Why We Homeschool Our Kids In This Day

My daughter Katie had been in public school since kindergarten and was in a church pre-school prior to that.  She loved pre-school and kindergarten and loved learning.  She began struggling with reading at the end of her kindergarten year.  Math and reading were difficult in first grade, and by the end of first grade, her… Read More »

Children’s Bible Study on Obedience For Homeschooling

“Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.” Ephesians 6:1 NIV I had planned a character qualities Bible study this year so we are starting over the summer with obedience.    Since obedience is commanded by God, and brings blessings to children,  obedience seemed like a good starting point.  As part of… Read More »

Why We Love Monarch Publications For Homeschooling

We have been using Monarch from Alpha Omega Publications this year for our third grade core curriculum and have really been pleased with it.  We started on July 30, so we have been using it for about 9 weeks now.  The Third Grade 5-Subject Set includes: Bible, History and Geography, Language Arts, Math, and Science.  There are not a… Read More »

Confessions of a First Year Homeschooling Mom

From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another. John 1:16 NIV Happy New Year! We have made it through the first half of our first homeschooling year. My daughter came out of public school after second grade and she is now half way through her third grade year. Homeschooling hasn’t… Read More »

Curriculum Review: Home Art Studio Homeschooling

Note: We paid the full price for this curriculum and researched it on our own.   We are in no way connected to the company, we are only end users of the product. We have been using Home Art Studio with Lindsey Volin for Third Grade all year and are nearing the end of the program.  We… Read More »

Classical Conversations: Tips for Your First Year in Essentials

We just completed our first year in Essentials.  Essentials is a language arts program for 4th-6th graders that meets once per week after the Foundations program.  Essentials is composed of 3 main parts: English grammar, writing (IEW), and math.  The only parts done at home are grammar (EEL) and writing (IEW).   Spelling is also included in… Read More »

Classical Conversations For Homeschooling: Guide

For 4th Grade, we plan to make a big change in how we homeschool.  We will be adding Classical Conversations Foundations classes once per week.  We attended an open house for the Foundations class offered by our local group in February and our whole family loved it. Classical Conversations is a Christian based classical education program that… Read More »

Where To Homeschool Your Child?

Sometimes when I talk to parents that do not homeschool their kids, they tell me that they couldn’t homeschool because they don’t have anywhere to put a school room.  I did not realize when we started homeschooling that some homeschooling families have school rooms with desks for each child.  However, a quick Pinterest search will… Read More »

23+ Vehicle Maintenance Log Templates PDF Download!!

Maintaining a vehicle is doubly crucial than owning it as the former can incur additional expenses and affect the life of the vehicle, if not maintained properly. If you own a vehicle, this post is exclusively for you. Repairs in your vehicle can come at any point. However, it can be prevented with proper maintenance… Read More »