11+ Cost Benefit Analysis Template Example [Excel, PDF]

Every investment needs a detailed analysis to understand if it is worth it. When it comes to businesses, costs incurred for a specific course of action need to be given high priority as these can influence the other operations and the sustainability of the organization in the long run.

As a business owner, it is essential to compare every cost with its associated benefit to determine the appropriateness for the firm. Do these situations relate to yours?

This article is for you to benefit from handpicked cost analysis printables to ease your daily financial costs and operations of the business.

Best Simple cost benefit analysis templates

Cost benefit analysis is no rocket science like what you have assumed. All you need to do is input the costs for a specific activity and then input the returns under the benefits section.

If costs returns are greater than the costs spent, your investment is profitable. This is simple, isn’t it?

If you are new to cost analysis, you should begin with templates like the ones mentioned below and some simple profit and loss template that ask you limited data and allow you to reflect on the worthiness.

1. Simple cost benefit analysis templates

cost benefit analysis template

If you are a beginner in using a cost benefit analysis approach to understand various options available and find depreciations, you can begin with this template.

The editable option allows you to quantify recurring costs and nonrecurring costs up to 5 years. If you find that the cost is appropriate for the benefits for a specific variable, then you can go ahead with the decision.

2. Cost benefit analysis for companies

Whether you have proposed a product or a service as a part of the initiative, you need to determine the infrastructure and allocate a particular budget to meet the costs and benefits needs.

Let us say you are planning to integrate a telecommunication system for better communication.

You may have to invest in labor, hardware, software, and training. Remember that you earn returns only after a year or so based on the type of the project timeline. This helps in finding the breakeven monetary value for an investment.

cost benefit analysis template

3. Cost benefit analysis for projects

Whether you are planning a business project or to make a personal investment, using this cost benefit analysis one will help you to find if your proposal is required and right.

In short, it helps you in making better decisions. It allows editors to list and include alternatives for the proposed investment to find if the rest can offer better values.

Perhaps, this is what is required before you make a sound investment decision, don’t you think?

cost benefit analysis template

4. Living cost comparison sheet

Cost benefit analysis is not just meant for business. You may need this easy technique even to save better each month which you can pay to employees in your new startup using an intuit direct deposit form. This costs and benefits template lets you save more and allow you to spend only on essentials.

The living cost comparison sheet includes and lets you enter money spent towards utilities, includes costs of daily living, and other needs are also included and compare them with income sources to find if you are in a position to handle the same costs effectively.

At the end of the year, you can reflect on your benefits/expenditure statement (including donations) and improve costs saving strategies. Cost benefit analysis is a personal finance hack that you should definitely have.

cost benefit analysis template

5. Basis cost benefit analysis chart

There are people wanting to fill descriptive information instead of numerical for a project costs. Let’s say you have a project benefits in mind but not sure how costs and benefits experience a productive ratio.

This costs template lets you do that. Should you invest on telecommunication project or human resource training or accounting management system?

The easy costs chart gives you the necessary information along with priorities that lets you plan the calendar for the year.

cost benefit analysis template

6. Financial cost benefit analysis

If you are an investor for a specific project benefits, you might want to estimate costs returns as accurately as possible to list tangible and intangible benefits for investment.

The first section of this costs and benefits template lets you enter costs and then calculate net present value along with net benefit incurred. The second section lets you estimate benefits for present and future values. The best part about this benefits template is that it is futuristic.

There is not a need for you to rethink on a project benefits later as the benefits outweigh the costs.

cost benefit analysis

benefit analysis cost

You may notice that these potential cost benefit analysis templates expect you to list at least 20 items or expenses and then estimate the commercial benefit.

As the duration extends for the project, you can get the results from these templates to determine the feasibility  for your organization. All rights reserved to the original creators.

If you wonder why long projects fail or investments fail, the reason is straight – there is an absence of long business forecasting. A major portion of this forecasting involves cost analysis and the scope of the project for the next few years.

Best Restaurant cost benefit analysis templates

Also, another instance when project cost analysis is extremely good is in the benefits of hotel industry. Imagine you spend $50 towards raw materials for the day and you just make $10 as the profit which is way unusual, what would you blame? The day? You’re wrong.

When you manage a restaurant, you should analyze costs for the preparation of each recipe also. One of the ingredients of a recipe might cost higher on that day which can affect your profit. This is an accurate analysis.

7. Recipe cost benefit analysis calculator

This is a wonderful benefits template for those running restaurants and other potential food outlets. For each recipe that you can create, you can calculate the money spent and margin you can make upon sales.

Also, this is essential to calculate as market conditions keep changing and it is a tough task to try recipes randomly without knowing the ability to fetch income and benefits. It is an editable template that is also interactive.

