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Gifts can turn creative in just one print, do you know how? Here we go with an exclusive gift for all those fans of the Hennessy brand. Hennessy, a favorite brand of men, is a wonderful gift idea if your man’s special day is arriving.

The bottle having the brand Hennessy is just a status symbol for men. In this article, you will begin taking a look at the possible ideas and then learn more about how to get even creative.

Printable Hennessy label templates

1. Hennessy label template with dimensions

Creating a hennessy label template is not a tough job anymore as this hennessy label template includes dimensions along with placeholders for basic information. Based on the occasion, you can append details. This template is specific to a birthday occasion. Customize it for an anniversary or any other special events following the same pattern.

The basic placeholders that are added in a Hennessy label are age/number, establishment/wedded year/birth year, event background (anniversary or Christmas or birthday), name, Hennessy brand name, and a message. The following template includes hometown but you can replace it with a personalized one-liner.

Hennessy Label #1

hennessy label template

2. Blank Hennessy label template

This hennessy label template is entirely editable and customizable. Being a blank template, you can explore it for various occasions. Make sure you cut the edges highlighted in black before you stick on the label and this solves the actual purpose. This template does not have any constraints except that you should maintain the same color theme throughout.

Hennessy Label #2

hennessy label templates

3. Hennessy label with example

Here is a hennessy label template that gives you the label and an example of how the label can be used. Whether it is a birthday or a remembrance event or Christmas, wine is compulsory. How about giving the whole event a twist by including a Hennessy label on the bottle? This can leave everyone awestruck.

One tip while using this template is not to alter the font style or size as it can show a lack of authenticity and disappoint your loved one. Simply edit and you are good to go.

Hennessy Label #3

hennessy label templates

4. Customized Hennessy label template

How about adding a short message beneath the hennessy label template? Doesn’t it look sweet? You can customize the label based on the occasion and also add an image that is of a smaller size. This template gives you the option to impress the receiver in one shot.

However, do not change the colors as the theme of Hennessy gets ruined.

Hennessy Label #4

hennessy label templates

5. Plain Hennessy text

There is a template aforementioned having a plain label to append any text. Likewise, the following template can be used if you are looking for an authentic text to represent the message. You can notice in this template that there are placeholders for name and establishment year.

Replace with values you know for the occasion. You can alter the brand name or simply leave it.

Hennessy Label #5

hennessy label templates

Hennessy labels explained

Hennessy label is typically the label on the customized wine bottle. In an A4 sheet, every image is of the size 1.1×1.3” inches and it is possible to print 28 images in one sheet. The font name used here is denoted NR2653 hennessy label template.

Gone were the days when people remove the labels from those old wine bottles and surprise the special someone by sticking the labels around the room! It is time to get creative.

Wait, but before that, you need to know what hennessy label template is all about. It is a distinguished distiller based out of Cognac located in France. It is one of the top-selling brands as it sells roughly 50 million bottles each year and has been introducing a new product range every year.

Have you ever heard of the phrase affordable luxury? Well, hennessy label template stands for it. Operating for over eight generations, these wine bottles have made people go crazy. If your man has ever tried a sip, he should have already gone nuts.

When you plan to surprise the special someone with a Hennessy label template mentioned above, make note of the following quick tips.

  • Customize birthday cake with a print of Hennessy label on the top
  • You can make printed balloons with this hennessy label template to create a theme-based event
  • If it is an anniversary, you can give a sweet surprise by purchasing a different brand of liquor and stick the label onto it. This can get the event even interesting.

The key to using any Hennessy label templates mentioned above is to look at commonly used items of the man and engrave the label onto it.


Now that you have taken a look at the hennessy label template and know the background of your man’s favorite, it is time to wear your creative hats and spot possible gifting ideas. As these label templates allow you to customize and print in one go just like these free editable obituary template, you are going to save more time and turn the event impressive! Before you go on enjoying, make sure to check out these printable doctor notes as well as these weekly lesson plan templates.

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