AUGUST 2021 Calendar – Printable AUG 2021 Calendars With Holiday!

Using a calendar to plan a month has been an age-old practice. From using it to plan schedules to being aware of auspicious days, there is more than that a calendar provides to its users.

We are in the year 2021 and it is high time that we begin using integrated calendars that can let you access everything that you need in one go.

Presenting you a list of ready to use printable calendar templates that you can use for August and plan your availability as well as ease anxiety.

Printable August 2021 Calendar Templates

August calendar 2021


If you are looking at planning a productive year with absolutely no mess-ups, here are a few printable August 2021 Calendar templates to download and customize August 2021 Calendar as per your need. You can also check out these free time log templates to maintain your productivity!

Aug 2021

As you look at the August 2021 calendar templates, there are several approaches to use Aug 2021 Calendar effectively.

  • One approach is to write down your plans for each day or hour with the help of an hourly calendar template. If the calendar already mentions the presence of an auspicious day or a federal holiday, you can plan differently. Maybe, you may have to follow certain rituals if it is Easter or Christmas, or Halloween eve.
  • To give the usual calendar a new look, you can explore another approach where you divide a paper into two columns – one mentioning the date and the other mentioning the specialty of the day like this timecard template.
  • Yet another approach is to download the Aug 2021 Calendar printable and list down special days of your family such as anniversaries and parties. Once your personal plans are met, the next step is to list down business meetings or parties that have been planned ahead. Early planning is always the key to maximize overall productivity.
  • The final approach is to present notes for the month at one end of the template. Some tasks have a deadline of less than a month and you can mention them in a generic way.

Aug calendar 2021 with Holidays

Most of the days in a month have certain specialties. For instance, there is a day dedicated to data privacy mainly to promote awareness. How many of us know?

This indicates the need to make use of a template that mentions united states holidays (federal or local).

august 2021 holidays calendar usa


Printable August 2021 calendar for kids

Kids and adults have different uses when it comes to a united states calendar. If a kid at your house is just developing the habit of using a calendar for August 2021, you should prepare and provide a kid-specific calendar.

Here is one example to add further light on this topic. This August 2021 Calendar is creative, attractive, and provokes the kid to do extra activities to the calendar such as coloring, writing, and what not.

August 2021 calendar for office

Calendars come in different sizes. Based on your use, you may have to customize the dimension of this August 2021 Calendar. For instance, a desk August 2021 calendar works great if you are looking to set up a calendar at your office.

It looks chic and has limited space to add in key points/meetings. This can be a great calendar choice to gift your colleagues too.

august 2021 holidays calendar usa

How to create a 2021 calendar template?

Sometimes, we may have the desire to create a personalized template with a customized theme. Creating a calendar for August 2021 is not rocket science. The easiest way to create a calendar is to make use of the Word application.

  1. Click File > New > Choose from Templates
  2. Type August 2021 calendar in the search bar and choose one of the templates from the list.
  3. Click Import/Open based on the option in the dialog box.
  4. Now, you have a chance to customize your calendar template in terms of content, appearance, and text boxes.
  5. Save the file for August 2021 and make multiple copies of the same document for other months from August 2021-Dec 2021.

There are also other options to make your blank Aug 2021 calendar including Google Calendar, the default blank calendar in your phone, and using the Canva platform.

Some prefer an artistic calendar while a few others prefer a highly professional calendar or a minimalistic outlook.

The idea is to enable the actual user to use the blank August 2021 calendar productively throughout the month/year and not just fancy it for a day or two.

Hence, you should always list down your needs or download a calendar that you have liked in the past and mimic the same. This makes your job easier and effective.

What to know about a printable calendar?

As you look at the August 2021 calendar, you can notice that you have digital as well as conventional calendars. However, it does not stop there.

As the year progresses, you may have to use the calendar to keep your family informed about plans and important due dates. For instance, it could be the due date for a master health checkup or the date for a family outing.

Sharing a calendar using one of the calendar templates above is extremely easy as family members can either store the calendar on the phone and take a look whenever needed or stick it at a commonly accessed place at home to refer to on the go.

Another point is that a printable blank Aug 2021 calendar is not always the same. It could be a business calendar and contain features like appointments, tasks due, tasks missed, and monthly goals.

On the other hand, it could be an academic calendar for students to refer to for study purposes.

For instance, it can include features like curriculum to be completed in the month, test dates, and parent-teacher meeting dates. This is useful for parents as well as teachers as they can plan the academic year to a better extent.

Another type of printable calendar is a religious calendar. We are aware of events like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. How many of us are aware of specific dates that influenced the lives of Jesus? How many of us knew what to do a couple of days before Christmas?

Is there a federal event where a religious ritual is followed? As these questions ponder, some religious organizations tend to issue printable calendars containing date, specialty, and specific rituals.

The best part about such blank calendar is that you get a chance to learn the historical background as well as connect with spirituality.

Some more calendars you should know include seasonal calendars (exclusively for farmers), Chinese calendar (to understand solar and lunar movements), and archaeological calendar. Last but not the least, you have a financial calendar starting from April 2021 to Mar 2022.

The purpose of this blank August 2021 calendar is to reflect on the company’s past financial performance and project this year’s plans and strategies.

If you are working at the managerial level, you may have to download monthly printable 2021 calendar August to include detailed descriptions of events, goals, and strategies.

Before you begin using a blank calendar, you may have to do the following.

  1. Decide the type of 2021 calendar Aug you need.
  2. Decide the mode of calendar usage. Is it going to be a handout or a soft copy?
  3. Explore exclusive features of the blank calendar that can benefit you or your family or your business.


To most of us, the year 2021 is supposed to be filled with goals and huge aspirations after multiple setbacks in the year 2020.

For a printable calendar to do the magic, all you need is a perfect template like the one in this post and you are good to go. Alternatively, use the steps to create a August 2021 calendar and start using it.

Have a fantastic, productive, and successful year ahead with our printable calendars! Also, check out these free printable sign up sheets!

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