Top 39+ High School Diploma Templates Ready To Download!

By | October 17, 2019

A high school diploma is an academic qualification given to students upon graduation from high school. The duration of this course is usually between three to four years and spans from grade 9 to grade 12.

It is awarded to students who are duly certified to have completed their curriculum in high school. This curriculum includes an array of core subjects and modules that have been selected by these students.

This article goes through a list of best diploma templates, which are worth consideration.

Best High School Diploma Templates


high school diploma template

This high school diploma is carefully and delicately crafted just like these fake transcripts. One can immediately not the type of font used as it’s unique. The white background makes the letters quite visible while the gold-colored corners give it a simple yet unique look. There’s also allocated space for the sign of both parents on both sides of the badges.


high school diploma template

This is as simple as simple gets with its black and white balance. The calligraphic font used also makes it especially unique. There’s vacant space for the name of the awardees as well as the award date.


high school diploma template

The simplicity of this one sets it apart. The name of the high school retains the biggest font size for added visibility. The awardee’s name also comes close with medium-sized fonts, which are all in calligraphic style font.


high school diploma template

This has a very attractive background and bold letters with calligraphic fonts. A badge of the state board of education is centrally placed on the lower part with signatures of the president and the program administrator flanking the badge.


high school diploma template

This one looks quite simple on the surface. The badge of the department of education is placed below the wordings. The sign of the President and Clerk of the board of education, as well as the Interim superintendent, lie on the bottom part.


high school diploma template

With a floral pattern beneath its wordings and a bold font, this is quite stylish in its approach. The name of the school, the awardees as well as ‘high school diplomas’ is boldly written. There’s also an allocation for the superintendent and principal’s sign.


Diploma Template 7

This diploma style is very stylish and combines a mixture of calligraphic fonts. The signatures of the president and two important members of the department are situated on the lower part. Flanking these signatures are the badges of the school and the educational board.


Diploma Template 8

This diplomas employs the use of bold lettering over a plain background. The calligraphic fonts used in typing the important stakeholders also stand it out. The name of the school forms an arc over the student’s name student at the topmost part.


Diploma Template 9

The good thing about this is its simplicity. A combination of calligraphic fonts and italic lettering makes it good for the eye. The name of the recipient is typed with large fonts and can be easily seen at a glance.


Diploma Template 10

This free diploma certificate combines basic fonts with calligraphic fonts to stunning effects. Worthy of mentioning is the grey borderline overlay that gives it a distinctive outlook. A huge badge is also located on the bottom flanked by two slots for signs.


Diploma Template 11

This fake diplomas has a simple white theme wrapped in a warped design. The name of the school is very bold, with the largest font, and can be easily sighted from afar. It’s designed in such a way that all the necessary details can be filled in at any time.


Diploma Template 12

This one has the simplest of designs. Basic fonts are used for the name of the school, as well as other vital information on the template. The name of the recipient is italicized and made bigger. There’s a portion designated for the signature of the high school principal and a board of education head.


Diploma Template 13

It maintains a plain design all through. The fonts are calligraphic, and the name of the school has the biggest font size. The name of the recipient follows in size, and there’s an allocation for the signature of both the superintendent as well as the principal on the bottom.


Diploma Template 14

This template combines stylish fonts with exciting color shading. The name of the school is boldly written on the uppermost part in the form of an arc. There’s a seal right below it that gives credence to the authenticity of the fake diploma. The conditions that have been fulfilled by the recipient are carefully crafted above the signs.


Diploma Template 15

It doesn’t display too many wordings, and it’s straight to the point kind of design. The college of graduation is boldly written on the topmost part, while the name of the recipient can be filled in below it. The stylish border is also quite distinctive.


free Diploma certificate 16

This fake diploma paper combines black color fonts with brownish colored fonts to deliver an exciting view. The name of the school, as well as the recipient’s name,  is made bold. There are three allotted spaces for signatures on the lower end even for homeschool.


free Diploma certificate 17

This printable and blank homeschool institution images is very sharp in appearance. The bold calligraphic fonts stand out on the plain background in a way that it can be easily spotted. There’s a gold-colored sealed at the bottom flanked by four signs and all the other resources that can be printed.


free Diploma certificate 18

This diploma combines three colors to good effects. The light yellowish background is bordered on the four corners by an attractive light blue color that sets the tone of the whole template. The fonts are bold, and four signatures are situated at the bottom.


free Diploma certificate 19

This is extremely colorful and stylish, from its bold yellowish borderline to the statement red color used in typing the name of the recipient. There’s a colorful seal on the bottom along with signatures of the president and vice president of the high school.


free Diploma certificate 20

This looks stuffy at a glance, but a closer look gives one an appreciation of the arrangement of the wordings. The calligraphic style font used especially makes it appealing to the eye. There’s an allocation for three signatures at the bottom.


free Diploma certificate Templates 21

The simplicity of this high school template is stunning. Basic fonts are used all through, and the title of the title is made very big and noticeable. The recipient’s name is also highlighted.


free Diploma certificate Templates 22

This high school template makes use of just one color and font style, but it still manages to have an appealing appearance. There’s a gold seal at the bottom center flanked by four different signatures.


