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Receiving a letter from Santa is always a WOW moment for all of us! How does it sound like when you receive a personalized message from Santa on the special occasion of Christmas? The event gets fulfilled, right?

Each one of us can be a secret Santa and draft a cool letter in the disguise of Santa to our loved ones. If you are wondering how, this article answers all your questions in detail.

Printable letter from Santa templates

Cute letter from Santa

Santa loves children and vice versa. On the eve of Christmas, every child anticipates a cute letter from Elf or Santa such as secret santa gift questionnaire that can encourage them to perform better in the coming year.

Here is a brief printable template like a santa letterhead word document that wishes the child and congratulates for the good performance along with a gift. The content in it is rather encouraging and can push anyone reading it due to the professional outlook.

Letter from Santa for child

Has your child behaved nice or naughty? If it is naughty, give a few tips in a nicer tone. If it is nice, encourage sustaining the same attitude.

Nevertheless, the letter from Santa template needs to include the direction for a gift so it pushes the child to follow the points in the letter similar to a christmas gift certificate.

Here is yet another neat template from the North Pole that can give a spine-chilling experience to the receiver. Also, make sure to check out these frosty snowman hat templates.

Official letter from Santa

Here is a printable letter from Santa that leaves a personalized message and includes words of closeness. If at all you feel that your kid has been missing Santa for some time or if the festive season has not kicked up entirely in your family, this template can do justice.

This template includes a letter with Santa’s clipart and also an envelope matching the theme to create the desired impact. You also create a style with this form of a letter for office staff by using secret santa form for work.

Santa’s workshop template

Giving a letter from Santa a name, here is the template from Santa’s workshop that has a letterhead to make it look professional.

This is also apt for kids that have been interacting with the elf for quite some time. The content in this template and a free christmas menu template is also appropriate if it is the last day of Christmas Eve and Santa needs to leave.

The information has to be drafted in a way that it reaches emotionally but in a positive manner.

Letter from the North Pole

The term ‘North Pole’ gives an interesting feel undoubtedly. This template is created in such a way that it can instantly attract the reader and also let them treasure the letter.

The content in this letter is rather personal and appreciative so the receiver feels proud about it. You can also use these free printable secret santa wish list to increase the fun quotient!

Blank letter from Santa template

Do you have loads of contents in mind but a design is all that you need? Here you go with this professional template where you can write content and share some special moments this year.

The letterhead observed in this template makes it look extraordinary and you can also print as many as you want if you are planning to distribute to your colleagues or kids.

This can be used as a personal letter or a letter of appreciation.

Official letter from Santa with warning

Letters from Santa are always special and should be given the desired priority. This template has the stamp of warning to gain attention and persuade the reader to go through the content in it.

It is a personal letter drafted by the secret Santa from Alaska to kids reflecting performances for the year.

What is so attractive here is the NICE list that gives a better understanding of what is expected in the upcoming year to get appreciated or rewarded.

Letter of appreciation from Santa Claus

There are several instances when a child would have performed better or remained extraordinary.

The following template is a professional one and it can certainly create a positive experience within the child.

The appreciation letter is much needed to sustain a particular habit. From behavior to specific events, this template makes the entire time of receipt exciting and satisfactory.

Letter from Santa order form

Thinking what to write in a letter from Santa in Santa’s disguise? Not sure how to write the same?

This neat template lets you add information about the child and then give you all the necessary hints to transform into a letter.

If you are writing it for the first time, this form tells you what and what not to include in a letter.

FAQs about a letter from Santa 

To make the event exciting and interesting, you need to know why it is celebrated and how it should be celebrated. While kids enjoy this event, they expect moments to be special and new each year. Hence, you need to be creative and get ready with templates in hand.

Not only do we help with templates, but we also give you creative ideas to have that perfect secret Santa event.

  1. A letter from Santa is a disguised one where you write based on your observations about the reader. However, the reader should never suspect that it was you instead of Santa. Otherwise, the purpose gets affected.
  2. Sending a letter from Santa via the US Postal Service is an excellent idea. Alternatively, you can also ask a volunteer to hand over the letter to the kid. This increases the impact of the reader. It also shows how much you value the person.
  3. When you draft a letter from Santa, you can also include his address – 123 Elf Road, North Pole, 88888.
  4. Don’t be too specific in your letter about an event. Instead, try covering up special moments throughout the year that can make the reader feel nostalgic and proud.
  5. Colorful, attractive, and neatly designed letters are successful than the rest. So, you may have to choose a template that meets the criteria.

Planning to give that extra special feeling through your letter? Try out these creative ideas.

  1. Include a photograph of the kid that was captured during the year and can be refreshing for the kid to see it again.
  2. Attach a gift with the letter so it creates magic.
  3. Deliver the letter of appreciation from Santa amidst the crowd and let the crowd cheer up for the kid.
  4. You can also link this secret letter from Santa with the scavenger hunt to deliver gifts.
  5. When there are too many guests receiving letters from Santa at the same time, you may have to think creatively and use a similar template. Just write what you feel about the person instead of printing it. This reduces your effort of thinking a creative idea and improves the connection you have with your loved one.


Writing a letter to Santa and receiving a response letter make Christmas a fun-filled one. Perhaps, each one of us misses Santa and those cute gifts after the eve but this article gives you a chance to live the special moments of the year beautifully with our ideas and templates.

Choose the template that can transform your day and download it! Customize wherever you need and present it with a surprise gift. Christmas is all yours! Rock it over!

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