33+ College Transcripts For College, GED Free Download!!

By | October 19, 2019

Fake transcripts can save you a lot of stress if you can’t get to your student’s transcript on time. All you need to do is fill in the correct details, and you’re good to go.

However, a lot of fake transcripts are not reliable and can cause more harm than good, which is why we have listed 33+ fake transcripts that you can download in a pinch; they are very reliable and realistic just like our high school diploma template.

Best Fake Transcripts for Download

Template 1

fake transcripts

This detailed template has simple instructions for you to follow in filling your transcript. There is a place for your personal details and also a place for your details. You can easily edit the grade and credit column to tally with your personal info.

Template 2

fake college transcripts

This template lays out your scores in a simple format, which also makes it easy to analyze and calculate your GPA. The format allows you to state all your results from the beginning of high school till the end, with sections for your yearly GPA.

Template 3

fake college transcripts

This transcript has an official space for you to easily place the logo and name of your school, which makes it look more realistic and genuine. There are also spaces for signatures and a clearly outlined grade format for every year.

Template 4

fake college transcripts

College transcripts usually have a lot more details on them than high school transcripts, such as your date of birth and degree type. You also get a seal to make it more convincing. There is also a space for your unique student ID.

Template 5

fake degree

This generic high school transcript template works for any school, and it is printed on high-quality paper. There are four sections for the four years of high school, a helpful grading scale, and also a section for an academic summary.

Template 6

fake degree

This simple transcript has a modern feel with enough sections for your educational details without giving too much away. You can also download and attach your school seal. On the bottom of the page, there is a place for signatures.

Template 7 For Fake College

fake degree

The bold border on this transcript gives it a very official look. While there isn’t room for your school seal, there is a place for an official signature and a stamp. You also get a grade scale and a section for your personal info.

Template 8 For Fake College

fake degree

This transcript doesn’t come in tabular form, and it also doesn’t have a space for your school logo, so you have to use the signature section as your seal of integrity. It also has a table for your GPA, credits, and percentages.

Template 9 For Fake College

fake degree

This high school fake transcript or fake diploma is so detailed that you can also use it as a college transcript. There is a space for your school logo and an additional section for an official stamp and signature. It has a fancy font that elevates its simple look.

Template 10

fake degree

You get two stamps and a signature with this template, and on premium paper quality, it looks very realistic. There are detailed tables for scores, and a table at the bottom for comments. It is quite cluttered, but it fits a college transcript.

Template 11

order paper transcripts

This template comes in a striking color, which is a good break from plain white. You can only use this for one semester, and there is ample space for all your courses. It is best for emergencies that you can’t avoid.

Template 12

order paper transcripts

This has a thick blue border that gives it a look of importance.  It has spaces for a seal, a logo, and a signature. The outline is simple enough, and it has a key to help you fill in the transcript.

Template 13

order real paper transcripts

This transcript has all the correct designations for the required info, such as your school name, your details, and also a signature to act as a stamp of originality. It is readymade, so you have to edit it properly.

Template 14

order real paper transcripts

This template only carries one semester’s marks, which is useful if you only need proof of your academic status for that semester. However, some schools use a new one per semester, so you should download multiple copies if that applies to you.

Template 15

online authentic people document major

This unique template lists out the courses offered according to the year they will be taken. You can edit the personal info and subjects to suit your semester. There is an additional sheet that has more detailed info and a signature.

Template 16

A high school academic one usually contains specific personal information and details about each subject. This has enough space for all four years of high school, plus a segment for any special awards and activities you might have participated.

Template 17

It contains tables that display all the courses you took in a semester, whether they were half or full credit courses. It even includes a helpful guide for filling the transcript. You can also specify the issued date next to the logo.

Template 18

Simple like this one are easy to use, and they display your grades for four years, according to your subjects. It has no borders and no fancy fonts, except in the name. This is perfect for homeschoolers.

Template 19

This format is quite detailed, with a laid-out table that displays your grades and credit. Any high school can use it, as it has all the essential information that is required. You can also state your previous schools at the bottom of it.

Template 20

Homeschoolers need one to detail their academic credentials and a simple, but comprehensive one like this is perfect for exhibiting eight year’s worth of data. It has sections for your grades and credits, standardized test scores, and a complete academic summary.

Template 21

Another suitable quality for homeschoolers with a comprehensive chart stating all the rules and requirements for the school. The grading policy can easily be edited to suit your details. Since this isn’t for traditional schools, there is no need for a school logo.

Template 22

This one for college has ample space to display the academic info required for any job or admission. It has a logo and a place for stamps; however, it doesn’t go well with a raised seal.

Template 23

This is tailored to homeschooled students, but it can still be used for regular students as long as the school uses a similar template. The subjects are outlined clearly, and so are the administrators.

Template 24

This comes in a tinted green color with clearly drawn tables showing all the relevant information required. The school’s name is placed boldly at the top in large print. This one uses signatures as proofs of veracity.

Template 25

This is a good option for informal submissions, like clubs and societies. You don’t have to be very formal when submitting your records in some organizations, and the bright blue border on this sample gives it a fresh look.

Template 26

The great thing about this sample is that it isn’t too dull or too pretentious. It has the right blend of professional and attractive with a touch of color on the tables and in the logo. The color contrast also makes it easier to read without dividing cells.

Template 27

This is another simple one with one big table in the middle. There are smaller tables that also have spaces to record standardized test scores and marks systems. Every section in this sample is customizable and easy to use.

Template 28

This sample is another standard format that is accepted by most. You have to ensure that your personal and academic information is put in correctly to avoid mistakes. You can also use a stamp with this one in place of a signature or logo.

Template 29

This is the most straightforward sample you can find. You will have to use a cover letter in addition to this sample to put your personal information. However, this sample can also be used as a page in a booklet.

Template 30

Simplicity is a critical factor in this sample. This is a literal blank page that allows you do your thing without issue.  The format is quite simple, and it can be customized as a college one.

Template 31

buy university diplomas degrees

College ones usually require more sections or a completely different outline, depending on the college, which is why you need a sample with a well-detailed sample like this one. It has all the necessary information plus a neat border that screams professional.

Template 32

buy university diplomas degrees

This one has very detailed details on the list of qualifications you need to graduate. There is a comprehensive breakdown of the list of hours, credits, and subjects you require, with a space for every year.

Template 33

buy university diplomas degrees including shipping features and work offer

This is minimal, with a space for your personal and academic info. You get a grading scale, and a signature can be used to verify the originality of the document. It is useful if you want to represent your core subjects.

Template 34

buy university diplomas

The sample is suitable for home schools, but it can be edited for use for a regular high grade too. It covers your four years of high school, with a grading scale and GPA scores for each year. There is an issued date, and room for your principal or administrator to sign and stamp.

Template 35

buy university diplomas

This sample is straight to the point, simple, and unassuming. It deviates from the typical black and white, with a bright touch of yellow. It lists out your subjects and grades in a stark white table, and your personal details are also listed right above.


One thing to remember when filling out highschool and college transcripts is that the information needs to align with your other documents. You need to double-check with your diploma to avoid errors. Also, it is safer to use this that has already been used by several different students so that you will be sure of the quality and design.

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