7+ Roofing Estimate Template EDITABLE Download [Word, PDF]

Giving a rough estimate to your clients can result in massive disagreements. You may also end up pausing a roofing project entirely because your estimates fell far below the actual prize.

Therefore, you need excellent roofing estimate templates that will encompass everything needed to make or repair the roof.

Read this review to find out the best roofing estimate templates available and how they will better your accuracy. Furthermore, you will also understand some factors that affect roofing costs.

Invoicing Template for Roofing Services

roofing estimate template

This invoice is capable of serving many individuals, including architects, retailers, wholesalers, and roofing specialists. You can organize your work with it and hasten your payments. Furthermore, roofing contractors can use it for damage control or insurance claims.

Not only do you have access to the color schema, but also the roofer image at the top in this roofing estimate template just like a contractor invoice template word. Since the image is in the background, it will not appear during invoice formation. However, if you print the invoice like you would a final release of lien form, it will show. You may want to email it to customers. If you generate a PDF version with the invoice manager for Excel, the image will also appear.

Unlike using a regular invoice form, you have just one tax set as default here. However, you can change the taxing options using the template form invoice manager for Excel. You can do so by clicking ‘settings’ on the ribbon tab or worksheet then going to the taxes tab similar to a debt validation letter template.

Roofing Estimate Template

Roofing Estimate Template pdf


With this template, you can record a lot of information concerning roofing services. Someone looking at your roof estimate template has a clear picture of what the roof looks like. For instance, you can indicate the color, style, and grade of the shingle. You can also record the roofing conditions and include the areas of attention.

What’s more, you can include the type of materials and their respective costs at the bottom in this form template of roofing estimate. You even have a section where you can write additional notes that relate to the roofing services. With all these details, you can minimize the work of creating other form documents to cater for descriptions similar to change order forms template.

Home Repair Estimate Templates

Roofing Estimate #1

roofing estimate pdf

With this roofing estimate template, you can take care of the roofing and also other aspects of repair. You can factor in all areas that need repair in a building, for instance, electrical system, gutters, etc.

Under the major categories, you also have a section that allows you to define the repair scope. You can also indicate shingle change, leak repair, vent repair, and any other repair made. Since you can split sections into several bits, your estimates of expected costs are likely near the actual figure.

Again, you can indicate the expected costs on the extreme right in this form template of roofing estimate. You do not have to create separate documents for all the renovation projects you conduct with this proposal template and a proof of funds letter template. Hence, you get to save time.

Free Roofing Estimate #2

Home Repair Estimate Templates pdf


Do you find the main category split into several sections too wordy? Here is a summarized proposal template. You can directly mention what part you are repairing. For instance, instead of indicating roof then describing the repair as roof leak repair, you directly say a roof leak repair. You can write your estimated costs on the far right.

This roofing estimate has a section at the bottom left for additional remarks. Therefore, anything you did not indicate under the work description can come right here in this form. Also, before you move forward with the job, you may want to check hold harmless agreement template as well.

Painting Estimate Template

Painting Estimate Template

Painting is part of the tasks you will conduct on roofs. Therefore, you may want to indicate the estimated costs you’ll incur while painting the roof and other building sections. This template allows you to show the type of paint you will use and where you will apply it. You can also state the estimated price of the paint for a roofing estimate.

To the right, you can indicate the laborers that will do the painting and at what rate they will earn. With all this, roofers have an effortless time supplying their clients with all the vital painting information. Since the roofing estimate covers almost all areas concerning paintings, your estimates will be exact or fall slightly off the mark.

Project Estimate Template

roofing contract google sheets google docs

This template allows you to include all the items you need for roofing. These may consist of timber posts of various sizes, tiles or sheets, nails, paint, among others. You can also indicate an estimate of the number of materials you may need to improve prediction accuracy.

At the bottom, you can further describe the aim of the project in a free roofing estimate. Also, you can indicate the amount of labor to encompass all costs needed for roofing. This template is a super time saver since you can also use it for other construction projects and not just roofing.

Carpentry Estimate Template

Carpentry Estimate Template - roofing estimate google sheets

google docs microsoft word

Carpentry is one of the activities you must do when it comes to roofing estimate. Even when building flat roofs, you need to do some formwork. Therefore, this free google docs template will help you predict the cost of all the carpentry activities you will conduct.

Interestingly, you can use this free google docs template for roofing estimates and all carpentry works on the house. You also have a section at the bottom where you can indicate instructions and policies to ease working.

Factors Affecting The Cost of a New Roof – Roofing estimate

Size of the Roof – roofing estimate

When dealing with a large house, you will also have to make a large roof. Consequently, the number of shingles you will use to cover the roof will increase. For a 100 square feet, you will require a square foot of shingle for the roof. Thus, you can free estimate the number of shingles you will need by dividing the total roof area by 100 square feet.

The Angle of the Roof For roofing estimate

The steeper the roof, the more your google sheets roofing estimate costs will increase. You will need more safety equipment to cater for the steepness hence the rise. Moreover, the time frame you will use for completing it will be more than that for gentler roofs and roofing estimate.

Bungalows and single-story houses are easier to roof as they are walkable. On the other hand, two-story and larger buildings have a steeper pitch hence tougher to roof. Therefore, the estimated costs will be higher.

Roofing Material

The type of roof your client wants on their house will immensely impact the roofing estimate costs. For instance, he or she may wish to have three-tab shingles. In this case, your estimated costs will be lower, but the warranties on the items will be much shorter. Your client may also decide to go for shingles with more extended warranties such as Heritage, Vintage, or Heritage Woodgate. In this case, your roofing estimates will be higher. Metal shingles, wood shake, and stone slates will also raise the roofing costs.

Type of Roofing Involved

If you have to remove all shingles before fixing new ones, you will need to dispose of old ones. For this reason, the amount of labor you will use is higher. So, the estimated costs will be higher. If you are laying over the existing shingles, you will use lesser labor and save on disposal costs.


You now have access to these free roofing estimate templates that will ease your work. Next time, you can predict the commercial roofing business costs with higher accuracy. It does not matter if you will paint the roof, do some carpentry on it, or whatever operation you will conduct. These templates cover all roofing situations. Also, check out our other template on cost benefit analysis.

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