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As we work towards professionalism at the workplace, it is mandatory to accommodate standardized approaches to systemize work. When you work in a project, it is quite usual to receive customizations to meet the needs.

How many times have you handled these customization requests professionally? If you are wondering what it is, then this article is for you.

Professional change order templates

The reason to use a perfect template to document the change order is to protect your stand in the future when there are unforeseen circumstances observed in the environment. To save your time and effort, you need to go ahead with a standardized change order template from the list below.

1. Change request template

The change order template is used as a standardized document to make note of change requests in an educational institution. However, you can customize this template by appending your logo and then adding information in particular to your project. By mentioning an increase or decrease of labor and materials by an approximate value, it is possible to inform the project sponsor and make him/her prepared about anticipated outcomes.

change order template

change order form


2. Detailed construction change order template

When it comes to construction projects, tenders are announced and multiple contractors bid. When a change is issued to the contractor, it means that the project owner needs to be aware of its impacts. The detailed template includes sections highlighting impacts, sections undergoing change, and mention the estimated amount and duration of change. If you are handling a construction project and wanted to present a detailed impact document, you should use this template.

construction change order template

construction change order form download

3. Change order template for service-based businesses 

Whether you offer construction services or interior design services, an original contract is awarded by the customer. Whenever a change is observed or intimated in the project deliverable, the change order is updated with necessary information and then provided to the client. This change order template has sections like project address, sections of change, and expected values of change. This sample template can be a good start for you!

change order form download

4. Medical change order form

As mentioned earlier, a change order form is not just meant for a specific industry. It is applied across a range of verticals. If you are working in the healthcare field where the patient has request for a change in the caregiver, you should use the following template. This takes necessary permission from the patient and also helps in better record keeping. Alternatively, this is a one-page change order form where patients, caregivers, and the project owner are informed about the requested change.

change order form download

5. Itemized change order template

As and when a change is suggested in a project, the list of changes is simply listed instead of any other descriptions. Several project owners do not demand a description or a report to highlight the change. Instead, an itemization of work helps in effective decision making.

In change order forms, the change description, reason for the change, and person initiating the change are listed along with the budget. This is a quick sheet that you can refer to in the future during board meetings with the help of these.

6. One-page change order  template

When the project manager has instructed the project team to make specific changes as instructed by the client, the following template is sufficient. This includes fields like supplier, purchase order information, revised price, updated chart fields, and reasons for change along with signatures of authorities. If there is a primary change requiring the purchase of materials, this change order draft can be extremely helpful in documenting the same.

change order forms download

7. Standard construction change order template

If you are looking for a multi-functional, professional, and standardized template to document the change order, this template is for you. It makes note of the project detail, requesting party, list of changes, reason, specifications, changes in pricing, and duration of the project. The best part about the template is that it is neat and crisp thereby enabling the client to obtain an instant understanding on the impact of the change.

change order template

change order forms download

8. Project change order request

Irrespective of the domain to which the project belongs, you can use the following template for your business. Along with project description and original contract terms, there are also new sections like stakeholders involved in the communication of change, the priority level of the change request, and rationale. Even when there are problems with the deliveries, the concerned stakeholders will be reached out in the future.

change order template

9. Scope of work change order template

When the change order is likely to alter the scope of work, the following template needs to be used. This template includes various interesting elements like project information, itemized changes, statement of work changes, payment changes, and schedule changes. It can be easily used by downloading the template and updating the project information. As the scope of work plays a vital role in obtaining desired project outcomes, it needs to be documented separately.

change order

From the list of templates mentioned above, there are several takeaways. The first takeaway is the need to clearly format the price and schedule in the change order form. The second takeaway is the need to update project information, date, and key resources involved in the project as these resources will have to be intimated about necessary changes. The final takeaway is to mention the actual value and the changed value. This will help the client to calculate the deviation from the baseline data. These takeaways are just sufficient to formulate one change order form and then circulate with internal and external stakeholders.

The tool called change order form 

A change order generally implies a variation order that makes note of modification suggested by the project sponsor. The change can have two kinds of impacts – addition to or deletion from the project scope. This is quite common in projects that are spread over a long phase. Construction and software development projects commonly make use of change order forms as minor changes can have significant impacts on the outcomes.

Whenever projects are reviewed by the project owner module by module, the suggested change can alter the scope. Some changes can fall within the scope and some can fall outside the scope. The change is suggested by the project owner in terms of duration, labor or materials, or costs. There are several reasons to use a change order.

  • To document the productivity of every individual involved in the project development.
  • As a change order is treated legally binding, it can be used to alter the project cost or duration mutually.
  • A change order improves the mutual communication of stakeholders in a project.
  • When a change order is documented, it helps at a later time when the project outcome is not achieved as desired.

Considering the risks in a project, there are also project-based reasons due to which change orders are implemented by stakeholders.

  • Faulty schedules and budgets
  • Inaccurate drawings or specifications of the project design
  • Delayed arrival of labor or materials needed for the project
  • Unexpected environmental conditions in the project site thereby resulting in the halt of the project for an unknown period

Elements of a change order form

A change order form is different from a change order request. The latter allows the project owner or sponsor or client to provide the request for change and the project team makes necessary amendments. On the other hand, the former is a form that lists changes made in the project and its corresponding impacts on the outcomes. We are going to discuss in detail a change order form in this article. However, we shall also touch base on the change order request.

Here are the key sections of a change order form.

  1. Details of the change against actual requirements in the original contract
  2. Estimated materials and labor costs as a result of the change
  3. Original contract statement of new project description along with the estimated completion date or labor or materials as per the new change

If you are planning to create one for your project, you should follow the format given below.

  1. Job detail (including name, logo, address, and contact details)
  2. Project owner or client name
  3. Work description (original and revised)
  4. Estimated labor and material costs along with new timelines
  5. Signature of owners and project manager

In general, architects prepare the change order and the rest make key decisions related to the project. If you are still unsure of the format and need extra help, you should take a look at the upcoming section that has ready to use templates.


It is evident from the templates that all of them point to billing and project duration changes due to a change made to one phase or one aspect of the project. Instead of preparing a generic document noting down the change order, you can make use of templates that have automated calculation segments and necessary sections that can upgrade the outcomes and strengthen your stand in the project. Most importantly, the relationship between the client and you never get strained due to enhanced documentation capability.

Start implementing today and see how the change resistance builds in you and your team!

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