11+ Obituary Template And Samples Download 2021 [Word, PDF]

The death of a loved person can always be heart wrenching and the best medicine to handle the situation is to publish an article about the person in a newspaper and celebrate his/her achievements.

In fact, this is a way to convey the world about your loss and also connect people that have known your loved one to attend the obituary.

If you are likely to experience a great loss in your family due to an ailing member, take a dive into this article and simplify the obituary process with proper planning.

Professional obituary templates

A smart person always goes with a template to save money, time, and effort to get things right.

This section lists an extensive range of professional obituary templates that are printable and usable.

1. Generic obituary template

If you are new to the concept of obituary templates, you should begin with this generic template.

It includes place holders for you to add personal information wherever required. If you are struggling to create one, obituary templates lets you add details without ambiguities.

obituary template

easy obituaries help

2. Obituary template with the order of service

This blank obituary template is an example of how an obituary should look like in writing.

Beginning with the background information of the person such as full name, the obituary example includes family details and personality of the person.

The order of funeral program is presented in a separate column in the printables.

All that you need to do is download the order of service and update information pertaining to your ceremony.

Even if you are confused about the right order, this template makes it clear.

obituary template

make easy obituaries help wellCheck Out: 11+ Time Log Template FREE Download [Word, Excel]

3. Eulogy practice template

Death of a great guy can either be a prolonging one or a sudden event. Writing an obituary gives you that extra advantage irrespective of whom you write for.

Some have the habit of writing an obituary or an eulogy for oneself. If you fall into this category, this is the perfect practice template to input necessary information and reflect on the experience.

As you practice, you can get a clearer picture of how people should write about you and also presents a long-term view of your life.

obituary template


4. Obituary template Sample – To Write an obituary  

We have presented a free blank obituary with multiple place holders. Now, it is time to go through an approved obituary note and create template on your own.

Even if you are following the steps mentioned in the previous section, it is worth taking a look at this sample before drafting.

You can gain a grip on the funeral order followed by language and tone.

If you are unsure of the order of service, it is sufficient to limit to address and time when the obituary /funeral ceremony is expected to occur.

death program templates

5. Obituary template Poster

As said earlier, you may be in a situation to use an obituary note in a crisp manner either because you are running out of budget to pay the publication or you may need to circulate posters in large numbers.

Is the poster in your mind? Simply add details like location, place of birth, date of death, memorial/funeral service, and family members.

You are done with the death note program and the reader saves time and grabs necessary detail.

6. Obituary template with picture

It is a wiser option to use and paste a picture of the deceased person in the header area of obituary templates.

The common practice is to paste it in the top-left region as in the sample funeral below.

In that case, newspaper editors tend to align text inline with the picture to ensure that there are no empty spaces.

free Obituary template with picture

7. Order of service template

There are two ways to use the order of funeral service – in the form of an invitation or in the form of quick text.

The invitation model is presented above. The following sample helps you write and input information in appropriate place holders.

Even if you are planning to create your own note, you can simply answer questions in the order presented and your funeral order of service is complete.

Note – These content Orders can change based on your ethnicity. Confirm with your home before you publish the obituary.

death Obituary template rights reserved name of the deceased

8. Obituary booklet

An obituary note does not always have to be restricted to a page. It can also be published as a booklet.

Passing away of famous personalities are honored with a booklet comprising of a funeral tribute, order of service, prayers, and participant detail.

These funeral booklets bring back memories associated with the awesome ones and are widely treasured.

 rights reserved funeral home obituary program spouse children obituary examples great grandchildren

9. Brief burial template

Another approach to use and inform burial/funeral program for deceased is to add quick details of the deceased person in the footer area of template and present a large-sized photograph.

This stands unique and is approved by publications instantly.

free Obituary template


10. Free Thanksgiving template

Now that obituary notes and funeral events are over, you need to focus on the memorial event and send thanksgiving notes to participants.

Alternatively, you can also create an invitation to inform the thanksgiving service.

Obituary templates

11. Obituary card for the memorial event for deceased templates

This is yet another free attractive obituary presentation honoring the deceased person who has passed away.

If you are issuing individuals separately, this is highly appropriate for the funeral of the deceased.

free Obituary templates newspaper obituary name age memorial service names of parents

Why use obituary templates?

First, an obituary serves the purpose of announcing the death of a loved person in the form of a newspaper article or a public notice.

Second, It is also a ritual followed by people to invite kith and kin of loved ones to attend the funeral service and fulfill last wishes. However, many people stumble in preparing a perfect obituary due to the perplexing nature of the environment.

It is a productive thought to keep ready to use these handy.

One can write an obituary for three reasons.

  • To announce the passing away of a person.
  • To reach a larger crowd with the message thereby saving efforts in informing each one of them.
  • To honor the person by following proper rituals in an obituary.

An obituary note is 200 words, on average. If you are looking for providing a detailed note, the word count can be extended up to 500 words.

It is tough to think at the eleventh hour and plan a complete draft.

Alternatively, you can use a range of funeral printables listed in this post to prepare a clean and clear obituary note.

Steps to create obituary note templates

Obituary printables are time-savers to many as these contain necessary information and encourage the person to fill only details and other personal information.

However, there are times when an obituary needs to be drafted personally for passing away of top officials or famous personalities.

You may have limited moments to accomplish the activity but you are also expected to maintain professionalism and gain the empathy of readers.

In such instances, here are a few steps that you should follow to create one.

  1. An obituary note begins with the death announcement of a person followed by crisp information on timing and date of death, cause of death.
  2. The second section is a biography of the person. This is the ideal way to give background information about the person and connect his/her school and college friends, neighbors, and colleagues with the event in the obituary.
  3. To connect with relatives and inform the mourning of the family due to the passing away of the loved one, the subsequent section is deceased members information.
  4. Having given background information of the person and people associated, it is moment to inform the funeral program templates detail. This is where you should include venue, the order of service, timings, and people honoring the event. In fact, this section needs to be highlighted so people get instant access to what they need.
  5. One of the most important elements of writing an obituary note is the photograph of the person. This is one way to inform people and enable them to connect with the event and recall special memories instantly.

When you issue a printable obituary note to the newspaper, errors are addressed and the funeral note is maintained as crisp as possible as every word is charged.

Alternatively, if you are planning to pay only a small block to announce obituary in the newspaper, you can limit to a photo, birth, place of birth, date of death, funeral program aka obituary program time/date, and family( spouse and children) basic information writing.


Every person needs to have various documents handy and an obituary note for a deceased is amongst them.

Various funeral templates listed in this post can enable you to do the funeral job for the deceased soulfully and quickly.

Show how much you love the deceased person by choosing the right template for obituary!

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