7+ Vehicle Inspection Form Template Download [Uber, Lyft]

It doesn’t matter whether your vehicle is new or used, it just needs to stay in good shape. It’s important to conduct a vehicle inspection occasionally.

A vehicle inspection form is usually important when purchasing your first car. This is why we have analyzed 7 vehicle inspection forms templates, which can be downloaded and used at any time just like these free vehicle maintenance log pdf

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Form

vehicle inspection form

vehicle inspection forms
This vehicle inspection form is used to analyze a vehicle’s state before a purchase offer is made. The inspection is meant to gather factual information on your vehicle’s current state. For instance, when buying a brand new car, you need to know its specific aspects to suit your needs. You can assess all this information from the pre-purchase form.

An authorized motor vehicle technician carries out the inspection. The technician should be experienced enough to define the actual condition of the vehicle clearly. The mechanic’s purpose is to point out any potential issues that could affect it in the future.

It will make sure that any previous damage has been adequately repaired hence be confident while making the purchase. The pre-purchase inspection form may also be useful when buying a used motor vehicle. It helps assess the exact condition of the motor vehicle before you get into the buying contract. This way, you get the right value for your money to get a green on your profit & loss template.

Insurance companies use most vehicle inspection forms before paying an individual and car dealers. Many factors are considered when conducting an inspection, i.e., reliability, performance, safety, general functionality, etc.

Inspection Request Form

vehicle inspection

These vehicle inspection forms are designed to ensure the quality and safety of motor vehicles. The inspection Request form should also be designed with items in an orderly manner as per the inspected equipment.

Inspection forms are easy to use, access and are online like these sample truck lease agreement. Frequently inspecting your motor vehicle helps minimize unforeseen minor damages, thus minimizing your car’s maintenance cost.

You may make an inspection request form and request the inspection forms officer to inspect the records. This will help to know and find out the actual issue and eliminate the errors and the factors surrounding them.

Daily Inspection Form

vehicle inspection

These forms are an effective way to spot potential defects before vehicles are used. They are all about the accountability of your motor vehicles.

The Daily Inspection form gives an account of the actual condition of all your motor vehicle parts each day. Regular daily inspections also ensure that damages don’t pile up and cause significant damage to your vehicle.

Inspecting your vehicle daily is the surest way to maintain it in the best condition always. It also helps cut costs that could accrue due to damages that could have been overlooked without proper daily inspection.

The template attached below allows you to rate the motor vehicle’s functionality and general condition undergoing inspection report. However, the rating technique used is generally categorized as good, fair, or poor.

There is also a comment section in this vehicle inspection report where the inspector may leave specific and detailed comments about the equipment if it has to be replaced.

Annual Inspection Form

vehicle inspection checklist

Some motor vehicle companies offer annual inspections as part of the vehicle’s warranty. The inspections are authorized by the government at various levels. During these inspections, a vehicle has to pass the safety and emission standards set by the government for it to be deemed safe for road use.

A Vehicle Inspection Officer must annually inspect all vehicles that may be categorized as private before issuing a Road Worthiness Certificate.

This form may be used by business organizations who own motor vehicles since they give accurate figures on annual motor vehicle expenses. This checklist simplifies the bookkeeping process for business firms.

Pre Trip Inspection Form

vehicle inspection checklist download



This checklist form allows you and your drivers to catch any issues before heading out on the road.

Checking the running, brake, and taillights, ensuring that the load is secured correctly, checking the brakes, and looking for wiring that’s not connected correctly will prevent accidents and minor motor vehicle damages and costs. You may require available assurance that you will not encounter minor motor vehicle damages during your trip.

These unexpected minor damages could be costly and what’s even worse, time-consuming. Inspecting your motor vehicle before embarking on the trip gives you an assurance that your car parts are in perfect form. You also get to avoid unnecessary costs.

Safety Inspection Form


vehicle inspection report


Checking your car once in a while is a standard requirement. This helps to prevent unforeseen breakdowns that may end up in severe casualties/fatalities.

A safety inspection report form is used to assess vehicle conditions and quality in performance. This is important because not only may you improve the vehicle’s safety, but it tests its reliability to ensure you get a good experience when you use these vehicle inspection forms.

If you notice something out of the ordinary when you are driving, it is recommended to take the vehicle to a good car service for inspections.

The downloadable form attached is highly comprehensive. It covers everything in detail, i.e., tire threads details, windshields, hoses details, lubricants, fluids details, etc during vehicle inspection details.

Damage Inspection Form

vehicle inspection

Failing to conduct a thorough safety and damage inspection poses a threat to a driver and anyone else who uses the motor vehicle. The vehicle inspection agency or technician you choose to inspect your car should please understand and follow the manufacturer inspection guidelines.

The Damage Inspection form is used by insurance inspector when assessing the damage details caused by accidents on your motor vehicle during inspections. You know in advance the repair costs and how much of the insurance money would be able to cover the damage. If you are convinced to start using this damage inspection report form download, worry less because this is one way of maximizing the effectiveness of your motor vehicle.


Inspection forms are opportunities to reduce costs, improve productivity, and gain an essential competitive advantage. It aids in extending the life of the equipment and increases operational productivity.

Always opt for a comprehensive inspection form that will tick all the necessary boxes and execute the required purpose.

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