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Reducing employee turnover is the mission of every organization. As a business owner, you feel the urge to improve the productivity of every individual to add a better structure to the work.

If you have already been using a daily planner template to list out tasks for the day, you may have to advance a bit especially if you are into the manufacturing industry.

All you need is the most powerful production scheduling template that organizes the production unit as per the business need!

Professional production schedule templates

1. Free Simple production schedule template

production schedule template

If you are a beginner in using a production schedule for a project, this is the template to go ahead with. It has rows meant to indicate various phases of the project while the schedule section is meant to update the status of each phase with various colors and comments.

This is also easy to understand template that production managers can use to guide employees and plan days. Being an editable template, you can customize the column headers with duration to improve timelines and productivity further such as contractors use these roofing proposal template for similar reasons.

There’s also an interesting part of this template. It is thoroughly automated so you can just enter values and capacity so production plans for each day are automated. Sounds exciting, right? Take a look at our other exclusive range of production schedule templates.

2. Free Short film production schedule – production schedule template

short film production schedule template

Production schedule templates are prominent in the media industry. There are multiple columns meant to guide the direction team to plan the production of scenes. The deliverables can be appended under the delivery column and this is followed by the list of activities meant to accomplish deliverables.

You can also eliminate editing film columns and include scripting, pre and post-production activities based on the nature of your project. If you would like to make it professional like these verifiable fake doctors note, you can customize the color scheme and append your media company’s logo.

3. Free Event production schedule template

event production schedule template

In addition to film production, here is a production schedule template meant to manage event production schedules. It can be a conference or a Halloween event where you may have to work with various stakeholders in organizing the event. The best part about this template is that it is not overpopulated with new headers.

Instead, this production schedule template has the essential components to schedule tasks and guides the organizing team in terms of stakeholders, activities, and other notes. Being an editable template, feel free to download and customize to make it look attractive similar to cost-benefit analysis examples.

4. Free Production schedule planner

production schedule template

Project and production schedules are two different templates serving a task at different scales like a sample contractor invoice. Here is a detailed template enabling you to enter tasks along with different sections of the management responsible or accountable to complete the film tasks.

While it follows the structure of a RACI chart in project management, this scheduling template is meant to process tasks and also appropriate for managerial intervention. This production schedule template does not work like a regular planner that lists tasks and informs the production department of the works to be done. It works at higher levels of schedule. You can use this employee write up form in case the work is not being done properly.

5. Free Narrative production schedule template

The common problem faced by users of the production schedule is understandability. Due to too many cells containing project schedule information, it becomes tougher to list down the production planning schedule.

Here comes the narrative production schedule template format that includes time periods along with stages of production for better usability just like these release and hold harmless agreement printable.

6. Free Pre-production schedule template

This free production schedule template is exclusively meant for pre-production purposes. You can customize it for a specific goal and list out activities based on the phases they belong to. As you free download, simply adjust the names of activities and then fill cells with appropriate colors for different shooting schedule.

If you are looking out for an attractive and readable schedule template, this is the one to begin with.

7. Employee production shift schedule

Here is the perfect schedule for manufacturing firms that handle several employees in the production planning facility. Since employees work at various shifts and they tend to have different supervisors, this schedule template lets you enter timings and tasks of respective individuals.

Charts are created automatically based on the data you enter. This production scheduling makes your job easier and effective.

8. Daily production report

Has the schedule worked well? Did employees work in a productive way? This report production schedule template helps you analyze both aspects. It is an editable and customizable production scheduling that requires no further support in handling data.

9. Production schedule table

production schedule template

Here is a production scheduling table that lets you enter production numbers expected on each day and this production schedule template can be linked with other sheets listed above to encourage employees and supervisors to achieve maximum production planning capacity.

Advantages of a production schedule

A production schedule generally does more than what it promises. In addition to organizing tasks and activities in an organization, a production scheduling template excel also takes charge of balancing needs and connecting with various departments of the organization related to inventory and budgeting. Let us take a look at the promising advantages of production scheduling.

  1. The first and foremost advantage is the ability to production plan operations and obtain a visual representation. This can avoid unnecessary employee or operational overheads.
  2. Routing of operations is the second advantage as soon as a production schedule is established.
    The presence of the production schedule allows the department to remain organized and involve resources appropriate to create the final product.
  3. Dispatching gets easier and quick with a production schedule template in place. The final step of manufacturing is dispatching the final product.

With a production schedule template, you can accomplish the following.

  • Identify the project bottlenecks in prior thereby increasing revenues
  • Develop optimized schedules that effectively balance efficiency as well as delivery
  • Decrease employee turnover by improving schedules with a production schedule template
  • Offer firm-wide visibility in terms of managing schedules and maximizing employee capacity
  • Improve inventory management by decreasing overheads significantly
  • Eliminate backlogs in the inventory by manufacturing just the right levels of products based on the demand

Production scheduling excel is not just meant to manage the day’s process but also enables allocation of resources and budgets for other tasks thereby maximizing productivity.

There are certain best practices followed by production managers in handling such schedulers. A majority of the production planning managers issue a copy of the production schedule template to the employees or department heads to ensure close scrutiny of performances.

Another practice is to integrate production schedules with other functions of the organization thereby ensuring negligible or nil inventory backlogs. One master production schedule is sufficient to organize meetings, conferences, branding plans, supply chain operations, and arrangements of human resources.

The final practice followed is to prioritize activities based on complexity levels so market needs are addressed. For instance, difficult areas are addressed first while easier activities are carried out later.

Applications of production schedulers

So far, we have explored how a production planning scheduler excel can be useful to manufacturing industries. This excel scheduler is also used in film production industries and events to plan scenes and subsequent activities.

Once again, sorting of schedules based on complexity levels happens and this scheduler eliminates the likelihood of burnout.

No doubt, a scheduler allows human resources to manage their days and spend enough time building relationships. Ultimately, it is productivity that matters and this productivity is the result of happy relationships within the workplace.


Various production schedule template have been listed in this production scheduling excel document to indicate broad perspectives and applications. The quick hack to manage tasks is to use a scheduler. On the other hand, managing tasks pertaining to a department is feasible with the help of a production scheduler.

Using this production scheduling today can prevent overheads tomorrow!

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