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By | January 23, 2020

All of us use checks at different points in life. Some of us tend to use them frequently due to business reasons. So, is it really possible to print checks on your own? Yes, you can print and practice filling checks. Later on, you can make use of the checkbook issued by the bank. This will save checks and you also learn a new skill. Further, you can encourage the finance and accounts department of your organization to accept checks with the organization’s logo. This is a customized check that is meant to process internal transactions.

So many uses for a blank check, right? Are you set to explore the blank check templates that we have in hand for various uses? Scroll further!

Business blank check templates

As mentioned earlier, the finance department of an organization is responsible to pay bills, other expenses, salaries and also pay vendors. With the help of customized blank checks, it is possible to streamline financial operations. Before we explore this subject in detail, take a look at the templates below.

Having gone through these templates, you must be aware that there are two sides to the check. The front part of the check is to fill the information and request for processing. The backside of the check is for an administrative reason. If you feel that you do not need an independent side to process the check, you can just limit to the front part. This adds ease to your operations.

You need blank checks for your business for several reasons.

  • With customized blank check formats, it is possible to maintain professionalism and maximize the quality of operations.
  • Using checks can let the business trace every transaction and avoid instances of the deficit.
  • Making use of blank checks for your business can indicate your accountability and financial ethics. As a result, all your employees accept the process and this can reduce financial and operational overheads.

Having gone through the benefits of using a blank check template for your business, you can also create one on your own. Simply apply the color scheme of your logo to the background of the check. The subsequent step is to add the logo on the top left portion of the check. Give a unique identifier to each check so that accounting becomes easier. The serial number has to be consistent on both sides of the check.

Personal blank check templates

Personal checks are a lot similar to business checks in terms of size and formatting. The only variation is that personal checks have just one side. Here are a few templates for your reference.

Sometimes, people have the habit to replicate the model and format as in the original check issued by the bank. This is a good idea. However, if you do not have one or waiting to receive your checkbook, you can simply use our templates.

Some of the key sections of the check are – date, receiver’s name, amount in words and number, signature and the serial number of the check. The serial number is unique and is already printed in the check. The rest of the details will have to be filled by you.

Voided blank check templates

The purpose of a void check is to insist on the point that it has no use and will not be accepted by the bank. If you are experimenting with a real check issued by your bank, the first and foremost step is to enter the word ‘VOID’ in a diagonal manner. As you practice, remember to understand three concepts – check number, routing number and account number.

Here are the sample templates for you to directly use for the practice.


As you experiment, remember not to commit the following mistakes.

  • Do not write the term ‘void’ in a small-sized font. The purpose of the check is not met.
  • Do not include your actual signature in the voided check. If you have included, remember to once again strike it out to avoid duplications and misuse by third parties.
  • Remember to store or dispose of the voided check in the right way. Often, people leave it at random places and this habit can lead to problems.

Checkbook register templates

If we ask you to rank your bookkeeping capacity from 1 to 10, what would be the score? People miss the score due to a common reason – not maintaining the checkbook register. As a person who uses checks frequently for various purposes, it is crucial to make use of the register that is either printed on the first page or the last page of the checkbook. If you cannot find it out in your checkbook, you can use one of our templates listed below as well.

Making use of a register can let you keep a track of the records and be informed about the profits and losses in the future. When you are not informed of the financial deficiency that is about to arrive in the future, you are likely to be vulnerable to frequent risks. The key to maintaining records is to enter the data of every transaction in the register. Ensure that it is as detailed as possible. However, you should also pay extra attention to the storage of these registers.

They can easily get misplaced or lost but they are supposed to be wonderful repositories of your account status. It is a good habit to look at the balance in your bank account every month and find out where you have saved and how you have spent excessively. This helps in better organizing and planning your daily activities.

Customizable blank check templates

As a part of the experiment, it is not always essential to maintain a vague look to your check. You can play with color, font sizes, and typography.

You can also make better use of these customizable templates by giving them to your kids. They can learn the skill and start filling checks at an early stage. This is perhaps an activity followed by teachers to keep students engaged and informed about their transactions.

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