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As the bells are ringing, are you all set to organise a secret Santa game? This is fun and gives you a lifetime worth of experience. Are you running short of ideas or wanting to execute it in an organised way?

This article is just for you to share extensive knowledge on the game along with the tips to correct mistakes on the go. From planning the event to executing it perfectly, we have an end-to-end solution at no cost just like these secret santa questionnaire templates.

What more? There are ready-to-use secret Santa forms meant to add further ease to this process. Let’s dive into templates right away!

Professional secret Santa form templates

Secret Santa elementary form 

Organizing a team outing or a group activity could be your plan this Christmas! The following template along with secret santa clip art is meant to throw a Christmas party where every member relishes what they like.

Most importantly, it also collects information on shirt sizes so they can become Santas on a special occasion.

Being an editable template just like these free santa letterhead templates, you can also add your company logo to this template to make it look, extra professional just like an elf on the shelf letter

Secret Santa information form

It is a cakewalk if you may have to collect the likes of one person. However, parties are meant to be in groups.

So, this template lets you trace down the personal likes of team members irrespective of the number of attendees.

In addition to favorites, special wishes of the person are also collected so the party can be organised accordingly just like it’s mentioned in a letter from santa template word.

The border of this template looks attractive enough like a snowman hat template printable containing a Christmas tree and you can customize it with new bells and rings.

Secret Santa survey 

If you are planning to celebrate the eve with your students, then a survey form is all that you need. From collecting favorites, the template also aims to identify wishes and things to be avoided.

To make it even interesting, you can also ask for a favorite game so the party can include that game and surprise the child.

Secret Santa interest list

Do you have a special wish that Santa needs to know this Christmas? You can now communicate with Santa in just one form and here you go. Not only does this template lets you collect a food list to plan the dinner, but it also allows the reader to inform needs, dislikes, location of interest, and wishes for this eve.

If you are planning a surprise gift for this Christmas, this form makes your process easier. In addition to the name, you can also add a contact number or any other information you need from the recipient’s side.

Colorful secret Santa form 

With icons and bells and stars, you may need this form to announce the recipient that Christmas is approaching.

Perhaps, you may want to restrict the information you need because too many stuff can collapse the plan. The following template is especially impressive if you are issuing it to kids.

Secret Santa needs help 

Here’s a quick game! Ask your friend – can you help Santa? The answer is obviously positive. Who doesn’t want to help? Now ask a few questions that you prefer for the chosen person. You should be sure that the person doesn’t find out the purpose.

Otherwise, the fun can be ruined in its entirety. As the eve approaches, you can handover gifts along with the card you used to enter info. It can be exciting for the recipient.

Secret Santa gift exchange

One of the most popular traditions of Christmas is a gift exchange. The idea is to gift any person of interest (be it family or friends or colleagues).

To make things simpler for you to coordinate information, you can use this post-card sized template that has two sections – favorites and delivery address. This looks professional and also fun-filling.

Secret Santa sponsorship form 

Do you go by the statement that Christmas is for all? What about underprivileged ones that cannot afford dresses or gifts? If that thought troubles you, you can create a change in the locality. The template below lets you collect sponsorships from interested donors towards underprivileged ones.

This inclusive celebration can also create a wave of positivity in your life and leave you thoroughly heart-filled. The more you give, the more you receive!

Secret Santa donor form 

If you are running a fundraising campaign with a specific notion this Christmas, you should also be ready with forms to send gratitude and thank you letters to donors. Here is an example to make this happen.

Begin with the purpose of the fundraiser followed by a message and then forward it to the receiver. This can improve thankfulness and keep the chain of kindness going.

Secret Santa shop

Did you know that there is a secret Santa shop? Wait, there is no address but you can create one. A quick way is to transform your garage into a shop comprising reusable materials and new gifts so the underprivileged can pick them up.

Alternatively, the shop can also issue gift cards regularly to participants of the secret Santa game. The advantage of this template is that it gives an extra responsibility to fulfill this Christmas and you can never forget the wholesome experience. Also, you can check out this fake dna test results as a prank to pull on your partner and children.

Be a secret Santa form 

Did you know that you can be a secret Santa? Especially after the COVID-19 has stuck the lives of many, the world needs more secret Santas to spread happiness and positivity.

It only takes that special heart to become one and we are sure you have it. Here is a template to call out people interested to become a secret Santa.

How to play secret Santa right?

There are preset rules to play this game so the actual intention does not get spoiled. Here are the steps to play the game right.

  1. Create a participants list at the first step.
  2. Ask likes and dislikes of participants and note them down in the secret Santa form.
  3. Ask for a gift exchange or a secret Santa role play based on the pulse and interest of participants.
  4. Alternatively, give them the idea to donate a gift pack to the underprivileged as this can leave them contented for the eve.
  5. Plan the venue for the event on or before Christmas.
  6. Throw a surprise party and engage volunteers in connecting gifts with associated recipients.

To enhance the mood further, you can distribute party props and exclusive t-shirts to participants so it can turn into an unforgettable memory. If you are dealing with kids, you may have to be extra careful in choosing gifts and creating fun-based events as they are highly sensitive to every action of yours.

Most importantly, use the templates listed above based on the plan so that you save time in drafting a form and use it effectively towards the event plan.


One event that we long for is a secret Santa game during Christmas eve. It is all about gifts and fulfilling the desires of each other. This is also an excellent opportunity to know your kith and kin.  The templates above can sort it for you!

Take the chance to become a secret Santa of a person and you will never regret this decision for life!

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