9+ Deposit Slip Template Free Download [Word, Excel]

Are you a time-conscious landlord, salesperson, or property caretaker? Since you may not have the time to do drafting, getting a predesigned deposit slip can save your time. A deposit receipt acts as proof that the tenant or buyer has handed in the deposit to act as security.

Deposits may be refundable or non-refundable. Therefore, you have to choose a template that outlays your interests correctly. Let us look at some deposit slip templates that offer you a professional look while relaying your information entirely.

Rent Deposit Slip Template

Deposit Slip Template #1

deposit slip template

This bank deposit slip indicates the lessee’s and lessor’s name. It outlines the title, location, and the number of the said premises. The money paid as the deposit is there too. Also, it indicates the date of the issue and contact information.

Something you should note about this slip is that the amount is flexible. This amount may change in relation to the damages or fixtures. When the lease period ends such as while using Lease Agreement, you may offer the tenant +/- the amount indicated.

Deposit Slip Template #2

deposit slip template

Here is another great template for landlords to use. Interestingly, this receipt is usable in two situations. One is as a record that the tenant has delivered the deposit. The other case is when the tenant has supplied you with the monthly rent.

Therefore, you do not have to carry out double work of crafting a deposit slip and rent slips. Something to note is that this bank deposit slip gives no details on deposit issues post tenancy. Therefore, you will have to tell the tenant whether you’ll refund the deposit or not.

Deposit Slip Template #3

deposit slip

Here is an excellent template with clear instructions on deposit issues. Not only will you save the drafting time but also the time needed to explain deposit issues to renters. Your tenants have a clear guide on when they are eligible for a deposit refund and otherwise.

Aside from that, it offers information on the property location. You also can see the date the tenant moved in and the depositing date. The amount of deposit and mode of payment is also on the bank deposit slip similar to how it is mentioned on a debt verification letter as well as a free proof of funds letter pdf.

Deposit Slip Template #4

deposit slip

Here is a word bank deposit slip for the housing departments in learning institutions. It outlines the property in question and its location. Again, it includes the names of all the individuals renting the property. What’s more, it has a space for signing against each tenant’s name similar to a large print check register printable.

One of the renters receives the deposit on behalf of the others. To ensure that there is no fraud, it has a place for signatures at the bottom like a direct deposit authorization form for quickbooks. The others indicate that they have all agreed that the named person will receive the lease termination deposit. For this reason, you will avoid post tenancy issues with your renters.

Deposit Slip Template #5

deposit slip

Here is an excellent template option if you do not want a lot of information on your deposit slip. It’s in Word which is easy to edit.

The information includes the name of the renter with their contact information. Next, there is the amount of deposit paid and the date of payment. Finally, there is the section of the landlord’s signature & date below.

Deposit Slip Template #6

deposit slip templates

bank deposit slip

Are you looking for a very detailed deposit receipt? Here is a word template covering all the post tenancy issues of the credibility of a deposit refund.

Note that it penalizes mistakes. If you are a landlord, you have to comply with all the rules lest you get a triple deposit penalty.

Additionally, there is a mode of deposit refund, among other post tenancy communications, indicated. Also included are the amount of deposit, property in question, the critical dates, and seal.

Non-refundable Deposit for Goods on Hire Purchase

Deposit Slip Template #7

deposit slip templates

If you sell vehicles or other goods on hire purchase, here is the perfect template for you. It is in PDF which makes it easy to download and edit with a PDF editor.

It outlays the specific date that the buyer needs to deliver the rest of the installments to you. Buyers have a clear understanding that failure to pay on time results in loss of the deposit and products.

It also has an option for a witness to indicate their name. Therefore, it offers detailed instructions and security to avoid any issues.

Bank Deposit Slip

Deposit Slip Template #8

deposit slip templates

Banks will enjoy the organization this receipt offers. Save your time and cost. All you need is a PDF editor since it is in PDF format.

Interestingly, this slip allows your customers to make sure of several deposits. It enables deposits to a series of bank account number in one go. The only catch is customers can’t fill and deliver the slip by mail since they have to provide the checks.

All the important info on the transactions is there. The name of the person or organization, amount of money, date, and contact information are available. Plus, it has a place to indicate the name of the receiver and the date received.

Puppy Deposit Slip

Deposit Slip #9

bank deposit slip templates

Are you in the pet selling business? This template will prove most resourceful when selling puppies. Get this receipt in PDF format that is effortlessly editable using a PDF editor. It saves time on paperwork.

Deposit slip includes the date of payment of the deposit and the amount paid to bank account number. Notably, the deposit is non-refundable. Therefore, buyers know that they will lose the puppies with no refund if they fail to pay the remainder on time.

It also indicates the physical characteristics of the puppy, including its breed. At the bottom, it has the relevant signatures of the seller and buyer plus their names.

General Information Included in Deposit Slips

Deposit amount

All deposit slips have the amount of money that the renter or buyer is paying as security to your bank account number. This money is either refundable or non-refundable. While some templates indicate this, others will not.

Thus, you may want one that communicates if it is refundable if you had not yet relayed that. Again, if the deposit is refundable, your deposit slip should relay terms of eligibility. You may also include the mode of payment post-tenancy.

Names and Signatures of Involved Parties

These include landlords, caretakers, and sellers on one part, and renters and buyers on the other. Some may also include a witness for added security to avoid issues. You may have to sign your deposit slips for more proof of transactions made.

Dates and Durations

The date of relaying the deposit appears in all deposit slips. Other dates may include the date of signing and filling the deposit receipt.

Some deposit slips state the duration of deposit eligibility and period of refund post-tenancy.


We have given you an analysis of the deposit slips that will make sure your work stress-free. These templates are what every landlord, business person, or caretaker needs for work simplicity. Choose your preference for better organization.

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