Templates 23

This one has corner borders that make quite the statement. The calligraphic representation of the name of the school, as well as the recipient’s name,  makes it unique.


Templates 24

This template assumes a minimalist approach to the design of its headers. The wordings are spelled out, and there are four allocations for signatures. There’s also a space for filling the name of the high school.


Templates 25

This one is quite basic in its approach. The name of the school is boldly written over the top in an arc shape while every other vital detail is to be filled in. There are no signatures or stamps on this template.


Templates 26

This high school diploma is unique and doesn’t contain too many wordings. The Diploma heading is given a calligraphic font, but the other wordings maintain basic fonts. There’s a vacant space for the date it was awarded.


Templates 27

This diploma template has a woody brown border that stands it out. The name of the school is boldly stated at the topmost part in the calligraphic font style. A gold badge is placed on the lower part while there is allotted space for the supervisor’s signature.


Templates 28

This design makes use of a minimalistic approach, and this makes it unique. The student’s names, as well as the name of the school, are boldly stated. The badge on the bottom is flanked on both sides by signatures of key officers.


Templates 29

This template uses the contrasting colors of blue and gold to great effect. Apart from the name of the school, all other details are to be filled in using allotted spaces.


Templates 30

This design is simple yet sophisticated. The background is a brilliant combination of blue and pink colors. There are allotted spaces for the name of the student, as well as the high school name. There’s also space for the date and signature of the student.


Diploma Template 31

The design of the border of this template with arc-shaped patterns is unique. The name of the school is boldly written over the top, and spaces for name, school name, and other vital information are left blank.


Diploma Template 32

This diploma template takes a very minimalistic approach to its design. The appearance looks quite simple, and the fonts are mostly calligraphic. There are two signatures on the lower end.


Diploma Template 33

This has diplomas boldly written on the top and has a gold-colored badge at the bottom center of the template. Three signatures flank the badge on both sides. Most of the fonts are mostly calligraphic in style.

Printable #34

Diploma Template 34

The borderless nature of this diploma template word order makes it look complex at first glance, but a closer look at the calligraphic fonts makes one appreciate its simplicity. The high school name appears in a curved font pattern. It’s a great order!

Printable #35

Diploma Template 35 - free certificate download

The thick border of this college diploma word certificates makes it look like it’s framed. The contents of this college certificate are brief and well detailed in the information. There’s no seal on this one, and there’s also space for one signatory.

Printable #36

free certificate download

The essential nature and the stylish border of this online word print are its main highlights. Basic fonts and logo are used all through apart from the online college diploma that employs the use of the calligraphic font. The provision of four signs on the lower part makes it look quite official.

Printable #37

free certificate download

This high school diploma template has a style that is as simple as it comes. There is a brief description as to the requirements for graduation. It has a thick border as well as an unofficial touch to the diploma placed at the top.

Printable #38

free certificate download

The characters on this one and darker background give it a classy touch. The fonts are well spaced, and space is allotted for two signatures on the bottom.

#Printable 39

free certificate download 39

The border of this high school diploma is the main attraction. The fonts are quite simplistic, and the page is not too worded to save space. There are spaces left for the name of a student, as well as the name of the school.

How should you choose a diploma format?

Each state and region have a varying yardstick for awarding diplomas upon graduation from high school. Some states take the overall performance into cognizance by taking the average of all subjects taken by the student. These subjects include the core subjects as well as elective objects. Other states prioritize higher grades in Mathematics and English Language, being the top core subjects. You should select one and customize it in a way that covers all the necessary information and identity of the institution in a good light. The diploma must be a professional-looking one.


Most people cherish the period of high school the most. They get to learn and unlearn about life with their friends by their side. Getting a diploma doesn’t only represent a significant landmark; it also represents a period that will stay cherished forever. There’s no better way to keep a record of this cherished period than being a recipient of a nice diploma completion award. This award constantly reminds the student of those cherished moments.

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