11+ Time Log Template FREE Download [Word, Excel]

Have you ever assessed your productive hours in a day? All of us have various goals to accomplish but all of them can be done only with proper time management.

If you face glitches in managing your daily routine and fulfilling the demands on the go, it is high time that you beat procrastination and assess your present time usage with a tool named time log.

Sample Time Log Template For Download

Time log sheet template can be used for a 24-hour time period so you or an employee pay close attention to find how each hour is spent.

In this section of the log templates sheet, you may also see various daily time log templates to apply immediately.

1) Time log for workplace or business Templates

When there is an agreement between an employee/contractor and the employer, an invoice is usually raised along with the time log.

The following time log template include fields such as date, work description, start time, end times, and total minutes worked log similar to a Contractor Invoice.

time log template

Following is the time log spreadsheet version of the time log templates mentioned above.

download time log template

2) 24-hour activity Time log template

This is yet another time log sheet template that is meant to keep track of activities carried out in a period of 24 hours.

There are no predefined activities and the user can enter the activities along with the time in minutes just like our other templates such as Cost Benefit Analysis Template

On one side, the total minutes/hours/time worked per day can be calculated in this time log or by using  time card template. However, this log can be used to calculate the hours/time spent in a week towards work or a specific activity.

time log template

download time log template

3) Task tracker Templates

Similar to the free time log template mentioned above, here is one more task tracker template log that may also be used to keep track of total time and start hours spent towards a particular task so you can do a long term project planning with these printables and the daily task tracker.

time log template

hours employee sheet free time log templates - download time log template

4) Project timesheet template

Daily time sheet can be recorded for a project on the whole. By marking a date, it is possible to list out the tasks accomplished along with start and end times just like using a weekly hourly schedule template.

time log template

5) Timesheet template with break times

This is another time log template that gives times for break hours and records only those total hours when the employee has actually worked. daily time log template

get help use company with download time log template

6) Daily schedule template

This is by far the most commonly used and highly helpful excel template for everyone planning to maximize productivity.

At the end of each day, one may also keep track to add a comment section or to do section to plan better with this time log template.

daily time log template

Weekly time log templates

The other type of simple time log sheet template is meant to keep track of your work progress on a weekly time basis.

These time log templates are widely preferred, like by project managers and teachers as they assess the development in the work and develop work plans with this time log template.

7) Weekly schedule template

Sometimes, if you choose a simple weekly schedule template helps in listing tasks and important functions to be completed in the upcoming 7 days.

This is a lot easier when compared to the daily time log template.

time log template

8) Weekly timesheet template

The simple weekly template allows the business user to convert daily time log sheet to a weekly period and then calculate the overtime hours or total hours worked within the organization. This is useful to calculate weekly wages log for employees in terms of hours.

time log template for time tracking word hours

word time log template

If you are planning to create a log of employee time template, you can directly open a spreadsheet and create columns like task, date, start time, break time, and end time (hours) in your time log template in order to keep a track of time.

Monthly time log templates

9) Monthly Timesheet Templates

As said above, daily and weekly timesheets can be converted into a monthly time sheet. This employee excel time log template can be used by the employer if the productivity of the employee needs to be assessed wrt to time and hours.

time log template for time tracking word

time log template hours for employee word

Choose, download excel time log templates and use the editable business spreadsheet time log template right here – Microsoft XLS (excel template)

10) Monthly volunteer timesheet Templates

Excel Time sheets template are used for various purposes. When it is used by an NGO, it is vital to assess times spent by volunteers towards a task.

end time log template for time tracking word time log templates

time log template hours for employee excel

An excel Time Log Template enables a person to maximize productivity and improve the ability to plan tasks and accomplish them efficiently with this template.

Importance Of a Time Log Template

In this post, you will learn the benefits of a time log template excel and way to create a time log template to assess your productivity with daily and weekly timelines. This is primarily very important to manage your employee timesheet template properly to keep track of hours you are working or investing in some work.

What are time log templates?

A start time tracking/ time log template excel is meant to make more of the limited time available to you (rights reserved).

Here are a few employee timesheet templates for time management you can begin with and track overtime hours of employees and yourself also. Any of these time log template is good for day to day use and can be printed easily.

Free Sample Time Sheets To Track Daily Time Management

If you are looking for one solution to improve your time management skills, there are several timesheets template that we would like to let you access right away to keep a track of amount of time you actually spend on work during work hours.

Benefits of time log templates For Business and Personal Use

There are several benefits and applications of time log templates. These time log templates is not just restricted to personal development and would help in employee time tracking as well.


Tracking time log is mandatory for every person aspiring to achieve something in life.

With the end time log templates listed in this article, you are all set to begin a productive life and spend each minute wisely!


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