19+ Credit Card Authorization Form Template Download!!

Do you run a business? Is payment from customers becoming a constant problem? Looking out for a solution to enhance security to the charge transaction? If your answer is YES to all the above questions, then this post is for YOU.

The solution is a credit card authorization form.

We present you with a range of handpicked authorization forms templates for you to choose based on your business needs and customer preferences.

Printable Credit Card Authorization Form Template

Here are a few printable authorization templates to use for your customers.

1. Simple one-time credit card authorization form 

credit card authorization form

If you are a beginner in using a credit card for your business and you are wanting to charge the customer card only one-time, you have to go ahead with this editable charge  authorization template. It includes details relating to the customer, name, email, charge, billing details, and also card details. In the end, both parties authorize the charge transaction.

Before you make use of the credit card belonging to your customers, remember that you would be charged back if you charge the customer without written consent. It is important for merchants to take a signature from the customers to charge the credit card either on a monthly or recurring basis or just for one-time templates like these sample check registers.

When you use an authorization form, it becomes easier for the customer as well as the merchant to charge whenever required as agreed and also consider it as a piece of evidence.

2. Customizable one-time credit card authorization form 

credit card authorization form

There are standard and customizable credit card authorization forms that can be used for credit card authorization forms purposes. Every business person will have to use this customizable template to give better clarity to the customer on how, why, and when the customer is charged.

This customizable card authorization template can also be appended with your business logo and contact information thereby improving the legitimacy of the transaction.

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3. Basic one-time credit card authorization form

credit card authorization form

Not wanting a fancy credit card authorization template for your business? Then, this can be the ideal one for you! When you ask the customer to fill the credit card authorization form, you may have to collect supporting pieces of evidence to confirm residency and nationality.

It is usually a driving license that the customer attaches to the form. This template has all the necessary placeholders that you need for your business. Irrespective of the template you choose, make sure you, as a business, get it signed by the customer. Only then, it can be treated valid, like in the case of a in kind donation receipt template.

It is possible to receive payments on a timely basis from your customers and yes, they would never complain about the same. You will not be denied because of a lack of funds or security issues in the charge transaction.

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4. Business credit card authorization form

credit card authorization form

Similar to the simple credit card authorization template provided above, this form includes essential headings like cardholder information and credit card information. Sometimes, getting information about whatever is required is sufficient to enable a proper business charge transaction.

Getting too much information can create suspicion about the quality of your business. Never do that mistake! This template helps you in handling such instances.

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5. Brief credit card authorization forms

credit card authorization form

Is the credit card information sufficient for you? If your answer is YES, you can simply skip the detailed customer information section and present a declaration statement as given below.

Remember that you can customize this template by appending the logo of your business and other contact details. This quickens the process and also keeps your finance clean.

The advantages of using a card printable templates format are as follows.

  • You just have to spend time to customize and add your name, address, business details and the rest of the inputs are ready in this credit card authorization form.
  • It is well-formatted and already in use by other merchants. So, you do not have to worry about the credibility of the form.
  • There is no doubt about how it would look like after you print as it is already approved by other merchants.
  • It saves a lot of time and effort.

Recurring credit card authorization form 

Sometimes, merchants will have to charge the customers on a quarterly or a monthly basis for which you have to alter the original forms accordingly. Some of the ready-to-use recurring formats are listed here.

6. Recurring credit card payment authorization form for business

name address charge number email order

downloadIf you have a business that runs on memberships, it obviously involves recurring payments from the cardholder. The best part about this template is that you do not have to seek permission from the customer each time before you debit the amount.

The charge/transaction remains transparent and the customer obliges by the terms and conditions associated with the transaction. This approach gives you credibility.

7. Basic recurring credit card payment authorization

You do not need multiple credit card details to facilitate the recurring transaction. Keep it simple and that’s the secret to achieve better customer service. You may collect card details and provide billing information using this template.

authorization forms with expiration date download

8. Multi-purpose payment form

authorization forms with expiration date

downloadDo you run a business that charges cardholder one-time as well as recurring based on the type of service provided? If your answer is YES, then this template may meet your need. Simply choose the period of charge and ask the customers to fill details.

