15+ Inventory List Template FREE Printable [Word, PDF, Excel]

The inventory list focuses on giving you an understanding of goods that are unavailable and those that aren’t within your home or office or any infrastructure.

It is a must-have in every premise if there are several goods to manage.

In this article, let us dive into a range of inventory list templates that are printable and available free of cost. Towards the end, some of the key queries related to inventory list templates are also answered.

Printable inventory list templates

1. Stock inventory control XLS

Inventory List


Stock inventory control includes a package of several spreadsheets meant to update stock availability, detail vendors, and also control any overheads related to stock management.

These are basically spreadsheets allowing you to enter information and the formulae in the sheets tend to update other information that will help you in better decision-making.

If you are looking for a one-stop, integrated template that can handle multiple operations, this is the one you should go for.

2. Basic inventory control template XLS


If you are just entering into the world of organizing things and following up with the needs of your family or self or your organization, this template does wonders.

It is a basic inventory control spreadsheet meant to gather specifications related to the product and also update needs on the go.

For instance, you can notice that the template has important columns like name, manufacturing, description, stock quantity, and budget. If you have to use it for a personal purpose, you can slightly customize the column names.

3. Food inventory template XLS


Whether you are cooking and managing meals for your home or running a restaurant and need to know about purchases for the week to cut down unnecessary expenses, this is a wonderful template.

It includes column names like item name, category, item size, cost per unit, week-based usage, and total value.

This inventory list template helps excessively in budget planning and in also optimizing expenditure towards the preparation of a meal.

If you are running a restaurant, this inventory list does dual work of updating stock availability and also cutting down usage of expensive ingredients.

4. Home inventory template XLS


All of us like to save money but using the right tool to save money is vital. Here is a home inventory template that lets you input information on aspects like price, condition, model, purpose, date, and photo.

As much as you get into detail in filling up this template, you can use it for recordkeeping and analyzing the quality of a product you purchased at a later stage.

5. Personal inventory template XLS


Let us assume that you have a plan of buying a few things each month but then wanted to save enough so that there is no overhead or budget deficit at the end of the month.

In that case, this template gives an overview of what you have already and what you can plan for the month. Most importantly, this personal inventory list is a guideline of precious things you have, respective warranties, and date of acquisition.

You can use this template to also calculate the depreciation amount for a valuable product you already own or going to own.

6. Chemical inventory template DOC


Chemical inventory list is a highly valuable resource if you are running a pharmaceutical company or anything related to chemicals. On one hand, you can know the list of chemicals already available in the inventory and plan to manufacture accordingly.

On the other hand, knowing where each chemical is stored helps in ensuring the safety levels of fellow employees.

The template also includes columns for a product trade name, manufacturer name, storage location, warnings on the label, identifying information, and current state.

7. Personal inventory template XLS


No matter what you own, a personal inventory template is a must-use to keep things organized around you at home or desk in the office.

It is our goal to maximize the lifespan of every product as this can increase the return on investment. How do you do that?

This template answers for the same. Being a neatly organized template, you can also encourage others in your family to use it and benefit as much as possible.

8. Software inventory tracking template XLS


Owning a software development firm? Or, any other IT firm? You must be handling several components on a daily basis and not to forget, uncertainties tend to become a part of your life.

However, this software inventory tracking list is a package that contains multiple sheets for different purposes including hardware inventory, hardware vendor list, software inventory installation, and software inventory tracking template.

It is habitual for us to forget to renew a software product when the expiry date is nearing. Sometimes, we may even utilize an outdated hardware component.

This template serves as a reminder and also reduces the burden of using multiple documents for one purpose.

9. Club sports inventory list XLS


For every club sport owner, you need to host a wide range of play kits for players and also sort them in such a way that the repaired ones are sent for alteration and the rest are given to the players.

This template helps in listing products you own along with their numbers, condition, and storage location.

If at all you may have to hand over the key for your sports storage room to someone else, you can hand over this document and this serves the purpose. It also simplifies recordkeeping for your club.

