7+ Board Meeting Agenda Template Download [PDF, Word]

Maintaining an agenda is a productive hack that reduces last-minute hassles and organises the plan effectively. If you are at the managerial level, you are likely to attend more than a single meeting each day. To stay extra organised and not miss any of them, you need a board meeting agenda. This is quick and easy to use approach to plan information and order of events during the board meeting.

As board members, you are expected to remain highly professional and stay productive and efficient during meetings. Using a meeting agenda template to manage board meetings will give you that extra leverage to perform better.

In this post, you will learn how a board meeting agenda works along with ready to use templates to kickstart this new habit for your new business.

Editable Board meeting agenda

1. Board of directors meeting agenda template

Here is a basic board template that includes sample key points under each section. All that you need to do is replace existing information with your board meeting detail just like you would do in a printable doctor note.

The meeting agenda template includes simple sections like board meeting objectives, plan of events, time, date, and location.

board meeting agenda template

2. Regular meeting agenda template

If the board meeting in your organization happens regularly, it is appropriate to use this regular board meeting agenda. It has predefined sections such as name, roll call, board agenda approval, board committee report, and important board announcements by board of directors.

After using meeting agenda template for the first time, the user gets used to the structure and can also observe the effectiveness in handling field-based deviations in accelerating operations.

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board meeting agenda template

3. Professional board meeting agenda

Using this meeting agenda template gives you the advantage to add a sequence of events and allocated a timestamp to each item. When you prepare an agenda, it is essential to connect various events occurring subsequently. As this meeting agenda template also includes a sample, you can refer the same and create it for your board of directors/organization.

It eliminates wastage of time and resources as the template keeps things precise similar to a Certificate of Appreciation.

board members name and topics report of business

4. Free board meeting agenda with topics

If you would like to keep the board meeting precise with no extra guests, it is appropriate to make use of this board template and a sign up sheet template. It includes segments for various subtopics so respective executive director can take them and discuss it with the audience(board of directors) within time duration.

Before making a new board announcement or checking status reports of the product/service, this internal board meeting is arranged with board of directors.

meeting agenda board members

5. Free Staff meeting with board agenda template for business

Sometimes, the board of directors of the company arrange staff meetings to discuss an update or review the operation. The timesheet template given below enables the board of directors to input a list of attendees along with the itinerary.

You can also include an open discussion for company staff to share their pointers about the subject of the board meeting agenda. In the end of meeting agenda template, the organizer of the meeting creates an action plan and reports and sets the goal with a stipulated timeframe.

meeting agenda board members

6. Free Board meeting agenda with team business template

While organizing a meeting on time with staff is single way of communication, another approach is a team-based meeting. When a specific team is working on a key project of the firm, the board of directors/ chair member decides to meet the team and discuss issues and updates.

Every board meeting comes with a specific goal i.e board meeting agenda. However, using board meeting agenda reports allows the organizer to inform what the team should prepare and facilitate a healthy discussion with board of directors.

board members meeting agenda - meeting agenda templates

7. Crisp meeting agenda template for business

First, if you are looking for a crisp board meeting agenda, this is the effective one to go. Meeting information, preparation, effective action items, and agenda items are key elements that make up each board meetings. These elements are evident to make this board meeting agenda.

The best part about the meeting agenda template is the option to append your company logo and color scheme to make it look unique and professional. Further, an agenda takeaway can be provided in just a single sheet of paper which is handy. Also, you can check out these profit and loss statement template if you are planning to discuss finances in the next meeting.

meeting agenda board members - board meeting agendas

Whenever you are organizing a board meeting agenda, remember to include four sections – call to order, past discussions, present agenda item, and announcement/comment to keep up with the pace. As a team meets the board of directors or board of directors meets another organization, there is a need to arrange an invitation and inform the purpose of the board meeting to kindling participation with these meeting agenda templates.

Board meeting agenda – What, why, and how?

A board meeting agenda is typically a list of things that should be addressed by the board members during the meeting. In the absence of a board agenda, the director may likely underperform and add operational and financial overheads. To stay in track with the purpose of the next meeting or previous meeting, a board chair of directors should establish a healthy agenda and review the plan before implementing the same.

There are three effective reasons to use board meeting agenda.

#1. First, Create a better focus on the subject of the board meeting and add meaningful and effective board meeting agendas contribution at the end for board of directors.

#2. Allows better participation of other attendees in the meeting on time. When you have planned content for the meeting, you may likely create space for other attendees to raise questions and then take a mutual decision. This is one way to empower listeners and develop authenticity.

#3. Give a thorough overview of the assigned topic. When this is achieved, it reduces the need to arrange yet another meeting on a different time to discuss the same meeting agenda with board of directors. It saves time as well as resources incurred in planning a meeting agenda with board of directors.


First, board meeting agenda should necessarily have a purpose and identify stakeholders that may add value to the meeting. Second, using an agenda template helps in estimating budgets and schedules to accomplish the event. When a professional meeting agenda is distributed to participants, it displays a sense of professionalism about the organiser and the company as well.

First make sure choosing the right meeting agenda template for board of directors to get the best result! See how an agenda may add value to your team and yourself going forward.

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