Collection Of Secret Santa Clip Art Download [2020]

Cliparts are by far the easiest way to convey crisp information about a theme or an event. As Christmas is arriving, you may need secret Santa clipart for various reasons. From secret Santa game announcement to distributing special gifts, clipart does the necessary work in its own style.

Most importantly, you do not have to invest any effort towards creating one and appending it in your documents. If you are on a similar search to add your style to secret Santa materials, this article is for you.

We have exclusive clipart templates along with the how-to guide so you make the best out of it just like these christmas dinner menu template.

Secret Santa gift exchange clipart

Gift exchange is the most important ceremony during Christmas eve. From assigning a secret Santa to exchanging the gift, you need to maintain a flow of information in every document. The following editable template along with a christmas gift certificate template can be directly appended to your document.

Even when you are issuing an invite to participants in a gift exchange ceremony, this clipart can be added in the header region or as a watermark. All of these can enhance the purpose and make the whole concept interesting and evident!

Secret Santa with elf clipart

Receiving letters from elf and Santa is the best that anyone can anticipate and enjoy during Christmas. It gives extraordinary pleasure and contentment to the receiver.

If you are writing a letter to Santa or being an elf in disguise, you may have to use the following editable template that has happy faces of Santa and elf. What is even interesting is that this clipart can be used on varied materials from papers to t-shirts.

Secret Santa note clipart

Here is a secret Santa showing an announcement. You can use this template for two major events – displaying your special Christmas menu or announcing the next Christmas plan to your parents or colleagues or friends.

Simply resize the template and enter the information in written format and in the printed version.

Funny Santa clipart 

Santa is known for his mischief! The cute, little Santa is a bundle of joy, mischief, and excitement that none can resist. If you prefer using a material like a t-shirt each year and do not want to spend each time, you can use this clipart for all the materials.

No matter what the event aims at, the clipart achieves justice and spreads Christmas special vibe.

Santa with gifts clipart

Meeting kids on Christmas eve? You may have to use this curious, fun-filled secret Santa clipart to arouse suspense on the eve. The full-sized clipart can be printed on a t-shirt or a promotional material.

Alternatively, you can stick this clipart over gifts or in a letter from Santa sheet.


Christmas is all about enjoyment and you can never say NO to interesting ideas like clipart when these can do your job better and let you sit back and enjoy the moment.

Make the best use of our secret Santa clipart templates and see how your event gets better!

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