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By | February 4, 2020

Certificates of appreciation have one purpose, to display appreciation for work or support given by the receiver. They are unique documents used by companies, organizations, businesses, institutions, and individuals.

Before we show you some truly amazing certificates of appreciation, here are a few things you should know about them. That way, you can learn all that you ever wanted to know about certificates of appreciation, what it means to be awarded one, and pretty much anything in between.

So let’s start from the beginning.

The history of appreciation certificates

We’ve all seen framed appreciation certificates hanging on walls. Some might be new, while others might date from hundreds of years ago. The one could be awarded to your grandfather or some ancestors of yours for contributing to some cause, while you might have one as well for doing some volunteer work.

Nevertheless, there is no official record to who gave the first appreciation certificate, to whom, and why.


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According to some sources, the first appreciation documents were issued in China. They were issued to government employees for their services to their emperor some 50 years BC. But again, that’s unofficial.

Whether it all started in China, or elsewhere, is a topic for researchers and historians.

However, we know that the tradition of giving certificates of appreciation first took off in Europe. From there, it spread in other parts of the world. Nowadays, certificates of appreciation are awarded in every country for all sorts of causes. It is considered as one of the finest forms of appreciation.

The definition of a certificate of appreciation

At the very core of a certificate of appreciation is displaying gratitude. It is all about publicly and vividly, showing how someone’s actions are appreciated and will never be forgotten. However, that’s not an official definition of a certificate of appreciation, nor there is one per se.

The truth is that organizations, governments, and companies award them according to their judgment. They are the ones that make the rules and decide who gets what.

Is certification of appreciation an official document?

Certification of appreciation can be issued by a government body, an institution, or an organization, but it’s not considered an official document that gets you anything particular. However, it can be used in certain instances as a document to validate some claim, proof of character in a court case, part of the working resume, and so on.

Who decides who gets a certificate of appreciation?

In most instances, that decision is left to a board of a sort that decides who deserves to be awarded a certificate of appreciation. Other times, it can be the president of the organization or the company, as voted by all members of a particular organization, member of the royal family, a CEO, a committee, etc.

Popular features of a great certificate of appreciation

Not all appreciation certificates share the same features. However, some of them are unique compared to others. Here are the most common features:

  • The name of the receiver. Besides the name, it may include his/her picture imprinted on it, and the duties bestowed upon her/him.
  • The name of the institution/company/organization that issues the certificate
  • The reason why the certificate is awarded. In most cases, it’s one descriptive sentence. Sometimes there is an additional personal statement of appreciation.
  • Name of the person that is authorized to issue the certificate
  • The exact date when the certificate was issued

The design, background-color of the certificate, used fonts, all these are left to the preferences of the organizer. But in most cases, the style, and all that goes along with that, is chosen. That way, it reflects the cause for which the certificate is awarded.

Benefits of a certificate of appreciation

Receiving a certificate of appreciation is not just about personal satisfaction and being recognized for your good work. It can do more. For example:

  • It can strengthen the bond between an employer and a coworker.
  • Increase your reputation in your community or the workplace. People will appreciate you and your efforts even more.
  • You can add it to your work resume. Employers and HR people appreciate that a lot. For them, it speaks volumes about your devotion and dedication.
  • You can become popular and maybe even get the attention of the media.
  • Non-government organizations like to hire and work with people that have won certificates of appreciation. You can be either hired as an expert for a project that matches your skills.

The ceremony

Sometimes it can be a glamorous ceremony, while other times, it can be a modest one. Sometimes it can cause interest from media, other times it will be you and the members of your church.

In any case, it is an honor that not everyone deserves. Therefore, accepting it with grace is always recommended.


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Dress code & acceptance

If you are to be awarded a certificate of appreciation, you need to make sure that you follow a certain dress code. If it is a ceremony organized by a large and reputable organization, or maybe your government, a suit and a tie is a must. Sometimes your invitation might even say to wear a tuxedo.

Even if it is a smaller ceremony with not so formal character, it is essential to show in a shirt and pants. That way, you are respectful to the hosts that want to honor you with that certificate of appreciation.

In most cases, the recipients accept the certificate on stage so that other people can see them. In most cultures, recipients get a handshake and the certificate, while in others, it can be a kiss, a bow, or something else.

Last but not least, sometimes the receiver of the certificate is asked to give a speech. At times that speech is limited to a few sentences, while on other occasions, they might ask for a bit longer speech. In any case, one needs to be prepared to say a few things if asked to do so.


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Popular certificates of appreciation templates

What follows is a collection of certificates of appreciation templates. Each has a distinctive design that is both visually appealing and has that formal tone.


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If you are the one that needs to arrange the certificate of appreciation, simply follow the directions posted above. We have explained pretty much anything about certificates of appreciation and why they matter. Knowing that the selection process should be much easier. The 30+ templates are unique, popular, and are more than suitable for almost any theme.

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