11+ Service Invoice Template Free Download [Word, Excel, PDF]

Do you know the difference between a Service Invoice and a Bill? Well, technically they are both the same – proof of sale. But a service invoice is used when you buy or sell a service, not a product. For example, if you get the services of an accountant, you will be given an accounting service bill.

For such professionals and organizations, we have brought a collection of various types of services invoice templates that you will find helpful. These are free to download and most of them can be edited as well.

Free Printable Service Invoice Template

1. Basic Service Invoice Template – Word

Basic Service Invoice Template

To start you off, here is a simple service invoice template that is suitable for all kinds of service professionals and organizations. The design is quite appealing as it contains neatly defined placeholders for different sections. After you download the file, you can start modifying it.

All the necessary placeholders that need to be in an invoice are already included in this format. However, some elements like a provision for the company logo arent there. But you can put that into the top section.

2. Accountant Service Invoice Template – PDF

Accountant Service Invoice

Most of us use the services of an accountant. As an individual, we need accountants to sometimes handle our taxes. And organizations employ numerous accountants to handle their financial matters. If these accounts are not on the payroll, then they send across a service invoice to charge the client for their services.

This service invoice template is designed to be used for such professionals. Download the file and copy the content. Put it in Microsoft Word and make the changes you need.

3. Professional Service Invoice Template – Excel


Here is an excellent, professionally designed service invoice template from Microsoft. It comes with detailed instructions on how the fill the document so anyone should be able to use it. The blank template is ready to be used and you can either do it online or print it out.

Make changes to the fonts, colors, rows, and columns as per your needs and also put in formulas to automatically calculated the total amounts. It is a great template that is completely free of cost.

4. Colorful Service Invoice Template – Word


Project your corporate branding through the use of customized templates, fonts, and colors. If you are looking to include your service invoice templates as a part of your corporate branding, then it is great to add colors to it and format it a bit differently from other organizations.

With this service invoice template, you get the opportunity to include your company logo on the top section along with some color elements as well. Below is an elegant format to enter the service details along with the pricing, taxes, and final amounts.

5. Service Invoice Template for Time Worked- Excel

time based service invoice

There are many professions or services that are chargeable on the basis of time. For example, therapists are paid on the basis of the length of the therapy session. Even consultants follow this model and so do attorneys. So, it makes sense to have a service invoice template that captures such a billing model.

In this document, you will not find line items for all the services provided. Instead of that, there are rows where you can mention the amount of time that will be charged to the client. Based on the total amount of work done, a certain $ value is then billed to the client.

6. Hourly Service Invoice Template- Excel


This service invoice template is a little similar to the previous one that was for the time worked invoice model. Even this template calculates the invoice values for the amount of time you spend doing various activities. Here there is a provision to enter the activity name, hours worked on it, the rate per hour, and then the final amount.

Such invoice templates are used by IT consultants, market research professionals, researchers, interns, freelancers, and other professionals. Along with the billing details, the payment terms are also included in the document.

7. Hourly Service Invoice Template- Word


Let us get back to the basics once again and focus on another great yet simple template. This service invoice template has been created with an elegant and easy-to-read table format. The top sections are placeholders for you to mention your company name, include the logo, and mention customer details along with the invoice numbers.

From there onwards, the line items denote the list of services you have provided and the charges for each type of service performed. The template is print optimized and that means that you can print it without making changes to the margins.

8. Ambulance Service Invoice Template- PDF


Yes, even ambulance services are chargeable. In some countries, the ambulance service is free while in others it is a paid convenience. Hospitals or ambulance service providers also have to provide a receipt for their services and they use such formats for their clientele.

Billing models could vary from client to client. It could depend on the number of hours works, the number of patients ferried or it could also be on a subscription basis. Either way, you can use such a template for invoices.

9. Professionally Designed Service Invoice Template- Word


Hands down, this is the best service invoice collection that we have in this article and maybe one of the best that you will come across. It is professionally designed and comes with a beautiful light green border for the top section. Made with Microsoft Word, this amazing template can be edited as well.

Once you download it, include your company name and logo in the top sections. The green color can also be changed if you want. And then you can start adding your service items and generate an awesome-looking service invoice! It is that easy.

10. Handyman Service Invoice Template- Word


Handymen are like Man Friday’s; they can do anything and everything. A handyman is usually a person employed to do small tasks on a temporary basis. They could include gardeners, landscaping professionals, plumbers, masons, or any professional who engages in odd jobs.

This service invoice template is designed specifically to be used for such handymen services. You can enter the handyman details or their company details along with the description of the services performed along with their charges.

11. Proforma Service Invoice Template- Word


For the final service invoice template in this article, we have one that is designed to be used by courier or delivery organizations. This particular document is prepared by one such major logistics organization. As you can see that the table contains a format for you to enter the description of goods. Even though this talks about goods bu the company provides a delivery service.

That is the reason why a service invoice template is being used. Carefully enter or check the details of the goods that are being sent, their value, insurance details if any, and other information related to their transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions related to preparing a Service Invoice document? Well, we have answered some commonly asked questions that you might find helpful.

1. If I want to make my own format, what information should I include? 

Great question. To make an effective service invoice document, you need to include the following sections

  • Your company name and contact details
  • Company logo
  • Invoice number and date
  • List of services provided
  • Costing for each service
  • Final amount payable

2. Can freelancers issue their own service invoices?

Yes, many freelancers use standard templates to send invoices to their clients. They might not have a company name or tax numbers but even without those, you can generate an invoice to bill your client.

3. What happens if I don’t issue an invoice to my client?

A lot could go wrong. First, you don’t have any proof of the transaction. Second, for taxation purposes, you won’t be able to get refunds if you don’t have proof. Without service invoices, you won’t be able to track your clients, the services you provided, and the revenue you generate.

4. Do invoices need to be in print or can be online as well?

Both. But it depends on your industry, legal requirements, and budgeting. Printing out receipts is expensive so to cut costs you can send e-invoices to your clients. But you can do both or any.


Whether you sell products or services you need to document the sale with an invoice. Even if you are an individual selling your personal stuff, it is always good to give proof of the transaction. With the invoice, both the buyer and seller can protect their investments and their legal rights.

With our free, downloadable service invoice templates, you will save time and effort in making a document from scratch. The templates can be utilized by different types of organizations and even freelancers. They are very flexible and can accommodate any change you might want to implement. So, hopefully, you enjoy this collection.

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