13+ Certificate of Appreciation Template Download [Word, PDF]

Certificates of appreciation template have one purpose, to display appreciation for work or support given by the receiver.

They are unique documents used by companies, organizations, businesses, institutions, and individuals. Given below is a collection of certificates of appreciation templates. Each has a distinctive design that is both visually appealing and has that formal tone.

Popular certificates of appreciation templates

1. Standard certificate of appreciation


certificate of appreciation

make certificates templates for people

We all need a standard format for certificate of appreciation to follow on the go. Fancy words and fancy designs are not the need for most of us.

If you also say YES to this statement, this template can meet your need. The editable one has a simple outline with a crisp and professional font to convey the message and highlight the recipient.

Use it for events or to felicitate your employees and students similar to these lesson plan template word.

2. Simple certificate of appreciation

Organizations need a simple format that they can replicate and improve for their needs. Here is one that is meant to celebrate the employee of the month.

Though it looks plain, it is editable. Add your company logo, signature, and experiment with the font. You can also change the background of the picture with a watermark of your value map.

That can look even interesting similar to a signup sheet pdf!

certificate of appreciation

appreciation certificates

3. Professional certificate of appreciation

Organizing a sports event or annual day for children at your school? You might need one that displays extravagance like a resume template word.

This does it with the right choice of icons, font styles, sizes, and spaceholders. Explore this by appending your school logo and you are done.

This appreciation certificates design can undoubtedly push the student to display it to the world with pride.

certificate of appreciation

4. Certificate of appreciation for kindergarten children

Do you run a preschool or a school including primary classes? You need to customize the certificate of recognition with clipart of animals, nature, birds, and toys to match the creativity and interest of children.

Here is one editable, crisp template that keeps the content simple.

But, if you’d like to add a bit of professionalism to the certificates, you need to customize it similar to the appreciation ones listed above.

certificate of appreciation

certificate of appreciation rights reserved

5. Certificate of appreciation

Whether it is a student of the year or employee of the month, adding a star to the certificate always indicates that the person has performed a class apart.

This editable one is overloaded with stars that makes it look colorful and attractive.

The text on it also appears motivating for the recipient.

certificate of appreciation

certificate of appreciation rights reserved

6. Portrait styled certificate of appreciation

Got more contents? Want the certificate to look different? This editable template makes it happen.

If you have liked the first template of appreciation that we listed above, this can be treated as its portrait version.

It is time to explore this certificates and change the color based on the color code of your organization.

certificate of appreciation

certificate of appreciation rights reserved

7. Modern appreciation certificate

Have a fixed color scheme for your organization?

This appreciation letter gives you the idea that you can apply it to make borders, make logos, and icons.

certificate of appreciation

8. Certificate of appreciation templates for kids Free

Creativity has no limits! This appreciation letter template is an example of it.

Kids need cute-looking icons in their ones that can let them relate to their preferences instantly.

certificate of appreciation

9. Simple certificate of donation

Doing a noble deed needs appreciation.

Use this editable appreciation letter to appreciate the donor for performing a noble deed! Standardize the appreciation certificate and experiment with colors.

The donor might certainly appreciate this little gesture of you alongside a charitable donation receipt template.

sample certificate of appreciation

10. Volunteer recognition certificate

Whether your NGO involves a donor or a volunteer who has engaged in performing an honorable act, never fail to appreciate the deed with this.

You can use this free editable appreciation certificate templates by organization to award for the best volunteer or volunteer of the month based on the time spent or works accomplished for appreciation letter.

free certificate of appreciation

11. Theme-based certificate of recognition

Certificate of appreciation templates need not always have a standard look. You can also make these templates theme-based.

If you have just organized a machine tool expo, use a similar theme to recognize letter participants. This free appreciation template is one example!

12. Traditional certificate of appreciation

With traditional colors and font styles, this appreciation letter certificate gives a wonderful look.

Change the color if you wish to and start using it! This free certificate appreciation is quick and meets your organization templates need too.


create certificates make download

Features of a great certificate

Not all certificate share the same features. However, some of the templates are unique letter compared to others. Here are the most common features of a certificate of appreciation letter:

  • The name of the receiver. Besides the name, it may include his/her picture imprinted on it, and the duties bestowed upon her/him.
  • The name of the institution/company/organization/people that issues the sample templates.
  • The reason why the certificate is awarded. In most cases, it’s a descriptive sentence. Sometimes there is an additional personal statement of appreciationletter  templates.
  • Name of the person that is authorized to issue the certificate templates for certificate appreciation letter.
  • The exact date when the certificate templates was issued for future use

The design, background-color of the certificate, used fonts, all these are left to the preferences of the organizer to help themselves and make it. But in most cases, the style, and all that goes along with that, is chosen. That way, it reflects the cause for which the certificate of appreciation templates is awarded.

Benefits of a certificate of appreciation

Receiving a certificate of appreciation is not just about personal satisfaction and being recognized for your good work. It can do more. For example:

  • Appreciation Certificate use can strengthen the bond between an employer and a coworker.
  • Increase your reputation in your community or the workplace. People will appreciate you and your efforts even more.
  • You can use this to add this to your work resume. Employers and HR people appreciate that a lot. For them, it speaks volumes about your devotion and dedication.
  • You can become popular and maybe even get the attention of the media.
  • Non-government organizations like to hire and work with people that have won certificates of appreciation. You can be either hired as an expert for a project that matches your skills.

The ceremony

Sometimes it can be a glamorous ceremony, while other times, it can be a modest one. Sometimes it can cause interest from media, other times it will be you and the members of your church.

In any case, it is an honor that not everyone deserves. Therefore, accepting certificate of appreciation with grace is always recommended.

Dress code & acceptance

If you are to be awarded a certificate, you need to make sure that you follow a certain dress code. If it is a ceremony organized by a large and reputable organization, or maybe your government, a suit and a tie is a must. Sometimes your invitation might even say to wear a tuxedo.

Last but not least, sometimes the receiver of the certificate of appreciation templates (rights reserved) is asked to give a speech. At times that speech is limited to a few sentences, while on other occasions, they might ask for a bit longer speech. In any case, one needs to be prepared to say a few things if asked to do so.


If you are the person that needs to arrange the certificate, simply follow the directions posted above. We have explained pretty much anything about certificates of appreciation and why they matter. Knowing that the selection process should be much easier. The 30+ templates are unique, popular, and are more than suitable for almost any theme.

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