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By | January 15, 2020

Every investment needs a detailed analysis to understand if it is worth. When it comes to businesses, costs incurred for a specific action need to be given high priority as these can influence the other operations and the sustainability of the organization in the long run. As a business owner, it is essential to compare every cost with its associated benefit to determine the appropriateness for the firm. Do these situations relate to yours? This article is for you to make use of handpicked cost analysis templates to ease your daily financial operations of the business.

Best Simple cost benefit analysis templates

Cost-benefit analysis is no rocket science like what you have assumed. All you need to do is input the costs for a specific activity and then input the returns under the benefits section. If returns are greater than the costs spent, your investment is profitable. This is simple, isn’t it?

If you are new to cost analysis, you should begin with basic templates that ask you limited data and allow you to reflect on the worthiness.

Cost Benefit Analysis Template

Cost Analysis Template

Cost Benefit Analysis Template

Cost Analysis Template

Cost Benefit Analysis Template rights reserved

You may notice that these templates expect you to list at least 20 items or expenses and then estimate the commercial benefit. As the duration extends for the project, you can use the results from these templates to determine the feasibility and the usefulness for your organization.

If you wonder why projects fail or investments fail, the reason is straight – there is an absence of business forecasting. A major portion of this forecasting involves cost analysis and the scope of the project for the next few years.

Best Restaurant cost benefit analysis templates

Another instance when project cost analysis is extremely useful is in the hotel industry. Imagine you spend $50 towards raw materials for the day and you just make $10 as the profit which is unusual, what would you blame? The day? You’re wrong. When you manage a restaurant, you should analyze costs for the preparation of each recipe. One of the ingredients of a recipe might cost higher on that day which can affect your profit. This is an accurate analysis.

project Cost Benefit Analysis Template project Cost Benefit Analysis Template Project Cost Benefit Analysis Template

In these project benefit templates, you can notice that you input ingredients along with their quantities and yields achieved to find out the final recipe cost. Based on your analysis, you can finalize if the menu has to be supplied to the customers or taken off from the list. This is even useful when you run a large-scale restaurant where you deal with huge volumes such as kilograms instead of grams.

Why use a project cost analysis template?

Among the several project benefits that are associated with a cost-benefit analysis template, some of them are listed below.

  • Forecast the future of this investment with present value.
  • Compare projects and work on the one that ensures long-term cash flows and profits to the firm.
  • Ensure a justified investment and not invest in the one that has no solid proof or evidence of usability.

These templates are not just for business purpose but you can also make note of the daily expenditure to examine the returns. When you use it for a commercial reason, ensure that you include all the potential costs lie licenses, training, payroll expenses, travel expenses, production materials, and non-monetary costs. On the other hand, it is essential to differentiate between monetary and non-monetary benefits for the costs spent. This will allow you to find out if the investment can have positive business development and sustainability in the environment.

As you use this template, you save time and money in working on the wrong project that does not guarantee any benefit. This is beneficial to you personally and also to the organization as it eliminates overheads and maximizes profitability on the worthy project.

Project Management Cost comparison templates Free

Irrespective of the type of project you handle, you need a cost analysis template to strike a balance between the expenditure and the return. What if your project requires you to take estimates from multiple vendors? You need a cost analysis template that includes price comparison features.

free Cost Benefit Analysis Template content free Cost Benefit Analysis Template

project management Cost Benefit Analysis Template

project management Cost Benefit Analysis Template

project management Cost Benefit Analysis Template with time and resources


If you look at these templates, you can notice that all of these allow you to list the price quoted by each vendor for various variables. For instance, vendor 1 might quote $100 for a tire while the vendor 2 might quote $150. However, the latter guarantees longevity while the former doesn’t. These templates allow you to list such benefits and understand the scope of the investment.


The purpose of a cost analysis template is to determine the value of the investment in the years to come along with the feasibility of the investment. These templates enable users to consider multiple features associated with the expenditure and allow you to take a concrete decision with solid evidence. This will keep your business informed.

What more? You can apply these templates to your existing projects too! That’s the bonus.

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