire 

What happens when you get and type M&M as your favorite candy and then reject the gift because it is not your favorite flavor? To address this uncertainty, the template is highly recommended for use. It is fillable and can be combined with the fillable template listed above.

The fun placeholder expands without any character limit so you can be as detailed as possible.

Santa’s secret child questionnaire 

Asking a child about her favorites? Throwing a party exclusively for kids? You should get this exclusive fun questionnaire to ask basic questions and then fill them on their behalf. Alternatively, you can circulate it to kids so their parents can fill too.

get fun santa gifts more information

Do’s and dont’s – Santa questionnaire

Christmas is all about happiness and not about disappointments. You can never take chances with this secret Santa game and one should be extremely careful. Here is a list comprising do’s and dont’s relating to this event.

Things to do

  • Plan in advance so you can handle shipping delays or product unavailability with alternative ideas.
  • Make a statement through your gift. It needs to be classy enough so the receiver feels worthy and privileged.
  • Take consent from the receiver if you are collecting information and insist on honest answers. This is meant to avoid the wrong choices of gifts.
  • Arrange suspense during the gift exchange session so the receiver feels thrilled.
  • Store a copy of the questionnaire on your desktop so you don’t have to recollect information from the gift receiver.

Things to avoid

Everyone wants to organize a smooth event. You can also organize one provided you are aware of commonly committed mistakes.

  • Never ask personal questions that can be of bad taste.
  • Avoid profanity in the language used throughout the questionnaire.
  • Do not share the information with anyone else without consent as it is unethical.
  • You can add a sense of humor but never offend anyone.
  • Do not overspend towards secret santa gifts as you may run short of money at a later stage.
  • Never miss out on the receipt associated with each purchase. If at all the receiver wishes to change the product, you can encourage the same by providing the receipt copy.
  • Never reveal the gift or giver/receiver in the event as this can break the suspense.
  • Do not give over expectations or tips about the gift as it can affect the mood.


Gift-giving on the occasion of Santa is an adventurous game where every individual experience nailbiting moments. Using one or more of the templates listed in this article can add a hassle-free experience to gift giver and receiver. What more would you need? Most importantly, this occasion needs to go on with perfection. Hence, you need to pay extreme attention to mistakes that should be avoided.

When you are sharing your desires using a secret Santa form, ensure that you do not discuss your results with anyone else. It is always a good idea to keep the entire transaction secret so the event turns thrilling and successful. With a few days left for this special occasion, all that you need to do now is prepare a budget, find your partner in this game, purchase, and present on the occasion. Share the joy of gifting this Christmas!

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