23+ Vehicle Maintenance Log Templates PDF Download!!

By | February 9, 2020

Maintaining a vehicle is doubly crucial than owning it as the former can incur additional expenses and affect the life of the vehicle, if not maintained properly. If you own a vehicle, this post is exclusively for you.

Repairs in your vehicle can come at any point. However, it can be prevented with proper maintenance and this is the reason you need a vehicle maintenance log that reminds you of the time to service it and inspect the parts for the condition. This post presents a range of templates that are free to use and customize based on the type you own and the need.

Printable vehicle maintenance log templates

Maintaining a log can save your time, money and efforts as you can keep track of the equipment and the parts that make up your vehicle. Here are a few templates that can help you to use one for your own.

vehicle maintenance log

vehicle maintenance log

free maintenance logfree maintenance log

All of these templates can be used for the daily maintenance of your vehicle. You can enter the parts of your interest. If you are unsure of the components, visit the manual and log offered by your vehicle manufacturer and copy those records along with the scheduled dates for repair. Make note of the kilometers or instances mentioned by the manufacturer when a specific component has to be checked for its condition. In fact, you can use these templates to also assess the mileage offered by your vehicle. You can accordingly take a decision on the lubricant or the health of the vehicle.

Own an auto? Just change the fields in Vehicle Maintenance Log template and use these formats directly for your auto. You will not regret this option.

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Fleet maintenance vehicle log templates for Business

If you work in an organization that owns a fleet of vehicles, it is a cumbersome task to keep track of all their meters. However, we have printable, customizable fleet maintenance templates that can serve the purpose. Find them below:

maintenance work and repair with date

maintenance work and repair

free maintenance log

The truck fleet is highly difficult to manage. With these templates, you can make note of important fields like brake condition, tire pressure, odometer readings, mirror condition, motor record, and oil filter. These can allow the driver to drive safely without having to worry about the condition of the vehicle.

Vehicle maintenance checklist templates -Spreadsheets/Word/Forms

We have consistently said you about the significance of vehicle maintenance. But, did you know the list of things to be checked on a daily basis? This section comprises of checklist templates that address all the components of the body and allow the user to enter corresponding values.

Vehicle Maintenance Log

You can either inspect it on a daily basis which is advantageous or inspect once in every 5,000 or 10,000 kilometers order. It includes exterior and interior aspects of your car and also lets you reflect on the schedule and cost status at the end of the day in the record. As you order and enter the new readings every day, you can easily show it to the mechanic and ask what went wrong if a specific component is malfunctioning. Using these templates is a valuable addition to your auto as well as your life.

Preventive maintenance log templates

The purpose of this post is to prevent every vehicle owner from spending that extra penny by maintaining at the right time. Whether you leave your vehicle for service or have just taken back from the service center, you need to use this to assess tires, brake, suspension, fuel, wiper, hoses, belts, steering, coolant, filters and more.

excel template

excel template excel template

It is a good habit to maintain such records on a monthly or a yearly basis as you can evaluate the quality of the make at the end. With inconsistent records, you can never identify if your investment is worth the money spent. Take the advice of your mechanic with all records in hand during faulty conditions.

Planning for a long trip? Know your auto condition with these records!


It is better for vehicle owners to make use of readily available templates as these are complete and can give value to the usage. Maintain the log with information as detailed as possible and include reminders in it so you don’t miss out a service.

Make note of any accidents during this possession period. These templates are amazingly handy! So, start using them today. Also, check out our High School Diploma Templates. You will need them while applying for a job!

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