10. Customizable inventory list DOC


There are templates for different types of audiences and business owners. Having seen inventory lists for specific businesses, here is a business property inventory that allows you to list properties you manage, the name of the manager, purchasing year, purchasing price, and also details related to the item.

Most importantly, this is an editable template that you can edit and also add new columns for maintenance and buyer information as well. It serves the purpose of being an inventory and also a log to simplify your property management.

11. Asset tracking template XLS


Every item in an organization is treated as a key asset that needs to be handled with care and also safeguarded from uncertainties.

This asset tracking template is meant to maintain a list of assets within the environment and also connect vendors to respective assets so that it becomes easier to follow up in the future. You can use it for personal asset management as well.

12. Health and safety inventory XLS


This is yet another chemical inventory meant to list down what your laboratory contains and what you need to purchase.

One better way to use this template is to give access to this template to the purchase manager so that the inventory is up-to-date and no product remains obsolete. Another method to improve the usability of this template is to append another sheet in the same document to maintain a list of vendors and their respective prices on the product.

It has columns allocated for items, quantity, vendor, schedule, and storage location.

13. Living room inventory list PDF


If I ask you which brand do you prefer the most for buying household items, you might only randomly say an answer.

But, this template does the job of letting you know the brand that you have commonly chosen and also follow up with its quality to date.

When you take a bedroom, there are several things that you might need to give it a complete look. In that case, the template lets you fill in detail related to the product, manufacturer, and purchase price.

14. Household inventory list DOC


What is the worth of products in your bedroom? In a situation when you may have to sell off a few items, this inventory list gives you an overview of the list of products along with the value.

As it comes in a booklet form, you can also use this if you are selling your room as such or shifting products from your home, or just reassessing the value of products.

15. Plant inventory list XLS


In any business, it is always a tough task to keep track of what we exactly have after selling some of them. Nursery is one business where you must use an inventory to find out the availability of saplings that can be sold or maintained or thrown away. Perhaps, adding a remark at the end simplifies the instructional process to be given to your workers.

Aren’t these inventory lists going to be extremely easier for you to handle your tasks each day?

Frequently asked questions

1. How do you create an inventory list?

It is extremely easier to create an inventory list.

  • Choose the software you wish to use for creating the inventory.
  • Input the column name based on the purpose.
  • Input any formula if a calculation has to be made.

That’s it. You are done. If you are creating one for your business, you should append the logo and business information on the top. This approach will let you maintain professionalism.

Note – It is always a better idea to make use of Excel software to create an inventory list for yourself or your business.

2. What is an inventory checklist?

As the name goes, an inventory checklist includes a list of items that should be tracked and stored in a particular way. When you create a checklist, there is a likelihood of redundancy of information. In that case, you should always detect and assign resources to use the inventory. Remember not to grant too many authorizations to update the inventory.

3. What are the items of inventory?

Basically, an inventory includes items like components, raw materials, work in progress information, finished goods, and any other material involved in this process. However, if you are using it for home management purposes, you can customize the items of inventory to suit your needs and also add more value.

4. How to improve the usefulness of the inventory list?

You can do this by following a few basic hacks.

  • You can assign different colors to each category.
  • You can assign roles in the same sheet so that the corresponding members can update information and keep the sheet up-to-date.
  • Automate calculations so you don’t have to calculate each time you enter some information.

5. How to create an inventory list in Word?

It is an extremely quick process for you to create an inventory list in Word as there are several templates in the library that have predefined designs and formats. All that you have to do is append columns and cells wherever required and you can also download this document into PDF for reporting reasons.

Simply click New -> type inventory in the search bar and then choose the template you like.


Creating and maintaining inventory lists are way too simpler than one can ever imagine since they address all that is needed to handle and manage items within a space. Perhaps, these templates help you handle items and simplify processes without having to include too many human resources towards the maintenance of products.

Remember to make it a daily habit to update the inventory and maintain a copy of it in your system so that you do not lose access to it.

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