15+ Contractor invoice templates

By | January 29, 2020

Businesses hire contractors for additional tasks and outsourced operations. Sometimes, contractors associate on a permanent basis although they work on different rules and regulations. An important task for every contractor is to raise an invoice every month. While organizations give their own formats for raising invoices, contractors are expected to use their own if they don’t receive any predefined formats.

If you are a new contractor associated with a business, you need to use the right format and ensure a professional relationship with your client. If you haven’t finalized the invoice format ideal for you, then we have excellent templates that can fulfill your job need.

Printable contractor invoice templates

As you engage with a business to offer your services, you are billed for the number of hours you work per day or the number of days you have worked. Based on the terms and conditions listed by the organization, you need to choose the right invoice template for your requirements.

A contractor invoice includes details of the contractor, particulars of the work, price agreed and the amount for the work done. Subsequently, the invoice also includes the payment formats along with the signature of the contractor.

If you have worked in a large-scale project, it is essential to also include the terms and conditions of the work at the end of the invoice so the client can refer to the same before distributing the payment.

Construction contractor invoice templates

Contractors are employed on a project basis in the case of the construction industry. These resources take care of a specific department like accounting, base construction, fabrication and glass panes. They need to give an understanding to the client about the charges in advance and include the approval form for the same quote along with the invoice. This saves time and effort. The client also processes the payment quickly.

If you work in the same industry, you can take a look at the templates listed below.

If you are handling several sub-sections of a department, you can also differentiate between the prices raised for every section. For instance, you can categorize as materials, labor, etc.

Electrical contractor invoice templates

Similar to the construction field, electricians are huge in number. While they practice the profession independently, they also happen to collaborate with organizations to offer services on a day-to-day basis or a monthly basis based on the need. It is essential to follow a fixed template format for the contractor invoice so it is easier to rise month after month.

To make it look professional, you can include the logo of your organization and seal in the signature placeholder. If you have a specific license number, you can include the same. All these can promote your credibility.


As a contractor, it is crucial to focus on integrity, transparency, and credibility. We are confident that these templates can help you achieve the same and promote your standards to higher levels than you have ever imagined.

Start using these templates from today and you can see the difference!

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