That’s it! The best part is that you may shift from one period to the other with the consent of the customer at any time without having to produce a new document. It saves time, money, and effort.

9. Basic form

Not sure of the frequency of the charge? Wanted forms with expiration date that may guide you thoroughly? Go with this template! Collect details and complete the form in just one page.

card information rights reserved form templates card type visa mastercard


10. Credit card approval with a signature authorization form

downloadWe have had several templates above that included information and credit card authorization details. What matters in this process is the trust that the customer has on the shop. While sharing personal information, cardholder usually hesitate.

As an owner, you need to share the purpose of the transaction/charge and also take the approval of the buyer in the form of a signature. One tip to add ease to this process is to ensure if the signature in the approval form matches with one in the driving license or any other proof given.

Remember the following when you make use of a recurring templates form for your work.

  • You need to inform your customers about the exact dates when the amount will be debited.
  • You also need to inform the cardholder about the exact amounts and other conditions that are held until the charge transaction period ends. Any legal terms and regulations will have to be included in these forms.
  • List the reason for which the customer is charged.

It is a better idea to detail the way this process works. This can guide new credit cardholders about the purpose of these forms.

Medical authorization form templates files document

In the healthcare industry, credit cards are used widely to pay bills for treatment and other care facilities. Before you begin charging payment from your clients, ensure that you have the following inputs of your client regarding the credit card forms templates.

  • Cardholder name
  • Nature of card
  • Card number
  • Expiry date
  • Phone number
  • Amount
  • email
  • Billing address of the cardholder
  • Signature and date of authorization

Though it is not legally mandatory to make use of a form as a document, it is better to keep your online account order protected and professional with standard practices in place.

Note – Never ask the CVV information of your customer’s credit card. It is legally a crime to record the CVV information and ensure that your file format does not ask for it.

11. Equipment authorization 

If you run a medical services firm that requires equipment to provide services or supply medical equipment to your customers, you might need a credit card authorization form to take payments from the client regularly. Append the company details in the footer area and logo at the header. Start charging your customers!

rights reserved authorization forms credit card visa mastercard with full name


12. Credit card authorization form for patients

This is a professional template that allows a healthcare firm to charge patients for the services obtained one-time or regularly. If your patient holds membership to seek your services, then this template does the job in collecting payments.

authorization form a credit card


Business credit card authorization forms templates

It is important for a business to accept payments from the clients in flexible modes. As a business owner, you should know the terminologies and the legal regulations before you charge your clients. Whether you run a hotel or an agency that accepts payments from clients on a regular basis or just for one-time, maintaining a healthy and trustworthy relationship is important.

Here are a few templates for you to begin with.

13. Credit card authorization forms for gifting organization

Running an organization that sells gifts or accepts gifts? Use this credit card authorization forms to enable the charge transaction in a hassle-free manner alongside these bill of sale templates.

credit card authorization form with billing address


14. Credit card authorization form for hotels

Holiday Inn is by far one of the largest hotel chains in the world. If you are running a similar service for your cardholder, then take a look at this template. You can replace the existing logo with yours and start collecting payments from your customers.

credit card authorization form with billing address


15. Form for hotels in letter format

Sometimes, you cannot directly issue a form to collect information. You may have to produce a copy of the information to the customer for record keeping purposes. This template is used by Marriott and follows a letter format to present the purpose, collect information, educate about charges, and obtain approval.

credit card authorization


16. Credit card refund form

Give the opportunity for cardholder to get an order refund if they have been charged twice! Give them the chance to file for a refund too. This improves the ethical nature of your work. Use this fillable PDF right now!

credit card authorization


Some merchants would also prefer using Square template invoices form to store payment information in a secure manner for the cardholder. This is called the ‘card on file’ technique where the cardholder need not have to take additional action.


Following standard practice is what makes you a genuine merchant in the market. With the help of these forms, you never have to follow up with your clients or wait for the payments. Consequently, maintain the data collected even after 4 months from the date the customer is not charged. When you maintain essential data, you can face any complaints or customer grievances easily.

Using these templates do not only save your time and money but double your business returns with a better brand image! Use them RIGHT AWAY. Also, do check out High School Diploma Template


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