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It’s time that your elf buddy is gearing up to greet and meet you this Christmas eve! What are your plans for this Christmas? If you have kids at home, it is going to be even fun as an elf is curious to know how your kid has behaved over the year.

So, how do you communicate with the elf? This article is meant for you. From elf on the shelf letter to emotional goodbyes, we have a range of handpicked templates along with interesting tips that you can apply immediately.

Elf on the shelf letter templates

1. Elf on the shelf leaving letter

While it is absolutely joyous to greet Elf on Christmas eve, leaving him is going to be hard as the letter is connected with various emotions. Here is a letter informing kids that the elf is all set to leave and return the next year with different fun times.

Since the elf on the shelf is an emotional initiative just like a santa claus letterhead that tends to transform lives, not many would prefer leaving the elf. This letter informs acknowledgement of the elf about emotions of kids at a tough phase and gives a reassurance so they make changes in their behavior as said by the elf and then hopefully wait for the next year to get a secret santa form.

Elf On The Shelf Letter

2. Elf’s doctor note template

As an adult, we are aware that an Elf is closely linked with a supernatural being from the North Pole meant to grace the occasion. What if there is an ailing person in the family that cannot attend the event? Perhaps, it is a heart-wrenching moment but elf has a solution for you.

Here is a template where the elf comes in the form of Dr. Seymour P. Frost and advises the person to take rest for 3 full days. The attractive sticker on pillbox connects the reader instantly and cheers him/her up just like these snowman hat templates.

3. Letter from new elf

If you are new to the concept of elf or if you wish to introduce elf for the first time to your kid, then here is the perfect template to use. The detailed editable template tells what and what not to expect from the new elf. These instructions are meant to give the ideal experience to the kid. You can customize this printable secret santa wish list template by adding appropriate emoticons.

4. Elf on the shelf behavior check template

When you are introducing elf to your kid, it has to start with an introduction letter followed by a behavior check. Sometimes, a naughty kid can be hard for the parent to handle. In such cases, using an elf to persuade the kid to perform better can be interesting. It can also achieve desired outcomes in the kid over time.

The template mentioned below is funny and connects with the kid instantly. Well, you can play this game in an elf’s disguise too. Also, make sure to check out these secret santa clues examples.

5. Elf has arrived letter

How does a person if the elf has arrived and is within one’s sight? This template has an answer to the question. As an elf reports to Santa, it gains further attention from the kid and the parent to follow instructions and play the game rightly.

This template stresses on things that should be done or taken care of.

6. Goodbye elf letter

Goodbyes need not always be saddening! It can be a kind goodbye with a promise too! The following template includes an attractive border with a quick message to convey whatever is needed to the reader. Do you believe in the statement that happy times are meant to be longer?

Then, you should trust that elf comes to meet you each time to extend your happy times. Stay contended and cooperative!

7. Emotional letter from elf

An elf is meant to create a positive change in the family. Christmas is closely linked with positive emotions and overloaded happiness but elf leaves the space when Christmas eve comes to an end. Below is an emotional template meant to console the reader and instruct behavior going forward!

How does Elf on the shelf work?

It is no rocket science to understand how an Elf on the shelf works. Similar to secret Santa letters and snowman hats, an elf on the shelf is a Christmas tradition where Santa is believed to have sent a secret person from the North Pole to home to encourage good things and correct bad behaviors within the family.

With an elf on the shelf letter in place, it is possible for kids to communicate with Santa and believe in the tradition better. Elf is often called Santa’s little helper who returns to the North Pole at the end of the eve with the feedback form about the kid.

The letter is placed anywhere in the home and the kids find it making the entire tradition a fun-filled and unforgettable one. Anyone can create an elf on the shelf letter but one needs to be cautious about the terms that are used.

An elf communicates in a formal tone and uses easily understandable words that have a deeper sense of meaning. When you write a letter on an elf’s behalf, you may have to use keywords like the North Pole, Santa, Christmas, love, nice, and naughty as these are connected with the purpose and content of the letter.

As the kid’s parent, you also take responsibility in enabling the kid to participate proactively to elf’s feedback to get a good result when he leaves.


While elf on the shelf is just a tradition, it has more to do with bringing happiness and eliminating evil through letter exchanges. Writing a letter can be tiresome when you don’t achieve the desired impact. Instead, you can go ahead with the professional handpicked templates listed above as these can create an impact and also save your time.

Simply edit your kid’s name and print the template! Place it at a location that the kid regularly visits and the magic is all set to happen! Never miss these tiny moments of happiness on Christmas eve!

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