17+ Printable Check Register Template [Excel, PDF] Download!

A checkbook register is a document that helps you keep track of your banking transactions. All your deposits, withdraws and fee details can be captured in such a document and this can either be done manually on paper or through a register.

From simple documents to complex calculators, there are several kinds of checkbook registers and it depends on your usage.

So, if you are looking to maintain a ledger containing all your banking transactions then check out the free checkbook register templates provided below.

Free Printable Check Register Templates

In this article, we have provided a good variety of the most useful and downloadable checkbook register in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe PDF format.

All the templates are easy to use and should suffice for your requirements.

1. Simple Checkbook Register template – Word

Check Register Template


To start off, the first checkbook register we have is the simplest one to use. Mostly suited for individuals, this downloadable and editable Microsoft Word file has columns to enter the deposits, withdrawals, balances, and check details.

You can either fill this template and maintain a soft copy on your computer or you could print it out and enter the details manually. If you want to make multiple pages of this, then all you have to do is copy and paste it on the new page in Microsoft Word. The template is print-ready so you don’t have to make any changes to the formatting.

2. Designer Checkbook Register – Word

Check Register


This check register is similar to the one before this but in this file, you will find a better-looking design format. The file comes in a Microsoft Word format and is optimized to be used on a computer. Once you download the template, you can start filling in your information.

If you want you can print it out as the document is print-friendly and does not require any additional formatting. You are free to make changes to the design elements like fonts, colors and can add your company logo if needed.

3. Checkbook Register – Landscape Mode for Word



Here is another simple and easy-to-use checkbook register template. Designed in a landscape mode, the format is optimized for printing needs as well. All the usual fields like date, check no., description, debits, and credits have been provided in this free template.

On the top, there is a space provided to enter your organization’s logo. If you are printing this out, do make sure that your printer settings are set to landscape mode otherwise the page will get cut off a bit while printing.

4. Simple Checkbook Register – Excel



Let’s move on to Microsoft Excel checkbook register templates. And the first one that we have is this elegantly designed template. The editable Excel document has the basic fields that are needed in any checkbook register so you can go right ahead and start using it.

If you know how to work with excel formulas then you can create formulas to get the total debits, total credits, and balances at the end of each time week/month. However, if you are using these on paper, you will have to do the calculations manually. The best way to use this printable is on the computer.

5. Simple Checkbook Register – Excel



Here is another useful register made with Microsoft Excel. It is very similar to the previous one but the overall design differs a bit. Adding a dash of colors to your reports livens up your workday and such templates will come in handy for you.

There are no automatic calculations but if you know how to work with Excel formulas, you can add your own to calculate the debits and credit totals in the sheet.

6. Checkbook Register with formulas – Excel



Now if you want to make life a bit easy for you then you must use this one that comes with in-built formulas! This is much more comprehensive than all the previous ones we’ve shown and it does automatic calculations for deposits, withdrawals, etc.

You can also enter details like your account type, account number, date ranges, opening, and closing bank account balances. If the colors are not as per your liking, you can make changes to that. However, try not to make any changes to the cells with the formulas otherwise the data won’t be accurate.

7. Checkbook Register with Running Balance – Excel



A running balance calculation is when your balances are automatically calculated when you enter in details like debit and credit transactions of your bank account. What this Excel does is calculate your current balances depending on the transaction amounts you enter.

As and when you deposit or withdraw money from your bank account, your balances change. And this sheet gives you that real-time data. However, if you want accurate results, then you will have to enter every transaction that happens from your account.

8. Checkbook Register with Calculations – Excel



This one is nothing short of a professionally designed checkbook template! The all-in-one tool does all your account calculations for you and even has a provision for running balance in the sheet.

There are instructions on how to use the sheet and once you read them, all you have to do is start entering your details.

9. Printable Checkbook Register – PDF



A lot of us just want a simple format where we can enter our transaction details and maintain an account logbook of all banking transactions. Not everybody is comfortable with complex documents with many details and calculations.

If you have such a simple need then this PDF document will be of use to you. Print it out and start entering your bank data in it. As simple as that!

10. Large Print Checkbook Register – PDF



A large print register is great for your customers so that they can easily see what they need to enter in the format. Or you could also use it if your vision isn’t that great and you have a hard time reading smaller fonts.

The document is print-ready and once it is printed, it is ready to use. You do not have to do any kind of changes to the alignment or sizes.

11. Balance Checkbook Register – PDF



When it comes to handwritten documents, it’s difficult to do automatic calculations or check the accuracy of your data. You can do it with this register that maintains a log of your transactions that you manually note along with the transactions of your bank account.

Once you enter your manual transactions, you can match them with the bank transactions to check if the data matches or not.

12. Basic Checkbook Register – PDF



From the professionally designed printable check register, we come to another simple one that can be used by individuals to maintain their checkbook balances.

This PDF format is print-friendly and contains all relevant sections to manage your account details accurately.

13. Checkbook Register Template for Kids – PDF



Now, why would kids need a checkbook template? Well, this isn’t exactly a free printable checkbook register but more of a check printable for your kids to use.

There are many board games for kids that have checks in them and if you accidentally lose them you can use these to make your own checkbook templates.

14. Checkbook Register Template with Instructions – PDF



Many people don’t have any experience with financial transactions and a lot of us don’t even know how to maintain a checkbook register. In such cases, you can use this one that comes with handy instructions on how to maintain a checkbook register.

The document is as easy as it can get and has line-by-line instructions that you can follow. To use this template, you need to print it out and enter information manually.

15. Monthly Checkbook Register Template – PDF



This printable check register excel isn’t one that you can actually use but outline the way a checkbook needs to be designed. This checkbook register is made to track monthly transactions and while designing your own template, you can refer to this document.

All essential sections are present in this file. You can use them to design your customized printable check register in either Microsoft Word or Excel.

16. Comprehensive Check Register Template – PDF



This printable check register is no ordinary format but a guidebook for making a checkbook register template. The 50-page document has several checkbook templates, checkbook register templates, bank statement formats, definitions of banking terms, resources, additional information, and much more!

17. Printable Check Register for Courts- PDF



And the last printable check register format in this article is one that is used by courts and other legal entities. Courts also need to maintain such documents to check the inflow and outflow of money it gets and you can use this PDF document to enter your information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about checkbook register templates? Here are some common ones.

1. Is there a particular format for the checkbook registers?

Not really and you are free to make your own format depending on the information you need. However, there are some must-have pieces of information like

  • Check number
  • Date
  • Transaction description
  • Payment Amount
  • Incoming Amount
  • Withdrawal Amount
  • Fees, taxes, etc
  • Balances

2. How can I make checkbook registers more accurate?

There are simple ways of ensuring that the data you maintain in the printable check register is accurate. These include

  • Keeping it updated – record all transactions as and when they happen
  • Record all automatic payments – if you have recurring or automatic payments, you can enter them in advance in the sheet
  • Track all fees – these include card renewal charges, interest fees, taxes, etc


All the above-attached checkbook registers are tried and tested formats that have been used by people across the world. All of the free templates can be downloaded and some of these are editable as well. Once you pick your printable check register format, you need to ensure that you maintain accurate, up-to-date information in the printable check register so that you see the best possible results.

Apart from record-keeping, these checkbooks also help us track our expenses. Many of us tend to splurge money and such documents help us keep track of our spending!

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