Even if you are a newbie, this costs editable will be of help in planning right recipes and saving enough money to run a productive food business with benefits.

cost benefit analysis whether many take decisions value need

In these project benefit templates, you may notice at time, that you input ingredients along with their quantities and yields achieved to find out the final recipe cost. Based on your analysis time log, you may finalize if the menu has to be supplied to the customers or taken off from the list.

This is even great value when you run a large-scale restaurant where you deal with huge volumes such as kilograms instead of grams.

Why have a project cost analysis?

Among the several project intangible benefits that are associated with a cost benefit analysis value, some of them are listed below.

  • Forecast the future of this investment with present value.
  • Compare projects and work on the one that ensures long-term cash flow and profits to the firm.
  • Ensure a justified investment and not invest in the one that has no solid proof or evidence of usability.

These are not just for business purpose but you may also make note of the daily expenditure to examine the returns.

When you use it for a commercial reason, ensure that you include all the potential costs lie licenses, training, payroll expenses, travel expenses, production materials, and non-monetary costs. On the other hand, it is essential to differentiate between monetary and non-monetary benefits for the costs spent.

This will allow you to find out if the investment may have positive business development and sustainability in the environment.

As you get this benefits printable, you save time and money in working on the wrong project that does not guarantee any benefit. This is beneficial to you personally and also to the organization as it eliminates overheads and maximizes profitability on the worthy cost benefit analysis project.

Project Management Cost comparison

Irrespective of the type of project cost benefit analysis you handle, you need a cost analysis template tool  to strike a balance between the expenditure and the return. What if your project requires you to take estimates from multiple vendors? You need a cost template that includes price list comparison features.

8. IT project cost benefit analysis

Every project has fixed and variable costs. When you consider IT, there are certain variables that are different from a project in the construction industry. The purpose of this printable is to let you begin with entering values you know for commonly observed variables in IT projects.

What is even interesting about this cost benefit analysis is that you can estimate costs and benefits for the entire lifecycle of the project. When the lifecycle ends, you can be way sure of the costs and benefits that you can experience for costs spent.

cost benefit analysis

costs and benefits rights reserved course also include

9. Public project cost benefit analysis

When you take up many public projects, you add up a lot of responsibilities even without your knowledge. While there are recurring costs and non-recurring costs in public projects, your pay cycles are different and benchmarks are unique as well.

You may have to add more net present value than usual. The purpose of this costs editable is to detail the project along with indirect costs and benefits that may be expected over a period of 5 years.

cost benefit analysis monetary value

10. Cost benefit analysis decisions booklet

Imagine that you are about to submit a costs and benefits proposal for a project. The competition is literally high and you have to display your standards to take over the competition and grab the project. A revenue cost benefit analysis, in this case, lets you find if you are pitching for the right project and then offer a proposal.

The proposal includes background information about the project, alternatives, costs that the client should spend, total benefits anticipated, depreciation rates, ways you may add value, and milestones in completing the project.

The cost benefit analysis editable is in the form of a booklet where you may also add sections like risks and contingency strategies to yield the best total costs and benefits from the project. Remember that any project you pitch for has to benefit you as well as the client and other stakeholders.

Unless you conduct this costs and benefits analysis, it is undoubtedly difficult to be prepared for changes that occur during the project lifecycle.

costs and benefits monetary value where benefits outweigh the costs

11. Cost benefit analysis template as a decision tool

As mentioned earlier, a cost benefit analysis template can be used for revenue based decision making. If you are working in an organization as a manager and you are asked to compare various options provided by vendors to choose the best, you need a comparison including cost benefit analysis.

This cost benefit analysis editable lets you fill as much information as possible about the project along with financial benefits, operational benefits, return on investment anticipated, risks, and contingency strategies to achieve the desired goals.

This project report with a cost benefit analysis will enable the top management to take an appropriate decision.

cost benefit analysis

benefit cost ratio

If you look at these, you can notice that all of these allow you to list the price quoted by each vendor for various variables. For instance, vendor 1 might quote $100 for a tire while the vendor 2 might quote $150. However, the latter guarantees longevity while the former doesn’t.

These allow you to list such benefits and understand the scope of the investment that you might authorize with your credit card.

What is a Cost benefit analysis template?

A cost benefit analysis involves the following steps:-

  1. Gathering all the required data for the project.
  2. Calculating the costs and benefits of the project
  3. Make a detailed comparison between the investment and the ROI
  4. Find out the one that has the best ROI over the decided time period.


The purpose of a cost template is to determine the present value of the investment in the years to come along with the feasibility of the investment. These enable users to consider multiple features associated with the expenditure and allow you to have a concrete decision making with solid evidence. This will keep your business informed.

What more? You can apply these to your existing projects too! That’s the bonus.

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