6+ Different Snowman Hat Template PRINTABLE Download!

Christmas bells are ringing. Isn’t it high time that you should give yourself a makeover? Wait, we mean party props like snowman hats that can give a perfect Santa look to you! Of course, party props can be expensive but we have an idea to make it cost-effective. Introducing a snowman hat template that is printable and customizable! All that you need to do is click that Print option on your device and your hat is ready.

Game? Let’s take a look at the templates first.

Printable Snowman hat templates

1. Red Santa hat

All of us are aware of Santa’s attire color which is red. While dresses can be rented along with hats, it is difficult to find hats for guests. Most importantly, if your guests are kids, it can get difficult as they may find hats inconvenient if they are made out of felt or cloth. From the organizer’s side, buying a hat for all your guests can be expensive. Here is a red snowman hat template with a snow dip at the bottom making it a perfect one. You can also check out these santa letterhead printable to surprise your child along with an elf on the shelf arrival letter!

2. Colorful snowman hat template

Want to give that old snowman hat a new look? This template does it for you. It is colored in orange along with shapes on the top making it look unique and attractive. If your character connects with the odd man out thought and prefers uniqueness, you may have to go ahead with this style. Don’t forget to decorate the surrounding with similar colors too.

If you are wondering what those colors within the hat mean, green denotes leaves and blue denotes snow. Hence, it is meaningful as well just like a secret santa wish list ideas.

3. Snow-themed hat template

Christmas and snow go hand in hand. Imagine the eve of Christmas when you walk out of the home and see frost covering woods! Well, that’s the perfect time when Santa comes to your home and treats you with gifts. Also, check out these secret santa clues riddles.

If you have just reimagined the scene, we are sure you are also liking the hat model below. With snow and clouds coming together to treat you on the special eve of Christmas, print this snowman hat template and give it to your guests. The blue-themed snowman hat evening can certainly be ravishing and look extravagant.

4. Black snowman hat template

Black is one color that is less preferred for snowman hat not because it is less auspicious but because it does not match with the theme. You must have heard it too! But how does it look walking amidst snow, lights, and greenery with that black hat on? Doesn’t it look contrasting and attractive? Santa loves creativity and is not color-specific. So, it is time that you try this combo too.

5. Magic snowman hat template

Take a look at the printable template below.

Does it look like the magician’s hat? Oh yes, you got that right! During Christmas eve, we tend to organize interesting events like magic mainly to surprise guests and have extra fun. Wearing a black-themed snowman hat gives you a dual role as a magician as well as a Santa. Why not try this look this Christmas eve?

6. Simple snowman hat template

Want to make your snowman hat look elegant and professional but simple? Here you go! Often, we throw parties at the office mainly to invite Christmas eve and all of us need to look professional in this case. A simple template like the one below suffices the need.

How to use a snowman hat template?

Having given a handful of templates to begin your Christmas bash, it is important to know how to use it.

  1. Download the template in the given format.
  2. Open editing software and alter colors or shapes based on your interest.
  3. Update the file and print it in the size you prefer.
  4. Remember not to alter dimensions randomly as it can affect printability levels of the template.

We also strongly insist on using a snowman hat template as a prop and print it on appropriate papers. A regular A4 paper does not work due to a poor thickness level.

So, do you also wish to alter the template? Of course! Feel free to explore the templates above. Some of the common mistakes that you should avoid in these templates are –

  1. Adjust breadth each time you alter the length and vice versa.
  2. Choose colors that are meaningful and add value to the occasion. Random colors can spoil the mood as well as purpose.
  3. Ensure adding a rope behind the hat to wear it over your head.


Snowman hats are absolutely fun to wear but the key remains in getting it right. Various templates in this article enable you to explore creativity and present a range of designs and colors that can be used.

A quick tip is to pair it up with an attire that is in the same color so you look dashing!

Sara Beasley

Sara is a mom who loves to share useful stuff on this blog related to homeschooling and other daily use things such as templates.

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