13+ Homeschool High School Transcript Template [Word, PDF]

These days there is more acceptance towards homeschooling.

Irrespective of the grade of the student, the homeschooling system continues to be accepted in a wide range of countries.

This is a welcoming move but as a homeschooler or the parent of a homeschooler, you should be aware of how a transcript works.This is one of the ways to display the academic performance of a student.

Sounds new? Scroll down for some useful takeaways.

Homeschool high school transcript templates

1. Official high school transcript

How does a high school issue transcript to its students? This might be a new subject if you have recently turned into a homeschooler.

Here is a template with gaps for you to fill and in less than 30 minutes, your home school high school transcript gets ready. As you follow a specific education system to choose courses, you may have to fill the grade received.

In any instance, this template should not be directly filled by the student.

2. Customizable high school transcript 

Is your child entering high school in the coming years? You can still use the template to list down the grade level. What is even better about it is that you can list down all grades in one go.

By looking at this transcript, the academic officer can take a look at how the student has performed in different grades and semesters.

Do not forget to mention the person to contact as this maximizes the genuineness of the transcript similar to these pdf for students high school resume template.

3. Homeschool transcript

It is manually difficult to compare obtained grade with the actual grade and then present the percentage.

Using the template below has inbuilt formulae for each section so your job, as a parent of a homeschooler, is easier. You can either use one sheet to fill in the academic history of the student or duplicate sheet to enter detailed marks scored in each semester in a grade.

4. High school transcript with remarks 

Most of the homeschool high school transcript requires the parent to sign at the end of the sheet. If there are notes, you may add the same.

If the child has a mild learning disability, you can mention the same in the note section so it gets recognized by the education board. Remember that you can add only four grades in one sheet.

5. Homeschool transcript request format 

Every state has unique procedures to maintain a transcript. Some states charge a fee to prepare and acknowledge the information in a transcript.

This is a template listing down high schools in various districts along with sections like cost, site to request a transcript, and the validity of this transcript.

Not finding your high school on the list? You can browse to know your state law and prepare a transcript accordingly.

6. Request for a high school transcript

You need this template if your child is currently a homeschooler affiliated with a high school in the vicinity. While he/she might study from home, the high school would evaluate the performance and provide an authorized transcript to acknowledge the score.

As a parent, you have to fill the same. Instead of providing a letter of request, this transcript request template does the job.

7. Course-based homeschool transcript 

How has the student performed in a particular course? This template lets you answer the same.

If the student is looking to pursue a science major in college, performances in specific courses are closely evaluated. In general, grades from 9 to 12 are paid closer attention to get admitted to the dream college.

8. Homeschool high school academic transcript 

Some high schools tend to issue a transcript to homeschoolers under their names so it gives an impression that the student has pursued studies from the premises of the school. Following is the format of an academic transcript followed.

On the other hand, some authorize the transcript of the homeschooler but it requires an additional column including the information of the parent.

9. One-page homeschool high school transcript 

Gone were the days when administrators need to glance through pages to evaluate the performance of the student! Following is a one-page template listing the school year, course, grade in each semester, and credits scored.

By including the parent information, it is self-explanatory that the student has taken up the homeschooling option for the mentioned grades.

10. Homeschool transcript with an average grade

When a student is following a high school curriculum as approved by the state, it is vital to list down the grade scored along with the unweighted grade point average.

This is one of the factors influencing the entry of a student into a University or a job.

If the student scores above average, more firms might be welcoming and this maximizes overall chances of establishing a brighter future.

11. Sectional homeschool high school transcript

This is the crispiest transcript if the student has decided to apply for a major. The best part about the template is that it lists various courses studied under a major like English or Science or Maths.

Once the grade/credit is listed, the University might decide the eligibility of the student and then provide an admission opportunity. Another benefit of using this template is that you can list down the scores secured in the national test.

12. Printable school transcript 

Similar to the transcripts mentioned above, the following template can also be used but there is minor customization that you can make.

There are homeschoolers academies and centers approved by the state in the market. If you have registered under such a center, you can get this transcript printed on their letterhead. This will add more value to the document.

13. Academic record 

Supporting the template mentioned in the previous section, here is a transcript issued by HomeSchool Christian Academy and lists the credits and grades earned under various majors.

As a parent, you are expected to note down the grade and inform the academy about the same. Necessary alterations to the document shall be made and you are good to go with the updated template.

How to make a homeschool official transcript?

It is no rocket science to create a homeschool official transcript. Your job is to create respective columns and a professional-looking transcript is ready to use. Here are the steps –

  • Note down the coursework in each semester and then keep materials handy for the same.
  • Check the state mandate for high school accomplishment and then ensure that the student has taken up such courses.
  • Assign credit against every course.
  • Enter the score achieved in every course by choosing one of the templates listed in this article.
  • Sign at the end along with the date and contact information.

Insufficient credits? Here is what you should do.

The student might be unaware of the examination date or might lack access to necessary materials. If the necessary credit is missed out, you may have to crosscheck and perform certain things.

  1. Check if a particular course is mandatory according to the state’s mandate. If not, you can blindly skip it.
  2. You should also check out if the student has taken up the same content under a different subject name. Sometimes, a history topic might be broken down into contents for two different semesters. As a homeschooler, you may come to know about this only when you encounter a situation like missing credit.
  3. Some community colleges might not pay attention to credits that are missed. Instead, they accept students not having high school diplomas. Hence, you can temporarily halt the process of preparing a homeschool high school transcript.
  4. Enquire with a local educational institution if a course can be pursued immediately so that you can postpone the process of preparing a high school transcript. By affiliating with this institution, you do not have to pay a penalty for missing it and it does not appear like a crime.
  5. Looking for a better option? You can take up GED courses but this is again not mandatory if your state or institution does not demand you to do so.

As you prepare a transcript, you should keep certain things in mind.

  1. Do not rush in the preparation as it can hamper the career of the student.
  2. Calculate the GPA of the student as per the state’s mandate. Do not calculate it randomly.
  3. To maximize the authenticity of the transcript, you can also get it notarized. This approach adds legitimacy to the profile.
  4. Keep supporting documents handy so the score does not arouse suspicion later.


It is a common misconception that homeschoolers have limited knowledge compared to full-time students. Thanks to COVID-19, this misconception has significantly faded. Preparing a transcript is practically easier if you have all resources easily accessible to you. As the academic year comes to an end, this is the right time to learn about the purpose of a transcript and use it wisely.

The student never goes in short of resources or opportunities with the tips and approaches mentioned in this article. Use the templates listed here and become a proud homeschooler!

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