11+ Check Request Form Template Download [PDF, Excel]

Checks are an integral part these days in handling transactions of any business. If you are a business owner, this article is for you to get one step higher to handle transactions.

Whether you wanted to issue a payment or receive from your customers, using a professional check request form helps in better documentation. Backup every request from your customer with a check request form that contains details like amount, payee information, date, and purpose of the transaction.

Professional check request form templates

1. Check request form


check request form

Here is a free check request form that is used by an educational institution. There is an option for accounts payable as well as refunds directly from the accounts payable. There are simple placeholders to input personal information, the purpose of payment, and authorized signature.

To ensure transparency in the transaction, there are quality placeholders mentioning department, amount of payment, date, program/project, fund, and account in the check request form similar to a free blank check template word document.

There are different ways to transfer money out of which the most trustworthy option is check. Several businesses have already opened their doors to use checks for the majority of transactions.

2. Request for check

check request form

This is yet another check request form that requests users to provide a check for a specific reason. The instruction to use this check is provided in the header description region. There are multiple sections such as data check, pay to, purpose, and authorization similar to a printable check register template.

When you run a business, you tend to engage suppliers and purchase equipment or even handle monthly expenses. Checking data is the primary section that stores basic information about the transaction. In the subsequent sections, the purpose is highlighted and the authority is encouraged to sign at the footer section in these check request forms and in stock share certificate template.

3. Check request for vendor

check request form

When you engage a vendor for a specific task need, a simple check request form is sufficient to collect the payment. This check request form directly collects the information of the vendor such as contact information, amount, and diverts the request to the concerned department to process the payment.

The best part of these check request forms is the option to return the check forms to the administration similar to a stock certificate template microsoft word where you can return the stock to the company and get back your money with profit or loss.

4. Multi-option check request form

check request form

Here is another template that lets you perform multiple actions for the check. You can either request a pickup or mail to the payee or perform a direct deposit. It has limited placeholders to enable the transaction.

This check request form is ideal for a one-time transaction where contact information, bank account details, and assessment of the authority. The purpose of the transaction is provided in detail as per the need. The key is to maintain a copy of these check request forms and issue it to the customer for future references similar to we advise to maintain copies of sign up sheet template word.

5. Check request and payment approval form

check request form

Getting payment approval is as important as collecting filled check request forms. This is a simple template meant to collect basic information about the transaction. Based on your work type and transaction need, it is encouraged to alter the header and footer sections of the template just like in a deposit slip template.

6. Check request form for schools

get check request form

Imagine running a school and arranging a trip for the kids! It is important to handle expenses in a transparent manner so that parents gain trust and support the initiative. When you arrange trips, there is always an extra payment collected to ensure that the management does not go bankrupt in case of an emergency outbreak.

This request form template is especially meant to provide reimbursement to the parent. The parent needs to fill the form and the treasurer shall reimburse the pending amount. You can edit and customize this template forms to use within your organization’s need.

7. Check transfer request form

check request form download request form formsWhenever the amount needs to be transferred to a different account compared to the one already processed, you may have to use the following form. This request form lets you collect associated pieces of evidence to enable the transfer so you can log it into a profit and less template such as this.

8. Staff payment check request

This is a free check request form template that is already in use by an educational institution to process salaries. To add ease to the payroll system such as quickbooks payroll direct deposit form like these, you can note down the department for which salaries of resources are processed.

Subsequently, you can note down the invoice number, description along with the account number and amount. The same process can be replicated each month to distribute payments.

9. Check request – direct pay

If you have requested a check from your customer but wish to deposit the payment directly, you may have to use the following free template. This check request form lets you input customer information, account type, and explanation along with the signature of the concerned authority.

check request form

10. Vendor check request

Here is yet another free form template that links the invoice with the check request form. The vendor associated with your organization will have to fill the details of the supplies along with unit prices and then raise the payment request with check information.

In short, this check request form is a multi-purpose vendor check request form that can save your time and effort.

check request form

11. Multifunctional check request form

Similar to the case of a trip mentioned above for one of the templates, this form template also addresses a similar scenario but provides multiple functions. With just one form template, you can process reimbursements, request purchase on behalf of the student, and request check for any extra payments made. This is editable and can be customized with your institution’s logo.

check request form

Check request form – how does it work?

For every person who is new to check request form, let us give you a comprehensive introduction.

A check request form is typically a form meant to request the receiver to issue payment in the form of writing through a check. It can either be a method to fulfill a debt or pay for a specific transaction. In other words, a check request is issued when the customer owes a debt and needs to pay each month. This is ideal for financial institutions lending money to customers. Alternatively, customers choosing the EMI option might have to fill the check request form.

The payee approves the request by signing and providing consent for the debit. It is the responsibility of the seller or the business to issue an invoice with adequate details of the transaction to ensure transparency.

Void vs. filled check request forms

A void check implies the inability to make a payment through the check. In other words, void check does not allow the business to debit the amount as it is not valid. A voided check request is obtained when the bank account needs to be validated and linked to the customer information. There are two ways to obtain a voided check. First is to cross the check with a pen and this is a sign of the invalid nature of the check. The other method is to request the bank to print a voided check with your bank account details.

Note – Remember not to sign this voided check although it is invalid.

A filled check request can be used for multiple reasons. To secure the account from unauthorised transactions, a duplicate check request is obtained from the customer. Alternatively, this form is also used to request check reimbursement. Sometimes, you might have paid travel expenses and you may have to request your employer for reimbursement of the cash. In that case, a check request can be used for reimbursement reasons. The final reason is to confirm the receipt of payment from the firm.

Benefits of check request forms

A check request does not always mean requesting cash from the account. There are other benefits that a check request form can solve. Here you go!

  • To request petty cash for the organization and pay attention to expenses made towards non-official need.
  • To collect donations from donors for a specific cause
  • Express/priority check request can be obtained when there is an urgent need of fund and needs to be prioritized for processing
  • To transfer the balance if there is excess (This happens especially when you may have to receive social security fund or provident fund from your previous employer.)
  • To receive the salary to the desired account from your employer

As soon as you join an organization, you are provided with an option to enter your bank details and enclose a voided check for payroll processing. This quickens the process and automates transactions to credit salaries to your accounts payable.

As a beginner, you should also be aware of possible issues that a check request form can cause to you!

  • When you present a voided check, you need to be extra cautious as duplication is feasible. It is a good idea to avoid signatures.
  • Another issue is unauthorized transactions. When you request a check for the payment that is due, you may have to ensure the authenticity of the business. A duplicate payment or excess withdrawal of payment can always end up on various issues.


If you are a business handling several employees simultaneously, you may have to save time in processing payments of your employees. The ideal solution is to make use of a check request form that solves various purposes and also systemizes the payroll system. Before you use, ensure that you are aware of the purpose, benefits, and possible complaints.

Experience the financial process improvement in your organization by adopting this simple technique of check request form today!

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