13+ Client Information Sheet Template FREE [Word, PDF, Excel]

A client information sheet is a sheet that gathers information about the client in a way that simplifies bookkeeping and also contains all necessary detail of the client to reach out whenever needed.

In this article, we present to you an exhaustive range of client information sheet templates along with the purpose associated with each template.

Client information sheet templates

1. Tax client information sheet DOC


If you run a tax firm, you may be filled with a lot of clients approaching you for personal and commercial auditing purposes.

The tax preparation process needs certain key information which can be obtained with the help of an information sheet. This editable template includes sections gathering information of the taxpayer, spouse, and dependants.

The sheet helps in tracking if the client has been regularly using your service so that you can offer appropriate discounts in the fee to retain the customer further.

2. Client profile information sheet DOC


No matter what business you are into, a client profile information sheet is going to be a valuable resource containing information about the client and also any other business detail that can help in managing things further.

Here is an editable template with different sections like general information, important numbers, business information, and special occasions.

If you are running a hospitality and recreation company or a club for families, this sheet is going to give you information about the client in a jiffy. As it is also editable, you can update it anytime if numbers or businesses, or addresses change anytime in the future.

3. Simple client information form template PDF


Are you a person who likes to keep things simple in life? The following client information form template is for you. Whether you run a shop or any business, you may have to issue receipts for every sale made.

This template gathers information on the client, payment, and any other notes appropriate to track the transaction later. The best part is the placeholder for a client ID number. This acts as a primary key to track a specific client and their transactions done so far.

4. Real estate client information sheet DOC


One industry that greatly survives with the maintenance of a client information sheet is real estate.

Be it generating leads or converting customers, a client information sheet is all that is needed to categorize the nature of the client and pitch campaigns based on nature. As soon as you download the printable template below, you can find several sections like client detail, property detail, agent, and broker involved.

Gone were the days when you need tons of papers to store this information and supporting pieces of evidence! With this single sheet in hand, you can now determine the complete history of a property and also know the status of the property.

5. Photography client information sheet PDF


For every service provider, getting a client is a complex task due to intense competition in the market. If you are a photographer, the following editable template is exclusively for you. In spite of the orders, you get each month, keeping note of requests made by the client along with services to be offered will help in planning resources better.

The editable template includes placeholders to gather client information, type of event, and any detail relating to the event.

You can reorganize the placeholders based on the service you offer. For instance, you can also customize this template to fit your financial planning business or catering business, or anything else.

6. Confidential client information sheet PDF


Although a client information sheet is not a legally binding document, every user of the sheet might have to uphold integrity and ethics in managing and storing key information.

When you gather exclusive and highly sensitive information associated with a client, you may have to maintain confidentiality.

For instance, when you collect social security numbers or asset value or earnings or any legal affair, these are extremely personal and the term ‘confidential’ on top gives assurance to the client that all the information will be stored and maintained with the utmost confidentiality.

Note – Remember to monitor access of other users to confidential client information sheets as a data leak can affect you legally.

7. New corporate client information sheet PDF


When you have corporate signup lately, you may have to ensure that the signup happens in a highly professional way. A corporate client information sheet can do the magic in bookkeeping records and creating a better image of you to your client.

The following printable template has all the necessary placeholders like business information, services required, and any supporting information needed to guide the business relationship. At a later stage, you can use the same sheet to evaluate the number of clients seeking the same service and work on your business strategy. Sounds great, right?

8. Counseling client information form template PDF


A client information sheet is a boon for every counselor out in the market. Counselors tend to take down notes of the client in multiple sheets and at some point, they lose access to some of them, or the papers get torn.

This digital, editable template is meant to gather patient information, list the emergency contact, collect history about the client, and also plan on the intervention or road to recovery. If you run a clinic to offer your counseling services, using this sheet also helps in managing appointments.

9. Client registration form template PDF


An information sheet can also be used as a registration form based on the requirement. Let us say you are organizing an event and you are getting in leads for availing of your services.

This registration form helps you gather information about the client, services needed, and payment information. You can use this registration form to follow up to understand the client satisfaction rate.

10. Attractive customer information sheet PDF


It is quite natural for customers to miss out on filling certain records which can be extremely important to you. While the following printable follows all the placeholders as in the templates above, it stays unique in the way placeholders are organized and sections are colored to show differences.

Whether you onboard a new client or a partner or an intermediary to your business, one sheet is all that you need and you can blindly go ahead with this template.

11. Personal information sheet PDF


Are you a person looking out for a job? Not sure what to fill in your resume? Here is a personal information sheet that you can use to add your information in appropriate placeholders and then transform it into a detailed curriculum vitae at a later stage.

It covers all the key sections of a resume including applicant detail, education, achievements, employment, and any certificates. You can also add new fields based on your background. However, this template is a great start to building a functional resume for your career.

12. Employee information sheet PDF


An information sheet is not just restricted to customers, clients, and self. If you run a business, you are certainly having several employees to manage operations.

This employee information sheet is a valuable tool to jot down employee information, pay expectations, take down important details like social security number, insurance ID, and also overtime payments.

As it can be digitally altered, your information sheet for employees can be extremely helpful in tracking down performances and wage structures associated with each employee.

13. Freight information sheet PDF


Is your client sending a parcel to a different location? This is a template exclusively for logistics firms. Gather all information related to from and to addresses. Feel free to add information related to the parcel and you are all set to go.

Things to note in a client information sheet 

  • Collecting data is getting easier with this sheet but you are imposed with the responsibility of managing the security of the data. Ensure that you have provisions for the same.
  • Decide on users that can access the sheet so that there is no security threat.
  • Remember to follow the same model for your business as soon as you decide on a sheet type.
  • Append your logo and contact information before you put the sheet to use.
  • Remember to take consent from the client before collecting information as it is a sensitive job.


An information sheet is shortly a hub to store and manage volumes of information at ease. It includes key fields like contact information, name, business detail, requirement-based information, and other confidential data with respective clauses to maintain confidentiality.

If you run a business, you might encounter a situation where you may have to gather information about the client for telecalling or following up with the client for sales closures.

A client information sheet can be a gem or a goldmine to you as you can have all information in one sheet. With a wide range of editable templates as mentioned in this article, you are likely to put the sheet to better use.

Be careful with the storage, access, and maintenance of the sheet! Your route to better data management of your clients is at a stone’s throw!

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