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By | January 18, 2020

For every business person, it is a tough task to maintain the bills for respective materials and then collate them at a later stage for accounts purpose. What is even worse is some organisations tend to source materials from multiple sources and then develop the finished product and this can force the organisation to maintain too many bills.

If you belong to such an organisation, what would be your solution? Look no further! We have a tried and tested free bill of materials template listed in this post.

All you need to do is input the materials you purchased along with the unit costs and just move on. This quickens your documentation process. Curious to know how this works? Here you go!

Printable bill of materials templates

A simple free bill of material template requires you to add basic information and you can analyze the costs and overheads quickly. However, if you need a detailed bom template for automobile or manufacturing industries, we have a handful of bom  templates that are ready to use.

free Bill Of Materials Template

free Bill Of Materials Template bom


If all of the stuff in a bill of material are purchased from the same vendor, you can simply input the vendor information on the top part and then add component details in the table in the bill of material. If the vendors are multiple, you need to include one more column to identify the vendor but you also need to add the project detail on the top part. This will help you in recordkeeping works.

Bill Of Materials Template

Bill Of Materials Template Excel Download

Using a free bill of materials template improves your professionalism and allows you to refer the document anytime in the future in case of discrepancies. It is not essential to visit several bills to develop an understanding.

Further, your business communication model improves as you take well-informed steps in terms of materials as well as the costs incurred. The added advantage is that the production cycle improves with a better awareness of the modules and products involved for the output.

Bill Of Materials Template bom material parts product order

Bill Of Materials Template excel bom material parts product order

These bom templates are used for the architectural industry and you can customize them with respect to the industry you work in.

Bill Of Materials Template bom material parts free product word inventory rights reeserved

Bill Of Materials Template spreadsheet XLS design

Undoubtedly, every industry needs a free bill of materials template. If you are not sure of the bom template that you will have to choose for your firm, you can also create one. Make sure that you have the following details in your materials bill – product name, component detail, description/keyword, quantity, unit cost, vendor/supplier and total cost. At times, the production head changes and it gets difficult to follow up with the previous records. To avoid such confusion, you can also include photograph of this material, contact information, required percentile, wastage ratio, and validation supervisor.


It is commonly misunderstood that a bill of materials format is complicated. Consequently, this is an interesting concept and does not even require much of the involvement from the human resources except the first time.

All you need to do is to use the right bom template or create a complete one that can be used at any time. That’s it, your business is all set to achieve better productivity level!

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