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Are you a business owner offering a competitive service that is far better than other brands in the market? You need better visibility and we strongly believe that a price list can make it happen. Price is the first aspect that every customer gets attracted to. When you offer a competitive product at an affordable price, nothing like it! You are likely to see your profit rates go high. Does this sound exciting?

You are just one step away from it and you can achieve it with price list templates. With attractive price lists, you can now reach your customers rapidly and extensively and this marketing strategy can actually land you in better sales rate when compared to the rest.

Printable price list templates

When we talk about a price list, all that comes to your mind are product name and the corresponding unit cost. If you are offering a service to your customer, you need to replace the product in the previous table with the service. Is that all? No! There is more to the price list.

Let’s look at the printable templates below first.

Price List Template #1

Price List Template

Price List Template #2

Price List Template

Price List #3

Business Price List Template

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Business Price List #4

Business Price sheet Template

Business Price List #5

Professional Business Price sheet Template

Price List #6

share Professional and easy to customize download

Price List #7

Price List #8

Price List Template

Along with the product name, quantity, description, and unit cost, you can also add new columns to examine the returns/investments for the same.

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This will let you make better decisions. All these templates are meant for your internal use and can also be issued to other employees who can use them to discuss with the customers. However, you may have a query if you can issue these to your customers. Well, you have an upgraded version below.

Price List #9

Price List #10

help to create price list template

Price List #11

help to create price list template

Price List #12

price list template help to create

Price Lists #13

price list template

Price Lists #14

designed company order type word with sign and invoice


You may notice that the lists templates design have specific backgrounds make and highlight the need and availability of products/services along with the pricing. There is also contact information attached to the price list. Whether you need to print it as a catalog and issue to the customers or print as a pamphlet and issue door-to-door, these designs are going to work in your favor. Perhaps, these let you project your business in a professional manner.

Print Customized price list templates

Looking for more ideas to create price lists for salons or hotels or any business service that you offer? We still have a range of templates for your reference and print need.

Make Price List Templates #13 and Download

list templates with products prices

Printable Price List Templates #14 Download

design list templates with products prices lists

create new list templates products prices and services with terms and pricing share

free price list with services design share like

free price list rights reserved easy email share google

Some of the ideas that you can explore for the price list of your business are as follows.

  • Categorize your offerings and highlight these differences with suitable borders and grids.
  • Package your offerings and insist on the discount or saving that the customer receives upon availing the same. This can ensure a better conversion ratio.
  • Present the price list along with interesting offers or coupon codes that can let the customers receive cashback. This is an excellent way to retain customers and reduce marketing costs of creating lists.


Projecting your brand is more important than marketing your offering. The use of a price list template allows you to quickly grab the attention of the niche audience and increase the brand value.

Why miss an opportunity when it takes just a few minutes to make it happen? So, go ahead get and use our price list template design for you business similar to a Contractor invoice template

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