33+ Project Timeline Template Excel PDF Free Download!!

When you need to present the progress of the project management to your superiors, you need to establish proper timelines that give all of the necessary details as regards the project.

Project timelines usually include graphs and charts that can be easily interpreted by other members of the team. In this article, we will present 33+ project timeline, which are perfect for almost all sorts of projects.

Free Project Timeline Template Download

Project Timeline Template #1

templates for timeline management

This printable takes a quarterly approach to the planning of a project. The project runs for a year (12 months) and is segmented into several phases. You can keep account of all of these phases in the printable similar to a budget proposal example.

The success of every project is usually dependent on how well it is planned. Each phase of the project management requires careful detailing and monitoring to achieve these results.

The design is not too flashy as the header is colored blue while the body is plain white just like a High School Diploma Template.

Project Timeline Template #2

timeline templates

This project timeline is detailed and explicit in design. The free plan question runs for a year and is segmented into several phases.

The template gives the duration of each phase in weeks and also provides cognizance to significant milestones achieved during the project.

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Project Timeline Template #3


This project timeline printable uses color to great effect. The tasks timeline runs for 12 months, while the project is segmented into several tasks.

Their varying colors can differentiate the tasks, and each milestone achieved during the project are noted with bullet point symbols which certainly helps during a board meeting with a predefined sample board meeting agenda.

Project Timeline Template #4


This tasks project timeline printable is quite detailed in information regarding the progress of the project. It gives details as to when each task starts and ends.  There’s also a table showing all of the timelines of each phase. Source

Project Timeline Template #5

plan timeline template

This one takes a step by step approach from project planning to project delivery. It gives one the chance to note the important project schedule on each step of the way towards achieving success. The tasks design is as per a week to week basis.

Project Timeline Template #6

timeline plan templates

This timeline template is as detailed as detailed gets when it comes to scheduling and planning. There are spaces for each step to be taken, and they are ina tabular form against the number of weeks spent on executing the project. In case it is not being done correctly, you can use this write up template.

Project Timeline Template #7

timeline plan templates


The remarkable thing about this timeline template is that it allows for projects that run for longer durations as its chart is made for 77 weeks. The symbols are made in bright, sharp colors that can easily be spotted. There’s an allocation for each tasks milestone data for you to record in these timeline.

Project Timeline Template #8

create templates

This particular one details all of the processes involved in the project execution over a specific period. It highlights each month and allows for editing of activities carried out during that month.

Project Timeline Template #9

create templates

It uses color codes to differentiate different tasks being carried out over a specific duration. It highlights each task on the vertical axis against the period on the upper part of the horizontal axis.

Project Timeline Template #10

create timeline

This timeline uses a much more worded format. The tasks dates are colored and arranged on a curvy path. Also, there is a note which describes what was done on each day, right beneath the dates symbol.

Project timeline templates #11

create new timeline with change support excel

It uses an excel spreadsheet type of format to document project timelines. Each row and segment represents a task being carried out. One can also edit the target end dates and actual end dates into the timeline template.

Project timeline templates #12

excel templates

This one adopts a very basic and minimalistic approach to timeline documentation and planning. There is allotted space for the company name, consultant name as well as the start dates of the project tasks. Also, it allows for day to day data entry for each project.

Project timeline templates #13


It looks quite extravagant and bogus at first sight, and it might take time to interpret what each symbol represents. It’s more effective for yearly documentation of the project timeline, and each landmark achieved in certain years can be edited into the timeline template download.

Project timeline templates #14

best templates to share for marketing and tracking online

This template takes a digitalized approach to planning and documentation. It uses charts to show durations and timescale of each phase of the projects being carried out. It also employs the use of distinctive colors like a college transcript template.



It is simplistic in its approach and minimalistic in its design. It employs the use of varying colors in distinguishing between different tasks on the timeline. There’s also an indicator showing the present day on the timeline.


This one takes a semi-circular shape and bears perfect semblance to a pie chart in its labeling and design. Different colors represent each month, and there’s a note attached to describe the task carried out during this period.

Project Timeline #17

This is a technology-related timeline template for download. The symbols are phone icons, and each represents a phase in the evolution of the digitalization age. Some of the icons include SMS, MMS, and email icons.

