9+ Secret Santa Wish List Form Download [Word, PDF]

It’s a wonderful time of the year! Another opportunity to spread love to friends and family.

A time to be thankful for making it through the ups and down 2020 has offered. However, knowing what to give your loved ones for Christmas can be confusing, especially if they are picky and if you don’t want to waste money.

If you’re already thinking of giving the special people in your life, wishlist forms are right up your alley.

This simple, easy to use form asks questions which the recipient can answer by filling in the data similar to a secret santa questionnaire.

That way, you can better understand what they’ll love to receive and plan Christmas in a fun, better, and exciting way. Here we go:

Printable Secret Santa Wish List


Let your friend and family pen down their thoughts on this wish list form just like these personalized letter from santa. They can list out all favorites on the left tab, including their favorite colors, movies, hobbies, drinks, and more.

The ‘items I want, items I need’ option goes straight to the point, allowing them to express what they’ll be happy to receive with the help of a secret santa wish list form.

And if the left tab is not enough to write their thoughts, they could just hop over to the right tab.

If you’re looking for the best gift that perfectly fits into lifestyles, these below templates as well as these snowman top hat templates and christmas secret santa clip art are worth checking out.

Secret Santa Wish List Form


Perfect for both kids and adults, this form will save you the headache of choosing a product that the receiver may not like in the long run. The beautiful, classy form is sectioned into six categories where the receiver can write down whatever fits their favorite category.

Kids will be happy to list out their favorite toys like they are happy when they get a letter from elf on the shelf. Gamers won’t mind filling out their dream games or consoles (who knows, they might get lucky).

The electronics guy can also fill out what he’ll be happy to receive from Santa. Your loved ones who are readers can also have their fair share of the books they’ll love Santa to surprise them with.

Secret Santa WishList


This is another wishlist form to save you the stress of choosing gifts for loved ones.

Give them total control to fill out whatsoever they want. In this form, the receiver can choose whatever they want – from the new PS5 and Xbox games to the latest wristwatch and necklaces; the choice is theirs to write.

The benefit of this form is that it is not limited to a particular set of gifts. They can be able to choose whatever makes sense.

Secret Santa Wish List Form


Sometimes, it’s the simplest things in life that bring the most joy. Show love to your friends and family by allowing them to make a wish with this wish list form.

The four-section form will enable them to choose what they want, what they need, what to read, some things to give, and what to experience. The option to add age, size, and name will let you get a better clue of what they’ll love.


So here’s another exciting wish list to give your family and friends. Sectioned into two parts with each having three questions, the first part allows the receiver to list three of their achievements this year.

The second part will have them list out the three things they will love to receive from Santa for these achievements.

Of course, the fun-to-fill list is exclusively ideal for both kids and adults. They’ll love the ‘gifty,’ colorful design of the wish list – a fun way to have an impactful Christmas ahead.


Time to give your loved ones or business customers a Santa wishlist that they can use to write a letter to Santa. Not just a letter, but a wish letter.

This wish list adds some color, class, pomp, and even elegance to the Christmas celebration. Add to the theme of your celebration by giving this list to fill out.

Santa will be happy to receive and make their wishes come through.


Here’s another way for friends and family to pen down their thoughts on this wish list form. On the left side, they can list all favorites, including their favorite colors, movies, hobbies, drinks, books, and animals – the list looks endless.

This is a perfect wishlist for family members and people you’re familiar with.

The ‘two gifts I want’ option goes straight to the point, and an opportunity to express what they’ll be happy to receive.

If you’re looking for a gift that perfectly fits your loved ones’ lifestyle, this template should assist you.


Kids will love this. Give them this form to write to Santa. They’ll be happy to tell Santa if they’ve been good all through the year, good some time of the year, or naughty throughout.

They can rightfully pour out their minds on the best gifts they’ll love to receive for Christmas. Plus, they can promise Santa to leave out any naughty attitude for good.

Kids deserve to be a part of this fun, easy-to-fill form.


This template leaves the receiver with the full option to make a perfect choice. The blank wish templates are typically ideal for businesses looking to better understand what their top customers would love to receive for Christmas.

Give them total control to write down whatsoever they want. Santa allows the receiver to choose whatsoever they want – from the latest brackets to the newest golf bag, the choice is theirs to make.

The benefit of blank forms is that it doesn’t limit to a particular set of gifts. They can be able to choose whatever they love.



I hope these Secret Santa Wish List forms will help plan a better and exciting Christmas. Download your favorite form and customize it according to what you’re looking for.

While giving people around you, be sure to look in the way of the less-privileged too. It could mean a lot!

If you want to unleash your creativity this Christmas, a secret wishlist is your opportunity.


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