Project Timeline #18

This timeline template for download is segmented into three different parts. The first part contains the 12-month event duration timeline while the second and third segments house the 6-month duration timeline and project phases, respectively. There’s a callout symbol representing each milestone achieved also.

Project Timeline #19

This template is in a tabular form with varying contrasting and bright colors used to represent each released version of the product. The releases are documented every week.

Project Timeline #20

This project timeline has a perfect semblance with an event calendar, and it’s easy to see why this inference is made. The template is made in such a way that each activity that takes place in a month can be entered in text form right where the month is located.

Project timeline #21

Microsoft Gantt chart website simple edit and add new help

The timeline uses symbols to indicate event task scheduling. Each month has an arrow pointing notes outwards. The notes are editable, and one can even add landmarks achieved in the template.

Plan Templates #22

create and add designed template for use

The timeline templates visualizes a product roadmap, and a color code represents each phase of the project. The project team is segmented into three to ensure accurate monitoring of performances during the project.

Plan Templates #23

create and add designed template for use

This timeline template shows the progress of a technological product or products, and the duration is based on a calendar year. The phases are shown with a color key while the keys are expressed through a dashboard on the lower end.

Project  Templates #24

Project-Timeline-Template-24 like new help add

This timeline templates employs the use of charts in visualizing the different phases of the project. It is designed based on the annual work schedule, and each year has a pointer indicating the achievements for that year.

Project timeline #25

Project-Timeline-Template-25 create new like gantt charts add

This particular timeline template is segmented into three stages, and each stage has indicators showing the amount of work being carried out during that phase. The amount of time each stage takes is also indicated underneath the pointer.

Simple Project Templates #26

create Project-Timeline-Template-26

This timeline template uses a chart showing the roadmap involved in the delivery of a product. It is segmented into product section, development section, user experience section as well as quality assurance section.

Simple Project Templates #27

create gantt excel like new help add

This easy product roadmap timeline template makes use of an intuitive design in showing the powerpoint timeline template involved in the project. It is sectioned into two quarters, and each task is arranged into these two quarters. The template also segments the two team members involved in the project for effective monitoring of progress.

Simple Plan #28

create gantt excel products

This project timeline is designed based on the schedule of work for a month (four weeks). The powerpoint template shows how work is assigned to each person on the team and the duration each person is allotted to carry out tasks.

Simple Plan Templates #29 Excel

gantt chart template excel for project managers plan and team members

This project timeline template features the use of a Gantt chart template. The Gantt template powerpoint effectively shows the duration of each task, along with a table with the start and end dates.

Simple Project Management Template #30 Excel

project plan easy way free excel chart for company

This office timeline template gives a well detailed visual representation of the duration of each phase of the project. It also provides information on the start dates and the name of the manager of the project in question.

Simple Free Project Template #31 Excel

make simple project excel help add company name website

This project timeline powerpoint is quite apt for the planning of events such as wedding ceremonies. The Gantt chart takes a minute by minute documentation of all the happenings at the event into consideration

#32 Excel project timeline templates

make free project plan rights reserved uses cookies need help resources

This template uses an excel spreadsheet to itemize phases of the event and also gives a visual representation in the form of a powerpoint chart. It employs the use of color codes in showing the start dates as well as the number of days the event takes to finish.

Create Project Template #33

excel project plan gantt chart rights reserved new

This planning powerpoint template is quite ideal for construction and other related activities in real time. It employs the use of tallies to show the number of days work is being done during each week.

Create Project Template #34

excel project gantt chart rights reserved new uses cookies

This free project timeline makes use of Gantt chart template in showing the duration of each phase of a project spread across the excel page. It also contains a table that shows the start time, end time as well as the duration of each phase.

Create Project Template #35

project excel new project tasks

This powerpoint colorful timeline template gives a retro outlook to the planning of a template, and it’s quite easy to customize. It has a column for all of the milestones reached, and it’s plotted against the duration it took to achieve those milestones in weeks.


All of the listed powerpoint timeline are ideal when it comes to organizing and managing your projects. They are quite important when there’s a need to outline and present your plans to investors; this will go a long way in convincing them. Each template has its merits, and you can also customize them as per your needs.

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